Europe’s First Bitcoin Futures Product to Launch on Eurex

Despite all the manic propulsion of price values of various cryptocurrencies, going up and down in a matter of days, bitcoin adoption is making positive progress. People and businesses are more than interested in indulging in bitcoin trading, withholding, and, most importantly, trying out various products that the cryptocurrency industry offers. As for Europe, the bitcoin futures product project is live, and the first one is scheduled to be listed on Eurex.

US is still having a hard time figuring out a stagnant plan that will allow them to launch the first Bitcoin ETF, a little slow for the competition, right? But as for Europe and many other nations of the world, the competition is already boosted. They are now into Bitcoin futures product, and Europe will launch its first with the help of Eurex, a digital asset protruding and securities. Eurex is also Europe’s biggest derivatives exchange and will be listing the first bitcoin-oriented ETN (exchange-traded note). This is likely to take place on 13th September.

Europe is Clearly Ahead of US in Crypto’s ETF Space

When this thing goes live, investors will be able to access the world’s first exchange-traded product on the Eurex, likely going with the BTCE as a symbol of representation. This is a big step for Europe, and this tells us something about the inability of the US to come to terms with their first Bitcoin-oriented ETF; it is as if the US is extremely reluctant to propel in that direction for reasons unknown.

Many people are not so interested or intrigued by actual Bitcoin trading, mining or withholding, and they need something more permanent, something that is being strongly backed up by validating authorities and the stock market. That is why this very move will allow more series investors to participate in the trade and hedge bitcoin. This single move has put Europe way ahead of the US in terms of understanding the capability of decentralized finance and taking crucial steps to launch the first exchange-traded futures product for bitcoin, wondering when the US will be doing the same.

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