21Shares Prepared to Launch New ETP for Tracking BTC and Gold

Investing firm, 21Shares, is preparing to establish an ETP that will monitor both BTC and Gold prices. ETPs will start to trade on the SIX Swiss Exchange as soon as this week is over. Digital asset management Bytree and cryptocurrency exchange 21Shares have collaborated on an ETP named the BOLD ETP. BTC and Gold are both included in the risk-adjusted index for the ETP, which it claims will help protect investors from inflationary pressures.

As a means of exchange, BTC is like Gold in the digital world, according to 21Shares, which already has ETPs that track many of the most popular coins. They’re both considered to be inflation-protected investments. Gold typically leads whenever the economy is slowing down, while BTC has done best whenever the economy is improving. On the other hand, this occurs due to the fact that BTC failed to keep pace with inflation this year.

ETP Seems to be Heavily Skewed Towards Gold

According to the brief for the product, it will handle around $2.5 million in assets, with gold accounting for nearly 84 percent of its holdings. In the beginning, the ETP will have about 10 BTC tokens worth $409,854 worth of money.

However, the finance will regularly readjust, with a preference for the less risky portfolio. If the coin outperforms, the fund’s Bitcoin holdings may rise. We’re dragging Gold into the twenty-first century by making BTC an appropriate asset to own.

When Charlie Morris was asked about it, he said:  ETPs from numerous other providers have been encouraged to participate in the rising popularity of BTC. ADA, DOT, and FTX are just a few of the cryptocurrencies that 21Shares handles spot ETPs for.

Bitcoin has been a Colossal Failure as a Hedge Against Inflation

After a dismal year in 2022, many people are beginning to doubt the ability of Bitcoin to act as an inflation hedge. The token has experienced enormous swings in response to macroeconomic indicators and is now down about 17% for this year. Consumer price inflation in the United States is currently at 8.5 percent. Inflation in the eurozone was similarly 7.8% in March.

Some Wall Street stocks have done better than Bitcoin, but it has not been able to keep up with or even keep up with the rate of inflation. On the other hand, Gold has gone up 4% because people are looking for safe havens.

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