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Read our Swissquote review at FStar Capital Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading blog, find the answer to your question “is Swissquote scam or legit” and much more! We have checked all the aspects of this broker and we recommend Swissquote for online trading. It is NOT a scam. You can sign up with Swissquote in the link below, or continue reading the full review.

Swissquote Review

Swissquote logoThe world’s global system is evolving and going utterly digital, which is the next phase in evolution. Financial institutions and financial systems are also championing this transition which was heralded by the development of online markets and digital assets. Today’s crypto market is an excellent example of an online market and is a huge source of revenue for different countries and their respective economies. However, the most popular digital market today is the foreign exchange market present in almost every continent globally. The market is indeed a global one as there are no boundaries to transactions and commodities exchange. Over the years, the forex market has become more popular with individuals even as the world gears towards the complete digitization of financial transactions. Most individuals also use the forex market as an investment platform to earn more money as a reward for their various investments.

However, to trade within this market, there are some institutions with which individuals are expected to partner with, called forex brokers. One of the most popular forex brokers in existence today is Swissquote. Forex enthusiasts and traders are encouraged and assisted in obtaining a maximum profit on every trade. The forex market also is a huge one, with several commodities traded in it. Such entities include currencies of different countries, metals such as gold, silver, platinum, cryptocurrency, and digital assets. Amazingly, the forex market involves constant monitoring due to its high volatility and tendency to experience drastic changes. In the absence of forex brokers, it can be challenging for an individual or institution to trade alone in the market. This is because trading involves monitoring several currencies and their price performances as still deciding on the ones to invest in.

As a result of this, it is necessary to trade with the help of forex brokers as they help individuals understand and easily navigate the forex market. Forex companies also make it possible for persons to increase their knowledge about the market and its operations. Due to the technicalities involved in the market in general, forex brokers come in two different categories. They can either be regulated or non-regulated. However, for the safety of investors, it is advisable to use regulated forex brokers for the conduct of transactions. Regulated firms assure investors because they are monitored and supervised by certain regulatory bodies that the government always authorizes.

Within the context of this article, we will be reviewing in detail Swissquote as a forex firm, highlighting vital information about the company which traders and forex lovers would be interested in.

What is Swissquote?

Swissquote website

When individuals hear about online trading platforms, they are often skeptical as there’s always the question of credibility and trustworthiness. However, in the case of the Swissquote brokers, such concerns are adequately addressed. The company is a distinct financial trading firm established in 1996 and has a strong presence worldwide. Since the company’s existence which is over twenty-two years, the brokerage platform has been meeting the needs of investors and also expanding to inculcate future needs. The firm’s services have also grown wider to include cryptocurrency, social trading, and forex transactions. One unique feature about this platform is that it offers over a hundred multiple assets for trade, allowing investors to invest in different financial assets. Another significant part of this platform is that it is often regarded as one of the most secure brokers in the financial market.  This is because it is regulated by several authorities with high standards and regulations.

Being regulated implies that the firm can not manipulate the prices of commodities in the market and strictly operate under the rules of certain regulatory bodies. As a result of this fact, investors can trade with confidence and assurance of safety and security. It is also responsible for the increasing number of users the platform currently enjoys. In addition to this, the financial platform also offers the exchange of cryptocurrency, which is a highly beneficial feature. This implies that individuals are presented with a variety of choices when assets to invest in are concerned. It is a forex firm that focuses on providing the perfect experience for its users and traders as it prioritizes consumer satisfaction. With this in mind, the company’s trading platform is always easy to navigate and used to the delight of both old and new users.

Although the company is headquartered in Switzerland, it has users in various geographical locations of the world. Presently, the firm has over three hundred thousand users scattered across several continents of the world. Furthermore, the company is accepted and used in over one hundred and ninety-four countries worldwide. However, some trading accounts are not supported in certain countries due to some restrictions. Even with the limits, the platform remains a perfect choice for traders to make investments in assets either for the long or short term.

Swissquote Trading Services

Economic institutions of the world are concerned with meeting and solving the monetary needs of individuals. It is in this vein that they explore several means to ensure the provision of numerous exchange options. Financial companies with several credible trading options are often favorites of investors, which explains the vast user base of Swissquote. To begin with, the finance giant is well known for its extensive reach and involvement in the stock and foreign exchange market. On this platform, individuals can transact in the different commodities made accessible in the exchange, which includes metals and national currencies. This is perhaps the strongest field of this firm since its inception; the firm has been dedicated to facilitating such exchange. Investors can freely buy and sell commodities of their choice on the platform, thus offering them the chance to earn more from their investments.

Furthermore, this finance company is one that also places importance on forex trading and transactions. To provide ease of trade, the company offers about three different trading platforms for both new and existing users. These platforms go a long way in simplifying the processes involved in foreign exchange and ensures that investors’ experience is a favorable one.  Investors, both new and old alike, are often encouraged by the existence of such platforms, and the more they use them, the higher their chances of success in the market. A unique feature of this firm that separates it from other brokers is the existence of an advisory service provided automatically, which is given by the firm on-demand. It involves offering relevant market advice and guidelines regularly. The forex market is a volatile one that experiences changes rapidly, therefore to ensure progress in such an environment, you have to be knowledgeable about market movements and changes in price. This advisory feature has endeared the firm to the hearts of numerous investors as it has contributed to both retail and institutional successes in the forex market.

Swissquote trading services

Due to the firm’s commitment to user satisfaction, it also offers a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies as that is the future of global monetary transactions. Swissquote provides trading in a limited selection of crypto as it is not a solely crypto broker. However, the cryptos made available are the popular ones such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin, thereby providing users an avenue to diversify investments. Amazingly, this financial firm is aligned with the development of the finance system globally and so responds to investors’ needs just as they arise. This is seen as the growth of cryptocurrency worldwide has prompted the firm to adopt and make available on their platform some newer digital tokens. The newly introduced coins are those with high prospects and chances of success. With their introduction, investors are offered the opportunity of choosing either coins that have attained some level of stability or those with high prospects or even both.

How Does Investment Work on Swissquote

Most forex brokers tend to make the investment processes in the forex market a less tedious experience for investors, and Swissquote also adopts this stance. For a firm with several entities and commodities to be traded, making investments can be somewhat challenging. However, the processes involved are not as cumbersome as some other platforms, much to the benefit of their users. Getting started would, however, require specific procedures which may be regarded as comprehensive and complex. This is because of the company’s status as a regulated broker, which implies that they are subject to several laws, legislations, and restrictions.

The first step to making investments on this platform is owning an account by registering with them. The initial registration stage would need the provision of personal information and a contact address, often an email address. Upon submitting these details, your email would require verification to prove the authenticity of the address, after which you will begin the registration properly. Unlike other platforms, however, new investors would need to provide a legal address which is a formal document upheld by the laws and government of the country of residence. This document would guarantee that the individual registering the account is a real person and also a recognized citizen of the state. After this stage, a thorough verification process would now be conducted. This process is a comprehensive one that would require proof of address and the submission of an official ID. All these measures are to ensure that individuals who trade on the platform are bonafide members of any society.

In the submission of ID proof, several means can be employed, which include live camera and video capturing, upload of identification documents, and the definitive proof of identity. Upon submission, the firm takes some days to verify each record at every level to ensure accuracy properly. Once the verification is complete, and all the details provided have been confirmed, the individual’s account is now ready to be used. Although the processes involved in registration may look strenuous, they are necessary for users’ protection and the firm’s reputation. Over the years, investors have been assured of maximum safety and security, a promise the form continues to deliver. After verification of your account and operational status are confirmed, you can go ahead to begin trade and carry out transactions.

Swissquote Deposit And Withdrawal Fees

Like other financial firms, investments and transactions attract specific fees, but for transactions on this platform, the charges are quite small compared to other trading companies. Forex enthusiasts and crypto lovers often prefer using this platform because transaction fees charged are nothing when placed beside other trading platforms. Due to the reputation of the forex firm, there is a minimum amount of money for making deposits on the platform. This means that individuals cannot fund their accounts with less than $1000. This, to many prospective investors, often seems high, but it simply reaffirms the standard and professional experience offered on the platform. Moreover, the high minimum deposit of the company is not irrelevant as it provides several premium services which other platforms would require payment for.

In line with their users’ satisfaction policy, the firm does not demand any amount for withdrawals to take place, much to the delight and benefit of their users. Usually, withdrawal fees are attracted due to the methods employed by the broker and payment provider. For Swissquote, withdrawal is made through several means. Some of these include credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and Payoneer, and these means do not attract any extra charges. This single feature gives it an edge in the exchange environment as individuals are often attracted to the firm.

Furthermore, the firm does not also charge fees upon making deposits. This is because it is a company’s policy to ensure that investors are rewarded with both profits and a warm experience. However, some third party or bank charges can occur when depositing, which the firm is not responsible for. In addition, inactivity fees that are usually attracted by dormant or inactive accounts are not charged in this platform, which is a major plus on the part of the firm. However, certain circumstances can result in the issuing of inactivity fees.

Swissquote Security

All online transactions are conducted upon a level of trust and credibility, and for an online financial firm to succeed, it must provide a form of security. As a regulated company, the firm has a reputation for offering maximum safety to investors during trade and the conduct of transactions. This is because the operations of the firm are closely monitored and supervised by regulatory agencies. Furthermore, all the payments and investments made by individuals are stored in a separate bank account, thus making them safe. It is also safe to conclude that the money held in those accounts cannot be lost. Investors can only lose money during trading or crypto transactions which cannot be blamed on the firm.

Swissquote Interface

One amazing feature of this trading firm is its interface which is easy to understand and relatively simple to navigate. The trading firm provides three different trading platforms which can be conveniently used by both novices and expert investors. Both the desktop version and mobile version of the trading firm have been designed in such a way that the layout can be easily understood by investors. By doing so, users are assured of trading in a comfortable environment and also provided the opportunity to make maximum profits and returns. The easy accessibility extends to all their trading options from forex entities and to digital assets.

In addition to offering investors a platform to trade and conduct transactions, the trading firm also provides financial education by conveying relevant market information that can be beneficial to investors. This information comes in the form of market advice and current market trends that individuals can find valuable and helpful. By doing so, the firm contributes substantially to the success of its users.

Customer Support

A firm’s relationship with its customers is an essential one and is treated with utmost importance by the firm as it has a policy of putting customers first. With this in mind, the company provides certain phone numbers for individuals who want to contact them or make inquiries. These numbers are open to investors, both new and old, who would be attended to by well-seasoned staff ever willing to resolve any complaint and answer every question. Another support system is the live chat feature on the firm’s website, where investors can get more information about the platform. However, issues concerning the opening and management of accounts can not be discussed via this live chat feature.


With many years and experience in the exchange market and financial world in general, this monetary firm that is headquartered in Switzerland has successfully established itself in various parts of the world. The firm not only deals in forex transactions but also supports crypto trading, thereby giving individuals a variety of assets to transact in. Even with the minimum deposit which is relatively high, the firm continues to attract users worldwide due to the many opportunities available for traders. Swissquote remains a widely used forex broker due to the numerous opportunities made available by the firm.

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