Elon Musk has Stopped Tweeting about Cryptocurrency Altogether

The crypto market was and still is under the influence of celebrities and financial experts that have made something for themselves. Elon Musk is the biggest influencer of the crypto market as he literally used to increase and decrease the price of the cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin in particular through many folds. However, he didn’t have a secret computer or crypto neural network with the help of which he used to do that but in the figurative sense of tempting the decisions of people interested in crypto and investors pouring a factual sum of money into crypto trading. 

Musk Refrains from Posting any Tweets Featuring Cryptocurrency

It would not be false to say that the recent crypto crash had something to do with Elon Musk, too; although many factors were at play here, Musk boycotting Bitcoin was the primary element that left the whole crypto market in a devastating crash. 

But since a video by an anonymous celebrity went viral addressing Elon Musk to stop being such a bad influence on the crypto market, the owner of Tesla has not uttered even a single tweet about cryptocurrency. Crazily enough, his last tweet featuring crypto was on June 5th, and since then, nothing from once a daily tweet about cryptocurrency and his thoughts regarding where the market seems to be shifting.

The video posted by the anonymous entity did reach 2.5 million views and rattled Musk pretty bad, and when asked on Twitter if he has seen the video, Musk was affirmative, meaning that he has. But the billionaire retaliated by featuring many debunking articles in which he manages to throw off most of the things narrated by anonymous about him for sure but couldn’t manage to wipe the slate clean. 

Anonymous has criticized Musk for being responsible for ripping countries from their lithium reserves to power his Tesla vehicles and using child labor to extract heavy sums of cobalt too. The very conclusion here is that Musk definitely doesn’t want any attention like the one he has been getting from anonymous and has gone silent over the subject of crypto altogether.

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