Dogecoin, Ripple Price Analysis – 14 July 2021


  • Ripple’s investors might incur massive losses if the crypto hits the potential $0.445 drop.
  • DOGE closes its trading day beneath $0.2, indicating extended bearishness towards May’s $0.16 support.

The overall crypto market experienced aggressive bearishness this week. BTC lead the corrections hovering around $30K, while ETH explored the levels around $1,800. Most virtual currencies registered significant single-digit drops as bulls struggle to find support levels across the entire market.


Ripple pullback to trade in the red territory after another $0.65 rejection. According to CoinGecko, XRP corrected about 5% over the past 24 hours to hover beneath $0.6. A sudden trading volume increase depicts the current market sell-off. With that, if Ripple fails to reclaim the $0.6 support, it might experience massive drops.

The 4-hour price chart shows a declining triangle pattern forming. With this massive bearish development, the asset might see extended downtrends in the near term. However, that will happen if XRP fails to reclaim the $0.6 support quickly.

Keep in mind that a 25% plunge would send the altcoin to $0.445 before attempting to recover again.

For now, XRP experiences intensified decreasing sentiments. Ripple has a higher plunging probability.


For now, DOGE’s value remains unstable as it loses the ground beneath a long-term dropping trend-line. However, maintaining over $0.2 gave traders some hope that the meme coin would recover after accumulating stability.

However, that is risky support that anyone needs to watch before trading DOGE. For instance, MACD indicates a massive bearish signal. Such indicators affirm the bearish attitude that Dogecoin has. Remember, investors would experience increased losses if the asset claims the next support at $0.185. Dogecoin might drop to test the $0.16 May’s support.

Meanwhile, if the canine-themed currency manages to gain ground over $0.2, bulls will enter the market to take the asset’s value higher. Moreover, breaking over the declining trend-line might be a significant catalyst to boost bullish moves. That would allow Dogecoin to conquer the continuous bearishness and close the $0.3 gap.

At the moment, Ripple’s XRP and Dogecoin indicate bearishness as the market lack aggressive sentiments. Where do you see these altcoins in the coming trading sessions? Comment below.

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