Withdrawals Have Been Halted on The Crypto-Staking Platform Freeway

Withdrawals from the cryptocurrency staking platform Freeway have been temporarily stopped. The website cited erratic FX and cryptocurrency markets as the cause of their measures.  The Suspension of Its Investment’s Initiative The project’s sudden change could signify that there will soon be another upheaval in the cryptocurrency industry.  The cryptocurrency program offers supercharger investments. The […]

Binance Has Issued a Quick Fix After A Hack on The BNB Smart Chain

The interaction between Smart Chain and Beacon Chain has improved, according to Binance engineers. Due to the BSC Token Hub’s $100 million cross-chain bridge hack, communication between the two chains was disconnected. The cutoff was an essential step in preventing a repeat of the attack. Binance Issues Fix to Restore BNB Cross-Chain Functionality The interim […]

Possibility Of a Crypto and Financial Markets Collapse

The market may have seen the arrival of the black swan that nobody saw coming. Credit Suisse is a central global investment bank. There is a real possibility that the bank may collapse, which would lead to a catastrophic market meltdown.  The crypto and finance sectors triggered the conversations that led to this. What Is […]

To Counter The CFTC, Ooki DAO Is Considering Its Alternatives

The Ooki Decentralized Autonomous Organization group has started brainstorming a countermeasure. The recent lawsuit filed by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission against the DAO serves as the basis for this talk (CFTC). Ooki DAO’s Counter-Suit Aims to Retaliate Against the CFTC’s Litigation The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has filed suit against Ooki DAO because […]

Japan Aims to Introduce New Legislation to Prevent Money Laundering Using Crypto

According to local sources, Japan is concentrating on enforcing new regulations to curb the practice of money laundering. The regulations center on the dissemination of consumer data and the transmission of payments. Modernization Of the Act With an aim toward bringing order to the cryptocurrency market, the Japanese government has proposed more measures. Local media […]

Despite OFAC Restrictions, Tornado Cash Still Sees Questionable Wire Transactions

The United States Treasury Department announced that it was forced to take action against a cryptocurrency system (Tornado Cash). The reason was that it had been exploited to facilitate the laundering of more than $7 billion of virtual currency. The attack included $455 million stolen by a hacker group supported by North Korea. Tornado Cash […]

Bitcoin Selling Pressure Drops as XRP And Ethereum Rise

There has been a significant price reduction across the board in the cryptocurrency market as a whole. However, investors have continued selling off some of their bitcoin holdings. The fervor among BTC holders might connect to the widespread belief that the value of specific cryptocurrencies would soon increase. Despite The Drop-in Bitcoin Activity, There Is […]

Hodlnaut Reportedly Laid Off 80% Workforce and Applied for Judicial Management

Hodlnaut has recently made an announcement in regards to reducing its employees. The cryptocurrency lending platform has made the decision of cutting loose its employees as it faces a financial crisis. Hodlnaut Lays off Workforce and Applies for Judicial Management As per sources, Hodlnaut has proceeded with cutting off its workforce. The lending platform has […]

Coinbase Denies Selling Customer Data to Government

Crypto exchange Coinbase denied allegations of the company selling data of its customers to ICE in the United States. This is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security. No data was shared with ICE Rumors had been circulating the market on Thursday that Coinbase was […]

Coinbase Seeking Licenses in Europe for Expanding Outside the US

As part of an aggressive push for expanding outside the United States, Coinbase is looking for licenses in different countries in Europe. While the cryptocurrency exchange is already active in some regions, such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Germany, it is now planning on expanding its presence to some other regions, such as Italy, […]

Crypto.com Removes Cryptocurrencies from Earn Program

The current turmoil in the cryptocurrency market has forced a number of companies in the space to shift their strategy and come up with new approaches that can help them pull through the downtrend. Crypto.com is also doing the same as it announced that they are making changes to their rewards program called Crypto Earn. […]

Canadian Regulator Takes Action against Crypto Trading Platforms

Two cryptocurrency trading platforms in Canada are in trouble with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). A complete ban has been imposed on KuCoin, which means that it can no longer operate in the capital markets of Ontario. As far as Bybit is concerned, the platform has agreed to comply with the rules set forth by […]

Trading Price of Celsius Token Experiences a Huge Rally in a Single Week

A look at the trading price of Celsius (CEL) from June 19 until now shows that it has undergone a significant surge. It can be seen from the performance graph that the trading price of CEL has increased 4X times since June 19. Many analysts are predicting that the rise in the trading price of […]

Global Bitcoin ATM Installations Rise in June

The first five months of the year had seen the installation of Bitcoin ATMs go down, but Coin ATM Radar Report reveals that there has been a swift recovery in this number in June. The early months of 2022 saw the number of installations fall, as only 202 new Bitcoins ATMs were installed in the […]

Another DeFi Protocol Experiences Hacker Exploits; Loses $3.7M

Ola Finance (a DeFi lending protocol) has acknowledged that it suffered from a hacker exploit on March 31, resulting in the loss of $3.7M worth of digital assets. How The Attack Happened A report by blockchain security firm (PeckShield) showed that the hacker exploited a bug in one of the protocol’s smart contracts to carry […]

Concerns As EU Plans To Ban Bitcoin

The emergence of cryptocurrency led to a rapid change in transactions in the financial sector, giving rise to a stage where digital transactions are gradually replacing conventional financial transactions.  Over the years, there have been calls from some individuals and groups about the operation of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, and its effect on the environment due […]

Anonymous Wallets Moved $30M Worth XRP Before Major Market Crash

When the cryptocurrency market was experiencing the usual fluctuations associated with the marketplace, with prices crashing and investors gasping for air to survive the brutal market force, there is always something to look out for in all these. In the ongoing price disruption in the market, crypto tracking firms observed large wallets moving huge XRP […]

Bitfinex Adds Three Additional Trading Pairs To Its Margin Trading Services

British Virgin Islands-based crypto trading platform, Bitfinex, has revealed that its users can now trade the GBP, and JPY against the USDT and the GBP/EURt. Part of the announcement which was issued today stated that the goal of these additional margin trading services is to expand its stablecoin offers and more importantly, meet with customers’ […]

New Addresses Surges To 167% As Cardano Records Significant Growth

The on-chain activities in the Cardano network have coincided with new addresses increasing by 167% for the Cardano blockchain network. The reported increase arises from a flurry of activities that the Cardano network has experienced. An analyst reported Cardano’s growth was due to increased on-chain activities on the Cardano blockchain network. Ali Martinez revealed that […]