The Avalanche and Optimism Chain Features in Morphswap Have Been Completed

One of the earliest autonomous automated market makers is the Morphswap protocol. In DeFi, it works with several chains. 

The protocol’s implementation has increased the number of supported chains for asset bridging. Avalanche and optimism are included in the expansion. 

The first milestone of the procedure has been reached with this incident. Within two months of its public release, it builds support for all key EVM chains. 

What Advantages Avalanche and Optimism Provide for The Network 

When it first began, Morphswap was only made available with support for EVM-compatible chains. It has now been upgraded to work with chains other than EVM chains. 

These include the Solana, Cardano, and Bitcoin blockchains, among others. In addition, there is a long list of EVM chains that enable morphswap, including all major chains. 

Its many other powers are regarded to be increased by this. The most recent EVM chains to be included in this list are Avalanche and Optimism.

Avalanche, a crypto and blockchain platform, is made to rival Ethereum. The Avalanche blockchain allows for the instantaneous provision of transaction finality. 

The use of smart contracts, which are used to support other blockchain projects, is a factor. However, the main advantage of this platform is Avalanche’s ability to process about 4,500 transactions per second. 

Avalanche is the more efficient platform in terms of scalability and transaction times, as evidenced by the sizable difference between the two platforms.

Optimism is a layer two dependency chain. It implies that it is autonomous and developed on top of the Ethereum mainnet (layer 1). 

Where transactions genuinely take place is in Optimism. The information about the layer two transactions is transmitted to the mainnet. It is done so that it can be verified there, which is a crucial point to remember. 

Optimism conducts calculations off-chain and moves all transaction data onto the blockchain. This improves the number of transactions that Ethereum can handle per second. Additionally, it lowers the price of each transaction.

So, What Exactly Is This Morphswap Thing?

A mechanism called Morphswap was an independent creation that took place over seven months. One innovative developer created it. 

AMM costs typically amount to 0.3% of volume. Additionally, a cross-chain charge supports Oracle interactions and goes directly to the customers. 

For all cross-chain transactions, Morphswap is the faster and more convenient option. In addition, this is a more affordable and straightforward option for large and medium-sized transactions.

Users can exchange any token on one chain for any token on another chain. This is accomplished by utilizing the robust protocol offered by Morphswap. 

Users can do this without the need for a CEX or bridge. It is now necessary to have a cross-chain swap that is truly decentralized. 

This is being done to protect the growth of a future with more and more chains. All of this results from the fact that the Web3 industry now deals with vulnerabilities worth billions of dollars. The centralized infrastructure is the target of the attacks.

Morphswap also handles cross-chain swaps in less than a minute. The owners of the Morphswap governance token are also in charge of managing it. 

This enables it to bring Uniswap’s adaptability and ease of use to the cross-chain bridging environment.

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