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Read our CFDAdvanced review at FStar Capital Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading blog, find the answer to your question “is CFDAdvanced scam or legit” and much more! We have checked all the aspects of this broker and we recommend CFDAdvanced for online trading. It is NOT a scam. You can sign up with CFDAdvanced in the link below, or continue reading the full review.

CFDAdvanced Review

CFDAdvanced logoA new trend is emerging in the online market for the trading of assets; this has presented people with a fast and reliable source of getting rich in a number of days. However simple it may sound, before diving into the world of trading with a blind eye, one must look at different aspects of it, especially beginners at the start of their business through trading. Once you get the hang of the terms and tricks of trading, it will be like a piece of cake, and for that, we are here to show you all the aspects of CFDAdvanced as it has become one of the best brokerages and trading companiies of 2021 among the traders. In CFDAdvanced review, I will unravel the advantages and short comings of the broker that will you out in your trading journey with the platform.

Introduction to CFDAdvanced

CFDs are financial instruments essential for trader portfolios, especially for the traders at the start of their journey in the online trading market. CFDAdvanced is a platform for investors and traders for a friendly yet professional trading experience since they function as a professional trading tool. CFDAdvanced allows a trader to obtain helpful information and statistics for a successful trading business and helps traders become more familiarized with trading strategies by increasing the odds of their success in the market.

CFDAdvanced allows users to trade their assets on the go and provides its users with trading objects like cryptocurrency and CFDs; it also provides its user with 400 different types of symbols to facilitate their trading. It has become a new favorite of many traders due to its website’s structure that makes it user-friendly and secure.

As a regulated broker, it has served thousands of traders and investors across the world. It’s your turn to make a profit on a variety of assets, but first, you need detailed information about the trading platform. In this review, I would try to explain everything about the broker which is required for you.

Why Choose CFDAdvanced?

Out of many reasons that we can give you to select this particular broker, we have compiled some of the major ones to make it easy for you to set your mind to it.

Your assets and money are secured. No matter how simple it may sound, as the market is expanding due to online trading, threats are getting serious day by day as hackers are getting more attracted to such platforms for easy money. Yet CFDAdvanced has managed to protect their company and their users’ assets, and no complaints filled even to date.

Secondly, this platform provides a calm environment for customers as it is built on the principles of a user-centric approach; this makes it user-friendly. Trade is easily carried out with three simple steps.

It is important to provide customers with options to make their trading journey easy and fast. With tons of options to choose from, the CFDAdvanced platform has quickly become a major competitor in the market for CFDs, cryptocurrency, and forex pair exchange.

CFDAdvanced provides a feature of multiple payment methods. Many companies and countries provide limited payment options, and some provide various such options, but when it comes to trouble-free trading, the CFDAdvanced broker is the best choice.

CFDAdvanced is built on customer’s demands and needs, and for that, it allows new users to have access to the trading room even without registration. This feature is especially beneficial for the fresh and new traders at the start of their carrier.

CFDAdvanced website

Trading Accounts

“Money attracts money” is one of the basic principles of business. The credits saved in your lockers cannot be multiplied unless you invest them in businesses or trades. It is exactly similar to the case of brokerage, which provides you a platform for trading and multiplying your credits. The more your investments will be, the more profit you will get. CFDAdvanced gives you an amazing platform according to your needs and financial condition where you can choose different trading accounts to start multiplying your investments. Before discussing trading accounts, one thing must be made clear that there is no option of demo trading. It means that you have to put funds in your trading wallets or accounts, only then, you will start getting your profit.

The trading accounts facilitate you according to your current scenario in the trading business, for example, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and VIP account.

Silver Account

This is the first account on the CFD platform that is specially designed for beginners. The minimum investment you need to start trading with this account is 10,000, which is comparatively less than any other account. This package is offering charming leverage of 1:20 to its users. Besides this, an expert broker is also there to help beginners make decisions for the trading process. A third benefit is the 20% bonus which is fixed for this account. This basic account provides you an opportunity to learn the pros and cons of trading in this market.

Gold Account

This account starts with a minimum investment of 25,000, which is a little more than the previous account. The amount of leverage and bonus is also higher, accordingly. In this account type, the investors will get a 40% bonus and 1:40 leverage. Like the Silver account, the Gold account investors will also get the facility of a senior broker, the availability of a trading room, and technical education. If you have enough awareness of the trading market, I will strongly recommend you to choose this account type.

Platinum Account

The platinum account usually attracts those investors who like to play in the medium range-neither too high nor too low. The minimum investment for opening the platinum account is 100,000. After the investment, the creditors are facilitated to claim 1:60 leverage and an additional bonus of 40% after the account opening. Just like the previous accounts, the company also provides you with expert support and technical education for trading.

Diamond Account

To get more, you need to invest more. This is the case in this account type. The minimum investment needed to open this account is 250,000, after which you can enjoy 1:100 leverage, and the bonus limit has also been increased up to 80%. As the investment indicates, this account is commonly for the rich community.

VIP Account

VIP account is designed only for highly trained professionals of the market. The investment for the VIP account is 500,000. As it’s a big amount, the leverage and bonus have also been increased accordingly. The investors will get 1:150 leverage and a bonus of 120%.

Here you will be facilitated with an expert broker and a special team of brokers to aid the investors. Apart from this, you will also have an excess to a premium trading room, other fundamental and technical trading facilities.

User Interface

It is essential to make the best possible environment for the user to interact and affiliate with the company. It is important for the interface to be defined and structured so that broker or any trader may not face any problem.

The user interface of the CFDAdvanced helps a user by preventing problems during the operation. It makes the operation quicker and faster even when performing a wide range of operations and trading various assets. This friendly and systemized environment of the website makes it popular among traders.

Before you start the setup, here is a little guideline of the site; once you search the name of the broker, this site will automatically land you on its homepage. Once on the home page, you will find the information about the company agenda on the top right corner symbolized as ’ About Us ‘, which is right next to Contact Us bar. They have provided their customers with four different types of accounts depending upon the investor or trader’s particular needs. For the beginner, we think it is best to start at the first type of account, Silver, and get familiarized with the website’s working environment, and then get an upgrade. The other three types are Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

CFDAdvanced provides its users with an advanced interface and a trading room with more than 400 different symbols for trading, making it the best platform to buy or sell stocks, cryptocurrency, indices, and commodities.

It is an integrated site that makes this platform easy for beginners and professional traders who reply to the interface and want their assets properly configured.

Customer Support Service

This trading brokerage is entirely designed on the principle of providing an efficient and user-friendly platform. Their customer support service is highly professional and functions 24/7 to support their users by providing agents and experts. After the opening of each account type, an individual expert broker is provided to assist the investor in making smart decisions and the fundamental training and awareness about the trade market’s current scenarios. This is the reason why investors feel mental satisfaction after entering the market with CFDAdvanced.

Moving on to the general customer service, the CFDAdvanced trading platform provides the easiest access to the service support team. If you are in any kind of trouble or you need any help, you can just go to the “Contact Us” section; you will see some boxes, which are designed for your assistance. You will need to provide them with your identity, email, phone number, and subject of the problem in a message. After completing these boxes, you just need to click a ‘submit button” at the bottom, after which your message will be delivered to the supporting team. Another option to contact the supporting team is the email address they have provided, which is; You will receive your reply as early as possible.

Focus on Security

No trader will invest through a platform where security is compromised. CFDAdvanced has taken security measures as their priority, and users seem to be quite satisfied with them. A prime example of their excellence is that they have never gone through any cyber threat; their security protocols make sure that their customers never go through any such dangers. All these measures make their platform quite famous and popular among traders.

They have KYC and AML policies on their website, which is the process of identity verification of the customers taken at the start of doing business with them; this is intended as a requirement for Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Their high-end security makes it safest for traders to trade their assets without any threat.

The major aspect of doing any business is focused on security, and nobody wants their assets exposed to the world. Before starting any business and making an account at any of the trading platforms, it is an important question to ask yourself, Is this company safe to invest in? by keeping in view their policies of security. Security of a user account is the most vital aspect, and it should not be violated. Therefore CFDAdvanced team has made it their special focus to protect the assets of their users.

In recent years, it has emerged to be a major crisis around the online trading and market, as hacking started taking place due to the vast profit that comes with it. Companies’ security was being compromised as hackers started selling private pieces of information and data of various users in exchange for money and filling their wallets with illegal transactions of cryptocurrencies, but CFDAdvanced has maintained its reputation by protecting and preserving the assets of their users and making it the best option for many traders.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is also called the customer’s privacy, which includes the protection of personal information and the handling of these sensitive details of the customers with great care. Your privacy policy can be a cornerstone of building your reputation, especially in the case of a trading platform where investors are trusting you for their precious wealth. There are hundreds of cases filed globally where companies share their customers’ personal information with third parties for money. Considering these facts, CFDAdvanced developers have developed a state-of-the-art customer privacy service. Its credibility can be checked because not even a single complaint of privacy manipulation has ever been reported from any user of CFDAdvanced traders. All these facts ultimately describe a single fact that CDF Advanced is the best platform to invest and trade.


The wide range of assets available on their website is another reason to choose this platform over others.

According to their liking, hundreds of assets and objects are available for traders to select the best-suited option for them. With hundreds of options, you can choose any of them according to your appropriate asset choice. These include many rewarding assets like CFDs which are very popular these days, and other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoins (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), etc.

For people who want to indulge themselves in Forex trading industries, CDF Advance has several options for them, which are available on their website. You can now trade 24/7 through your phone and laptops, even on the move; what else can you need? Well, you are in luck as it offers more. CDF Advanced provides their customers with a zero trading fee; yes, you heard right, it cost no fee for trading and takes very little to no commission fees.

CFDAdvanced assets

Availability of Analyzing Tools

To improve the quality of trading, the brokerage is utilizing modern analyzing tools, basically with a purpose, to maximize the earning potential of its clients. For example, a person having these tools will be able to earn more as compared to the average person. These tools are only available on this platform. By utilizing statistical software and critically analyzing the market trends, these tools predict the future prices of assets which are the gates to make a big amount of money.

Before the investment in any assets, two important analyses are performed by the traders. One of them is technical analysis, which is concerned with the utilization of analyzing tools. The other one is the fundamental analysis that is concerned with news and significant events happening in the market, which can directly or indirectly affect trading assets’ values. The trading section of the platform has provided an exceptional facility for traders and investors to learn about technical as well as fundamental analysis.

Final Thoughts

An extremely important fact is that you need to choose the right platform for doing anything, whether related to your education, wealth, business, or trade. Everything demands a reliable platform that fulfills the customer’s needs more effectively. After considering all the facts and trade scenarios in the market, I would strongly recommend the CFDAdvanced platform for investment and trade. The reason is that this platform is providing you with trading strategies, individual market experts, considerable Leverage ratios, a handsome amount of bonus, and awareness of short-selling and buying in the market to boost your earnings. Despite the trading and financial outcomes, CFDAdvanced is also offering a highly functional customer support system with the safest funds security system and state-of-the-art digital technology for its customers’ privacy. You have multiple trading options like forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs on a single platform, which means that by utilizing this platform, you can become an expert trader as well as a wealthy person to fulfill your dreams. The more you use it, the more you like it.

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