All You Need To Know About New Innovations In The Crypto Space

BTC is always going to stay at the top like a boss, but the developments which are happening in DAOs, layer-2 solutions, NFTs with the emerging metaverse, and utility are much more groundbreaking and innovative right now.

Bitcoin Is Great

There is something definitely brewing, and those who have capable noses can easily smell it. Just like most of the traders and investors had speculated, Bitcoin is doing ‘BTC stuff’ by flipping around the usual resistance levels and key support. If I’m really honest, the signs do seem to be a lot bullish.

The long-awaited boom of BTC is considered to be largely dependent on the buy-ins by the institutional investors and some other firm beliefs, just like when it first broke its all-time high of $19,000. All of this escalated very quickly, and before anyone knew it, BTC took the biggest run for $64.9k; this blew away the minds of many traders and investors. On the other hand, this cycle has become very boring and predictable for the people who are constantly supporting BTC and hoping that a top crypto asset like Bitcoin will eventually secure the value of $100k during its ongoing bullish run.

The DAOs, also known as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are trending, NFTs (nonfungible tokens) are trending, play and earn gaming is trending, and metaverse is also trending.

This is the place where intelligent people are pondering, building, networking, speculating, and building stuff that really matters. Actually, the unique thing about the people who are working hard in the crypto lines is that the trend of bottom-up building and grassroots approach is making the basis for some of this market’s most innovative and groundbreaking projects.

Project ‘Loot’ by Dom Hofmann is a great example to show this upward trend. Also, the projects like BridgeLoot and Good Bridging are being introduced in the well-known Avalanche ecosystem. Instead of going for flashy IPOs, fancy presentations, and looking for money from venture capital firms, Loot was accessible to be minted by anyone who was interested and could pay the gas fee.

The best and the unique thing about Loot is that it lets you create your own product, whether it is NFTs or a protocol. All the interested parties mint it for free within a specified range of 7.77k to 10k supply range.

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