Swedish Regulators Want to Ban Crypto Mining

After China issued a crackdown against all crypto miners within the region, most of them were subjected to flee the region as soon as possible. They couldn’t continue their operation within the bounds of China because the state condemned it as an illegal act. Some of the miners moved towards friendly frontiers where they could […]

Crypto Investor Lost $28k as Squid Game Token Crashed to Zero

Many people around the world are well acquainted with the squid game show, which aired on Netflix and became quite the sensation on a global scale. Given the success of the show, there was the squid game token which started trading not so long ago but with a twist. This token was developed by completely […]

Australia’s Regulator Rolls out Positive Guidelines for Crypto ETPs

Australia is definitely among those countries that wish crypto well and want to become available in shaping the future with decentralized finance and welcoming crypto amid their financial realms. Multiple governors and Senate members have vouched for crypto in Australia from time to time, and the overall sentiment remains positive. Recently the securities regulator in […]

Sindh High Court has Established Committee to Decide Future of Crypto in Pakistan

Pakistan is an independent state situated in the South Asian region. The country is considered extremely important due to its strategic geographic location and is often subjected to the crucial political changes taking place in the region. These days there is a new struggle that the government of Pakistan is waking up to. Like the […]

Facebook has Finally Launched Novi Wallet for US Customers

Facebook is considered to be the biggest tech giant of recent times. The company has been hoping to branch out into the cryptocurrency field for a long time. The first-ever interest in FB management was reflected in a new digital asset project called the Libra token. Now, Facebook has decided to launch the first look […]