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Read our Eiro-group review at FStar Capital Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading blog, find the answer to your question “is Eiro-group scam or legit” and much more! We have checked all the aspects of this broker and we recommend Eiro-group for online trading. It is NOT a scam. You can sign up with Eiro-group in the link below, or continue reading the full review.

Eiro-group Review

Eiro-group logoSelection of the best platform like Eiro-group is mandatory to become a successful trader in the trading world. Being a professional trader, you always have full control over all the activities of your trades. At the beginning of your profession, you don’t have any idea about the market scenarios and trading activities in the market; therefore, it will be a bad idea to keep full command in making decisions. You need to consult your seniors and the expert consultants provided by your particular trading platform. A good trading platform like Eiro-group provides a complete grooming platform to a beginner. In the following section, you will find the details in the form of the Eiro-group review.

Similarly, to make piles of money, there are only a few platforms that can provide dozens of money-making opportunities to their customers in the world of Forex. With the start of the 21st century and extensive use of the internet worldwide, trading has become only a matter of one click, no matter which part of the world you live in. On the other hand, before the start of the 21st century, only a few people wanted to pursue their careers in stocks and trades. This spontaneous trend in Forex trading has only become possible due to these trading platforms. One example of such a prestigious platform is Eiro-group.

Introduction to Eiro-group

Modern technology has simplified the procedures for entering the Forex market by eliminating all the steps and formalities. Neither do you need high expertise and knowledge to start your trading, nor you need a large amount to invest in the beginning. Here comes the best part, it gives you freedom of time. It means that you don’t need 10 to 12 hours of your precious time to excel in the market, now you can achieve your goals by giving your free time whenever you want. All these facts are very convincing but to enter this market; you need a specific broker. Brokers are your specific gateways in the world of trading that provide you different kinds of trading platforms. As the saturation in this market is increasing every day, the need for these brokers has also been increased. Consequently, thousands of such brokerage firms are floating in the world of Forex, but you need to be very cautious. The reason is that most of them are ready to use your wealth entirely for their interests. In the case of stocks in brokerage, we are dealing with everything directly in terms of money, so scams and fraudulent companies are obvious.

Yes! I am talking about Eiro-group today, which has not only facilitated its traders with amazing trading platforms but has also provided comfortable trading conditions. If you ever wished to become a successful Forex trader, I would undoubtedly suggest you catch this opportunity. After my experience of working with many brokerage firms and trading platforms, I can ensure you that Eiro-group is entirely different from the rest of this kind because all your interest during the trade will be kept on priority.

Eiro-group website

Knowledge through the Website

Have you ever wondered where did I go wrong after deciding something? Well, that is because, in most cases, risks are not calculated. Generally, it may work out sometimes, but not in this situation where you invest your whole life savings in a business without any proper plan.

Most companies out there do not provide you with proper knowledge about the policies and investment plans. They usually hold back this piece of information from you until you sign a contract and make an account with them. But when it comes to Eiro-group, they don’t hide anything. You are provided with complete education about your account through their website. So when starting a business in online trading, it is essential to have proper information from the beginning in order to make a profit. Otherwise, your trades won’t be in your favor. For this purpose, Eiro-group provides special instructions that are already shared on the website by the broker. So you wouldn’t have to waste time surfing the internet.

Information and Security of Assets

The website has been designed with the supportive customer school of thought because when you visit the website, you will observe that the entire website is designed to boost your earnings. For example, in the case of trade, it is completely ensured that you are not making any mistake. You can leave your trade which you do not feel good for you. If you are a beginner, you are provided with separate training and video sessions to understand the pros and cons of trading in the Forex world.

Before putting a single penny on any platform, you need to make sure that it’s not a Ponzi scheme. You need to make sure that the company has provided all the trading channels and services where they are using your investments. You need to make sure that your personal information will be completely protected and will not be shared with a third party at any cost. In the case of the Eiro-group, everything which is discussed above has already been provided, and you don’t need to worry about anything. Despite these services, the brokerage company has come up with an SSL certificate and another additional certificate. This certificate means that your provided information will be kept completely safe.

Quality Education

Education about the company of your choice is a crucial element of a business. There are a variety of materials available on the Eiro-group website for you to learn from. They provide their users with ebooks and videos. While some people prefer to spend time on their readings, others want quick and practical examples. For that, Eiro-group uploads videos and visuals on its website. This training is accessible to you after signing up for a paid account. The material there is updated regularly, so you have the specific and latest information about assets and trading. Therefore it is necessary to get quality educational material, as it contains important guidelines for you to learn from the most advanced trends in trading. This feature is not necessarily granted to you by other companies.

Customer Support

You will always need an expert opinion for the sake of trading. Sometimes you just don’t have any idea how to figure out a particular option. At other times, you lack a complete set of information about a specific asset before deciding to invest in it. In those cases, you have customer support service to help you out. Eiro-group has provided easy access to its customer support service department, and you don’t have to wait for hours to get the answers to your queries. In order to contact the representative of customer support, you can use online contact by pressing the help button provided on the website. You can also send the email privately to the officially provided email address. You can also call directly to the customer care helpline to get rid of your queries. Customer support service staff is available 24/5 to solve your problems.

Eiro-group customer support

Withdrawal and Deposit Fees

Deposit and withdrawal processes shouldn’t have to be difficult. Many companies make it part of their money-gaining schemes and add taxes on your transactions. They do it in two such ways, either by adding high requirements on your account or by not presenting you with security assurance. They usually scam users with pretty deals to attract them and then take high fees for the initial account setup and transactions.

Despite this, money transfer does not have to be time-consuming, and Eiro-group makes sure of it. They do that by not taking any unnecessary commissions from you. So you can easily deposit and withdraw money using your credit cards and debit cards. They enable you to choose the same channel for both your deposit and withdrawal needs. So before you get tricked into these online leaches, look into their transaction policies; that will tell where the company morals lie.

Safe Deposit Methods

This is another feature that adds value to the grace of the Eiro-group. To register your account with Eiro-group, you don’t need to go through complicated procedures. You just need to complete a simple registration document and submit it on the website. The same is the case with the deposits of your funds. You are not required to handovers your money to someone because it’s a completely non-professional method, and your money can be lost in the middle. Eiro-group has featured some genuine and authentic deposit methods where you have proof of sending your money to a particular account. Therefore you can use a debit card and credit card like a VISA card. You can also go to your bank for the sake of a wire transfer.

Trading with Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are the people who provide you with financial plans, most beneficial for you. This financial help is most costly if you consider the online market. Usually, brokers provide their customers with financial help like ebooks and videos but at a certain cost.

Eiro-group is a customer-friendly, easy-to-use, and secure platform for all your business plans. They direct you with the help of financial advisors, so you do not have to worry about losing your money in the long run. Unlike others, Eiro-group doesn’t ask for extra money for such financial assistance.

Their policy is based on the principle of safety first, so when you signup for your account, your information gets encrypted, which means it is secure from any cybercriminal activity. Another thing about this platform to admire is that when you deposit your money into an account, it gets straight to your account, and it won’t get mixed up with your other funds as the broker manages the accounts.

Trading Signals and Alerts

Unlike other trading platforms where you are spending your money and giving your precious time to get the signals for trading, Eiro-group has facilitated its customers by ensuring the provision of trading signals to boost their earnings. This is a golden opportunity, especially for beginners who can get all the trading alerts in one click because you have full access to these features even with your most basic account. The trading signals will help you to make your decision whether you should purchase or sell a particular asset, ultimately maximizing your profit. On the other hand, the price alerts will help you know the exact stock price value to decide to sell your stocks.

Account Types 

Eiro-group offers six different types of accounts on their website. These accounts are designed by carefully considering and monitoring various needs of the traders in a market.

Most companies out there deliver only three basic accounts types silver, gold, and platinum. Not every trader has the same basic requirements; therefore, when you choose Eiro-group, it covers all your needs with its six variations of accounts. They make it very clear through their services that they are a user-friendly platform.

These six account details are given below.

Basic Account 

With this account, funds start from 500 EUR to 9,999 EUR with an insurance level of up to 10 percent.

Silver account

Silver account funds range between 10,000 EUR to 99,999 EUR with a 20 percent bonus and insurance.

Gold Account

The gold account opens with an investment of 100,000-249,000 EUR. Eiro-group gives its gold customers 30 percent insurance and a 30 percent loyalty bonus.

Platinum Account

Platinum accounts unlock when a trader submits the funds between 250,000 and 499,999 EUR with a 60 percent bonus and insurance level.

Diamond Account

This account starts from 500,000 to 1000,000 EUR, and users will be able to get a bonus amount of up to 80%.

Millionaire Club 

For multimillion businesses, Eiro-group has Millionaire Club, where it provides its elite customers with elite services.

Eiro-group provides market reviews, saving accounts, a group of analysts, trading alerts, and advanced charts to all of its accounts.


Trade insurance is a facility provided by a company to cover your expenses in any case of loss. You will not lose your assets as the company supports you in such time. It might seem too good to be true right, but no, it’s quite accurate and according to the laws. Highly rated companies like Eiro-group are known for supporting their customers in such financial problems. They have enlisted their terms and conditions on their website to eliminate any future misunderstandings. Isn’t that amazing? that the broker covers all your expenses because of the insurance they provide. This insurance ranges from anywhere between 10 percent to 100 percent.

Boost your Earnings with Special Bonuses

Have you ever heard about getting a bonus just by signing up? Eiro-group is providing a loyalty bonus to its beginners just after signing up with their account. I would like to mention another fact in this regard. Nearly all brokerage firms facilitate their customers with different packages in the name of bonuses. They are bragging about signing up in bigger accounts and depositing a larger amount to get more bonuses. People spend their life savings in the greed of getting those bonuses, but the thing is that, why would you need to spend more money to get more bonuses?

Unlike the other brokerage firms, Eiro-group has proved very generous in giving its customers financial benefits. After signing with Eiro-group, 10% of the bonus will be readily made available to you, which is called the loyalty bonus. You can get the loyalty bonus even with your basic account. There are other bonuses as well. If you sign up with a silver account, you can directly get a bonus of 20%. Similarly, you can get a 100% bonus by signing up for the most expensive account.

Ethical Trading with AML and KYC

While looking for a safe company to invest in, privacy policies must be noted. Some companies out there corrupt their users’ personal information, including their assets, and transfer them into international accounts. For that, AML and KYC policies are made.

The Eiro-group is based on AML-anti-money laundering and KYC-know your customer policies and makes it their priority to ensure customer financial and personal security. The broker authenticates all the documents and money. For instance, if you are paying through your credit card, you will have to provide information about its originality.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, you will require a reliable partner for having a bright future in trading. In this case, your partner can be Eiro-group. Starting from the easiest way to sign up, to choose the account of your choice, from trading freely with multiple trading tools to getting the advantage of bonuses to boost your earnings, everything is just set up the way you want. It also manages to meet all the requirements of a trustworthy brand. Eiro-group takes a special interest in taking care of your needs as well as making you a professional trader.

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