Swiss National Bank Official: Central Banks Can Popularize Defi

Thomas Moser, a Swiss National Bank board member, has voiced his concern. CBDC offers the most significant stability potential and provides the fewest dangers to DeFi’s growth, he says (SNB). Moser told Cointelegraph; stablecoins are sectors such as DeFi that need a stable currency to grow. The Push Toward Digital Asset Centralization In contrast to […]

As The Euro and Pound Weaken, Investors Are Turning to Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency industry seems to be thriving. This occurs while many fiat currencies throughout the world are losing value. Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) are two examples of digital assets attracting investors’ attention. Bitcoin Has Attracted a Large Number of Investors The cryptocurrency market intelligence platform Messari released some new statistics on September 29. According […]

US Instagram & Facebook Users Can Share Flow, Ethereum, And Polygon NFTs

The software development company Meta has now released an official statement favoring NFT collectibles. The firm has made it plain that all Facebook and Instagram users in the US will have access to its services. Recent rollouts have included this feature. Meta Now Connects Cryptocurrency Wallets to Facebook and Instagram Meta began implementing NFT support […]

Despite OFAC Restrictions, Tornado Cash Still Sees Questionable Wire Transactions

The United States Treasury Department announced that it was forced to take action against a cryptocurrency system (Tornado Cash). The reason was that it had been exploited to facilitate the laundering of more than $7 billion of virtual currency. The attack included $455 million stolen by a hacker group supported by North Korea. Tornado Cash […]

Custody Service for Institutional Cryptocurrencies Launched by Nasdaq

On September 20, 2022, Nasdaq, a large financial services provider, stated that it would establish a new cryptocurrency-centric business unit. Nasdaq Digital Assets aims to streamline the process for institutional investors. The new initiative will encourage large financial institutions to engage in the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency markets.  Nasdaq Rivals Anchorage Digital and Coinbase Nasdaq Inc. […]

Ronin NFT Sales Fall Below $1 Million for the First Time in 16 Months

The number of individuals interested in purchasing digital collectibles is decreasing, and the sector as a whole is losing momentum. As a result, the amount of money that Ronin NFT made in sales fell below $1 million in August. During the first full week of September, Ronin experienced a lot of success when Sky Mavis, […]