Bubblext Review – Algorithmic Crypto and FX Trading is The Future?

Bubblext Review

The daunting economic challenges facing many nations today are sparking fears and uncertainty. The world is in the middle of a pandemic, and the humungous financial loss faced by governments, corporations, and small businesses is short of catastrophic.

The financial market is not exempted from this ill wind of the dreaded coronavirus that has ravaged our planet. However, the financial market has maintained its ability to rebound from any downturn it is facing.

Interestingly more people are turning to the financial market to help them stay afloat in these tough times. With an astronomical record of unemployment levels experienced in some countries, including the united states, trading in the financial market is gaining new entrants. For trading enthusiasts, picking a trusted broker can be quite an uphill task.

Trading in the financial market requires a medium, that is where brokerage firms come in. A broker serves as the intermediary between the trader and the trading instruments that are being traded.

Over the years, some brokers have maintained their transparency and integrity in discharging their services as a broker. On the other hand, some brokers are simply fraudulent outfits out to defraud unsuspecting victims.

Traders and investors require information to help them navigate their way in the business of trading. The internet is inundated daily with loads of ads conveying messages of  brokers.

The competition among brokers for a share of the market base is fierce. A lot of them go as far as promising enticing deals that sound so good to be true. So the question is, how do traders identify genuine brokers and avoid fraudulent ones.

As a beginner in the trading industry, you would need to depend on reliable reviews to decipher genuine brokers from scrupulous ones. While it must be stated that not all reviews are a true reflection of some brokers, this review seeks to analyze bublext.com in an unbiased, factual, and clear manner.

We would be giving you all the information you need to know based on in-depth research and interaction with the broker. Trading requires a decent amount of knowledge to succeed.

algorithmic trading - blubblext.com
algorithmic trading – blubblext.com

The challenge for many brokers is that many established brokers do not consider the plight of newbies in trading. They focus on more experienced traders leaving out the new entrants. At Bubblext trading can be done by just anyone regardless of your level of knowledge in trading.

 The broker has made it’s operations so simple to accommodate individuals who lack experience but are passionate about trading.  They are committed to providing refreshing educational materials that would significantly improve the trading skills of newbies.

An overview Bubblext.com

With the influx of many brokerage firms in the trading industry, one broker that clearly stands out is Bubblext.com.

The broker was established a few years ago with the purpose of delivering-notch notch services to traders in the financial market. Bubblext.com has been able to build a name for itself as a reliable and transparent broker. Established by a team of seasoned experts, the broker offers traders a refined and advanced trading platform that matches the goals even the most ambitious trader. Bubblext.com takes pride in seeing to the satisfaction of its clients. Hence the broker has designed trading solutions tailor-made to benefit every trader under their platform.

The broker continues to develop brilliant trading tactics and strategy that helps to make  accurate market predictions. As a result traders’ confidence is further strengthened thereby creating a sense of trust by the trader towards the broker.

Bubblext is indeed dispelling the false the narrative that all brokers are scams by deliberately showing it is transparent in its dealings with clients. 

Advantages of  trading with Bubblext

The introduction of new trading assets in the financial  market has sparked huge interest from the public. Furthermore, people are now getting aware of the financial market.

Before now, trading financial instruments use to be seen as an exclusive venture for experts alone. Today, ads of brokers are constantly seen on major social media sites, thereby creating the much-needed attention it requires.

Apparently, these measures have worked and so there is a massive influx of brokers in the industry. The challenge for traders is choosing a good broker from the pack.

Taking a cursory look at Bubblext.com in comparison to other brokers reveals some differences in favor of the broker.  Here are some features on Bubblext.com that makes it different, and why you should trade with them  

A variety of appealing financial  instruments 

The broker offers it’s clients a number of trading assets to choose from. Traders can decide to pick any of the financial assets to trade in or combine any of the trading assets as a means of spreading risks. The following are some major trading assets offered by the broker.

  • Cryptocurrency: Bubblext.com provides the opportunity of traders to trade-in cryptos which are virtual currencies used for purchases online. Aside from the major crypto projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin, the broker offers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Moreno, Dash, etc. Traders on Bubblext.com can conveniently trade-in cryptocurrency resulting in high-profit gains.
  • Forex: This is the trading of currency pairs and it is one of the most traded assets in the financial market. Traders on Bubblext.com can also reap from the lucrative forex market by selecting it as one of their trading assets.
  • Stocks: The stock market is quite promising in terms of returns. However, it is quite volatile. You can become part-owner of an organization by buying shares issued by a broker on behalf of the company.

Bubblext stocks trading

Bubblext.com allows traders to buy and trade stocks of some of the world’s most renowned companies. Making profits from the stock market requires smart and calculated trading which takes time.

Nonetheless, the broker has in house financial analyst that not  only well trained but are capable of making reasonable trading forecasts that are helpful to the trader.

  • Commodities: This is the trading of commodities such as wheat, sugar, meat, cocoa. The commodity market is a volatile one.

Bubblext.com offers traders the opportunity of participating in the forex market. The broker through its strategic trading techniques guide’s traders to the path of profitable trading.

  • Indices: The indices market is another notable trading asset offered on the platform of Bubblext.com.It is similar to the stock market but deals with indexes which are a group of stocks. Bubblext.com assist its traders to benefit from the index market by providing them with detailed data showing the increase and decrease in the value of indices. Based on this data, traders can minimize their risks with the aim of maximizing profits.  

Unique Trading Accounts 

Before you begin trading on Bubblext.com, you would need to open an account. The broker has several account types that fit the needs of different categories of traders on their platform.  

Green Account

The green account is specifically designed for trades that barely have minimum knowledge in trading. To open this account, traders are required to pay a minimum deposit balance of $500. The following are features of the green account.

  • 24 hours and five days a week to customer support
  • EBooks
  • Junior level account manager

The broker recognizes the fan act that beginner traders need to be properly guided in their trading activity. The junior-level account manager assists the trader to grasp the workings of trading and avoid any pitfalls while trading.

Silver Account

Just after the green account is the silver account. The account is mainly for traders who have developed substantial knowledge in trading.

The silver account can be opened after you have verified your personal information with the broker. The minimum trading balance of the silver account is  $5000. Benefits of the silver account include

  • Access to 24/5 customer support.
  • EBooks
  • Access to trading signals.
  • Intermediate level account manager
  • Access to personal education sessions.

Gold Account

The gold account is designed for clients who have become pro traders. A minimum deposit requirement of $20,000 needed to open this account. Traders in this account can enjoy the following benefits such as:

  • Access to 24/5 customer support
  • EBooks
  • Assess to trading signals
  • Senior-level account manager
  • 50% access to Pro Trader
  • Access to personal educational sessions

The gold account is one of the premium accounts of the broker.  Holders of this account are more adventurous hence, they need to be equipped with vital information to help them their trading goals. 

Platinum Accounts

This the account is suited for traders who have become professionals in trading. The platinum account is designed for traders who seek to push their trading experience to a whole new level. Holders of this account has the necessary financial resources to pull through large volume trades. A sum of  $100,000 is needed to open the platinum account. Traders of this account enjoy great pecks like:

  • Access to 24 hours a day, 5 days a week customer support
  • EBooks
  • Access to trading signals
  • Senior-level account manager
  • 100% access to “Pro Trader”.
  • Access to exclusive events.
  • Unlimited personal educational sessions

Black Account

Bubblext.com has created special accounts for traders who are regarded as high premium traders. Holders of this account are experts in the field of trading and are provided with top-notch trading services that befit their status as a top-end broker.

The minimum trading balance of this account is pegged at $250,00. Benefits of this account include:

  • Access to 24 hours, 5 days a week customer support
  • EBooks
  • Access to a VIP account manager
  • 100% access to “Pro Trader”.
  • 25 times access to exclusive events
  • Unlimited personal educational sessions.

VIP Account

As the name suggests, the VIP account is made exclusively for individuals who are at the top of the pyramid in the trading business.

Holders of this account execute large volumes of trade and can access any trading assets of their choice. The minimum deposit balance of this account is  $100000. Some of the benefits of using this account include:

  • 24/5 customer support
  • EBooks
  • Unlimited access to trading
  • Access to “Pro Trader”.
  • VIP account Manager
  • Unlimited access to exclusive events
  • Access to unlimited educational sessions.

User-friendly Trading Platforms

Trading is meant to be an enjoyable venture. The next step after opening an account on Bubblext.com is to start trading.

A trading platform allows traders to discover the numerous ways of gaining profits by trading financial assets. The trading platform of the broker comes in the following versions.

Bubblext trading platforms

Meta Trader 4

The Meta Trader 4 trading platform is reputed for its user-friendly interface and is widely regarded as one of the best trading platforms in online trading.

The platform is built to allow traders to execute trades in real-time without any glitches or difficulties. The Meta Trader 4 software can be downloaded on either a desktop or a laptop device.  

Web Trader

The Web Trader trading platform is accessed via a web browser on any device. It does not require any downloading. The Web Trader platform has similar functionalities as the Meta Trader. 

Mobile Application

Bubblext added the mobile app version to it’s  trading platform version to cover the needs of traders who are always on the go.

Traders can download the mobile app from the Android play store and Apple iOS store. The mobile application has got all features as the other trading versions. Traders can  access the latest technological trends on the Bubblext trading platform.

The broker continues to respond to evolving trends my updating it’s strategies that would ultimately lead to profit-making for it’s clients. Effective educational tools and Resources 

While it has become a trademark feature for brokers to offer educational tools, the real question is how valuable are the contents.

Bubblext.com gives utmost attention to the content of the educational resources thereby guiding traders to make sound trading decisions. 

The broker has relevant resourceful materials suited for every level of trader In the platform.  You can find rich educational materials such as EBooks, videos, webinars, embedded in the website of the broker.

Bublext.com continues to review and update its educational content in response to dynamic change in the market. The broker offers resourceful content for both new and experienced traders on their platform.

 Traders are guided to understand the fundamentals of trading and also learn strategies that ensure that their risks are minimized. The ultimate goal of the broker’s educational materials is to impact traders with sound and researched information.

 In the long run, traders are able to make wise investment decisions to ensure profit-making and maintaining sustainability in the market.  

Adequately protected security network 

The challenge for most brokers in the financial market is protecting their platforms against hackers and cybercriminals. Brokerage firms  continue to witness incidences of security breaches, resulting identity and financial theft.

Bubblext.com gives maximum priority to its security network. The broker has an encryption technology on its platform that makes sure the personal information of clients is safe and protected.

Furthermore, the broker observes a  customer policy (KYC) policy that ensures only people with verifiable personal information are allowed to trade on their platform. To prevent any act of fraud on their platform, the broker strictly follows the Anti Monetary Laundering(AML) policy. 

Effective Customer Support

Traders on the Bubblext.com platform enjoy 24/5 customer support. The broker ensures that traders get a prompt response to queries and complaints in the shortest time possible.

Algorithm Trading

Bubblext.com has a unique trading feature known as algorithm trading.  Designed by top-level programmers, the algorithm trading feature guarantees traders to enjoy the very meaning of convenient trading.

The algorithm trading feature makes use of automated commands and alert reminders to make trades. The trader can simply set up a trading command using the algorithm feature. For instance, a forex trader seeking to buy a  foreign currency like GBP/USD can enter a desired value on the algorithm command.

 Once the desired value is met, the algorithm feature simply executes the deal. Traders can trade without worry using this automated trading feature. It ensures that traders save time and make good profits. 

Futures Trading

Futures trading or futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell an asset at a future date and at an agreed price. It is simply a system where two parties agree to buy a commodity at a future date. Both parties agree on specific terms.

futures contracts allow players to secure a particular price and the protect themselves against wild price disruptions. Both parties can be referred to as hedgers.

However, some people enter into a futures contract not with the aim of receiving any product but put them up in the futures market.   Traders can trade commodities, bonds, forex, in the future contracts market.

Bubblext.com offers traders the chance of trading in futures contracts. It is a  unique form of trading and the broker provides the necessary information to enable traders to trade intelligently with the aim of making significant profits.

Final thought

Bubblext has consistently shown that they are the broker to beat in terms of setting the pace for innovation and inventiveness in trade. The broker provides a  unique platform where traders can explore the trading of enticing financial instruments like forex, bonds, indices, commodities etc.  Bubblext allows provides unparalleled service delivery to clients with the goal of making every trader succeed in their trading ambitions.

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