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Read our Bit-Finance review at FStar Capital Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading blog, find the answer to your question “is Bit-Finance scam or legit” and much more! We have checked all the aspects of this broker and we recommend Bit-Finance for online trading. It is NOT a scam. You can sign up with Bit-Finance in the link below, or continue reading the full review.

Bit-Finance Review

Bit-Finance logoTrading of digital assets and forex pairs remains one of the most lucrative ventures any well-informed person can venture into in today’s world. To successfully trade digital assets with ease, the choice of a broker to trade with must be given lots of attention. This is because the financial market is a vast one, and the broker you go with can make you either successful or unsuccessful. Bit-Finance is a famous brokerage firm that helps a lot of people in changing their lives. In this Bit-Finance review, I will be doing a holistic analysis of the broker.

Globalization is not the only thing the internet has achieved. In the area of finance, the internet has paved the way for the creation of so many beneficial services, and digital assets are one of them. With the recent pandemic, a lot of people have begun to seek out ways to increase or augment their current income as well as alternative means of earning.

Brief Introduction to Bit-Finance

Bit-Finance is a relatively new broker that is competing quite well with a lot of older brokers. This may be surprising as in every field, it takes time for new players to get recognized. Well, the thing is, Bit-Finance may be a new player to the field, but they come with lots of experience that would probably beat what existing brokers possess.

How is that possible? The features available on Bit-Finance are not just regular features. This is the number one proof that Bit-Finance has several years of background experience before launching to join the big players. The features on the platform are quite improved. They had taken note of every detail and previous complaints by traders before creating their website.

Navigating the Bit-Finance website is hassle-free. Regardless of what you intend to do, everything is straightforward. Even with things like deposits and withdrawals, which are often handled carelessly by other brokers, the process of placing withdrawals and making deposits on the brokerage firm is seamless.

The most important thing to note may be the charges they offer for transactions. Most brokers tend to be on the high side with their charges, and this sometimes comes off as them being extortive. However, Bit-Finance fees are cheap. The fees on transactions are competitive, and you get to keep the lump sum of whatever trade you are successful with.

Having highlighted some of the Bit-Finance features, let’s now look at it in detail so you can get intimate with the platform and fully understand why it is so highly recommended.

Bit-Finance website

Features of Bit-Finance

The top-notch features of the trading company have attracted thousands of traders and investors since the creation of the broker. This section will cover all the common features of this platform in contrast to services on other platforms, so you get to understand the immense value Bit-Finance is offering.

Considerate Trading Platform

I have used the term considerate here because it simply is the perfect description for Bit-Finance. When you land on the website, the first thing that will grip you is the website’s really cool design and very easy-to-understand interface. You do not have to be computer literate to find your way on the website.

The website layout was well thought out and designed by a team of experts who are informed and know the kind of design that soothes traders. This is one amazing thing a lot of traders love about the broker. All protocols on the website tend to put traders first in everything.

Moving from the beautiful layout, you would discover within a couple of minutes that the website does not lag regardless of the device you would be accessing it with. Sometimes, some traders experience annoying lags while navigating some brokerage platforms before the issue is rectified. Bit-Finance has never had to rectify anything in this regard because the site has never troubled any trader be it load time or navigating the platform’s pages.

Have you ever worried about straining your eyes because you are fixated on your device? Well, Bit-Finance has created an easy way to navigate this. The fonts and colors on the platform are just thoughtful. Traders who intend to spend long hours trading would not have to worry so much.

Is Bit-Finance Secure?

As humans, we tend to judge people and things based on their affiliation. We often judge books by their covers, no doubt, and Bit-Finance has taken a great step to ensure you do not face too much trouble trying to verify them before choosing to try them out.

To mark their integrity and intentions to offer legal and helpful professional brokerage service, they have had their service registered with the agency that is in charge of regulating brokerage companies. There are lots of great reviews by users about their experiences with Bit-Finance, but it may not always suffice. One should read the terms and conditions before joining a trading platform. After opening an account with this brokerage firm, traders can read the policies. If you have any type of confusion, you can contact the support staff of Bit-Finance.

A Variety Of Trading Accounts To Pick From

Bit-Finance does not like to interfere with the choices of its clients. When it comes to online trading, a trader’s budget, trading experience, and skill determine the kind of trades they place. Bit-Finance has created four different account types with varying benefits and features to ensure everyone has an account type that suits their needs. These accounts include basic, silver, gold, and platinum investment packages. With each account, traders will have access to nearly 150 tradable assets. The basic account will unlock after making a deposit of $5000. It is the starter package and is beneficial for beginners who have joined this industry for the first time. The silver and gold accounts will open only with minimum investments of $10,000 and $2500, respectively. The platinum account is a bit premium investment package and can only be opened on the invitation as the minimum deposit limit is not mentioned on the site for this account type.

The account type you go for will be completely dependent on your skill and experience level as well as your budget.

Bit-Finance trading accounts

A Wide Range Of Assets To Choose From

As earlier stated, the financial market is a vast one with so much to explore; hence the broker you should be settling with is one that can help you explore the vastness of the market. A broker that provides a variety of assets to choose from is the best because you would not be restricted to the very few or most popular assets.

Bit-Finance provides a wide range of assets to pick from. Whether you would be trading or investing in new coins, there is an exhaustive list to choose from. For cryptocurrencies, you will find the most popular and top performing coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, as well as the not-so-popular ones.

The same goes for forex, as a wide list of fiat currencies is provided. Stocks, shares, commodities, and CFDs are available on the platform. You will find whatever you are looking for on the trading platform. The forex market is a big one as it presents hundreds of trading pairs to those who are interested in forex trading. Similarly, stocks of all major companies are listed on the website of Bit-Finance for traders.

Availability Of Useful Trading Tools

Regardless of your skill level or trading experience, trading tools make trading a whole lot easier. You would be able to stay abreast with the happenings of the financial market with the aid of charts to graphs, reviews, and alerts.

Daily charts can help you analyze the market depending on the time you are joining. Every buy or sell decision you initiate in the market will be guided. This, in the long run, would assist your trading generally and reduce encountered losses.

Bit-Finance has a variety of helpful trading tools to meet your needs. You can choose to work with any tool of your choice. You will also be getting very useful daily reviews and alerts tailored to meet your trading capability. However, this is dependent on the account type you will be going with.

Learning Material on Trading

Bit-Finance is one of the few brokers that actually provide helpful learning materials to traders on the platform. This implies that you can join the platform regardless of your experience level and catch up later while leveraging the materials at your disposal.

There are different ways actually to learn so much on Bit-Finance. While they have provided materials and courses that you can digest at your own pace, there are also mentorships available in the form of one-on-one training with experts. This is a very cool way to learn quickly as you will be trading and practicing, creating room to actualize whatever you have learned. The managed accounts feature will also allow you to stand back a bit and learn as expert traders will execute your trades and manage your account on your behalf.

The learning materials of the broker include an economic calendar, trading signals, market analysis, and training. I will tell you how these different kinds of educational content can help you in making wise trading decisions. The economic calendar lists major events’ dates so that users can attend these events to get broad exposure to the trading market and major trends happening in the industry. The availability of trading signals is another educational avenue that equips clients with the latest market trends and further helps them decide where to invest and when to invest. Traders know the worth of market analysis because they make use of market analysis to make major decisions such as buying and selling trading products. The market analysis further derives into two kinds: technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The technical analysis normally deals with price trends and can be done using tools and indicators. This type of analysis tells traders of upcoming trends such as a bull rally or bearish run. On the other hand, fundamental analysis takes an entirely different approach for the analysis of trading markets. It assesses the market based on the impacts of major events and important news related to a particular asset or commodity. Becoming a professional trader requires dedication and training in making wise decisions at the right time. Bit-Finance’s consultants and account managers train traders and increase the chances of their success in the trading field.

Effective Customer Support Service

The customer support service of any broker is an important feature to look out for before selecting a broker. Reason being that there is every tendency that the need to contact your broker’s representatives would arise. You might want to get clarification on something, and the customer service agents are the best to refer to. Or perhaps, you face a technical hitch which is very rare.

The customer service agents are the only ones you can refer to; hence it is necessary to verify the effectiveness of the service they will be providing.

The customer service agents at Bit-Finance are professional. If you ever feel the need to clarify anything, you don’t have to hesitate to call them as they will be glad to respond to you and help you with whatever clarification you will need. A team of professional people runs the customer support desk and helps customers in their trading activities.


Safety is the core factor that will help you decide if a broker would be worth a try or not. Cybercrime has been on the increase lately; hence all reliable brokers need to have their security checked while putting in place stringent and effective measures to ensure no crimes are carried out on the platform or facilitated by the platform.

Traders tend to be at risk in two ways. The risk of their personal information landing in the wrong hands is always in the minds of people. However, Bit-Finance already has features to ensure security is never compromised at any point.

This broker’s website comes with encryption. This ensures that all data shared by users via the platform is locked away and cannot be used for fraudulent purposes. Hence traders can feel safe in this regard.

Bit-Finance has put several measures to ensure no criminal activity is carried out when it comes to the safety of funds. One way they have done this is their compliance with anti-money laundering and know your customer policies. Due to this, they demand that users during the account creation process provide verifiable documents like a recognized government-issued identity card and a proof of address document. This helps them verify all users on the platform. Also, they get to keep a record of every user; hence all users are traceable.

Another security feature on the platform encourages users to verify their identity every time they log in and log out. This is geared at eliminating any incidence of fraud.

When it comes to safety, fingers crossed, Bit-Finance is indeed safe, and you can keep your funds and details with this broker without having to worry about anything. Bit-Finance’s first goal is to protect the funds of its users.

Account Creation Process

The account creation process of a good brokerage site must be easy and smooth without compromising security in any way. The account creation process on Bit-Finance is very straightforward and will only last a couple of minutes.

To create an account, access the site via your internet browser and navigate to the create account menu. By clicking on the tab, you will be required to provide a few details. You will need to provide a verifiable email address, create a strong password by combining letters, numbers, and special characters then verifying your details. To verify your details, you will need to provide a government-issued identity card and a billing statement not older than six months as proof of address. Your details will be verified in a short while by the Bit-Finance team then your account will be ready for trading upon payment of the minimum deposit. After processing the initial deposit, you can start trading as many trading products as you want. The withdrawal process is also easy, and users will not have to wait for days for approval.


Bit-Finance is easily accessible. You can get to the website via your internet browser from any device of your choice. Also, you can access the platform via their app. The app can be downloaded via the Play Store or App Store, depending on the device you will be using. The professional user interface of the website remains intact whether you open it via browser or mobile application. Accessibility of Bit-Finance is another top-notch feature of the broker and has attracted thousands of traders around the world.


Bit-Finance is a safe, easy-to-use platform with lots of helpful features tailored to meet the needs of traders of different experience levels. To have an enjoyable trading experience, you should give this broker a try, and I can assure you that you will not find any reason to be seeking an alternative.

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