Intel Launches 2nd Generation BTC Mining Chip

Intel has announced the release of the Blockscale ASIC, a second-generation BTC mining chip that the company will use to increase its mining speed and efficiency. Mining Chip To Increase Efficiency  As announced on Monday, the latest mining chip will provide more efficiency in energy usage. Also, the company has stated that the chips will […]

Oklahoma’s Lawmakers Propose Tax Break Bill For BTC Miners

Legislators in Oklahoma have taken legislative steps in recent days that, if passed, would provide a tax benefit to cryptocurrency and BTC miners who want to establish a business presence in the region. Oklahoma Supports Crypto Mining  A bill introduced by state legislator John Montgomery and the representative of the state, Ryan Martinez this year […]

Canadian Entrepreneur Expresses Intentions to Invest In Green Mining Stocks

Canadian entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary has disclosed his intentions to invest in stocks of green energy mining companies. O’Leary shared some interesting stories about his recent voyage in the Middle East with Anthony Pompliano to discover ways to invest in BTC mining. He then disclosed that moguls in the region want to invest in sovereign mining […]

Swedish Regulators Want to Ban Crypto Mining

After China issued a crackdown against all crypto miners within the region, most of them were subjected to flee the region as soon as possible. They couldn’t continue their operation within the bounds of China because the state condemned it as an illegal act. Some of the miners moved towards friendly frontiers where they could […]

Bitcoin Mining is Using only 0.38% of the World’s Total Wasted Energy

There is a long debate going on within the crypto market according to which Bitcoin mining is a necessary evil, but at the same time, some thought should be given to how the cryptocurrency is mined and what resources are used to do so. Elon Musk was a very hard believer and supporter of Bitcoin […]