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Read our EZDSK review at FStar Capital Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading blog, find the answer to your question “is EZDSK scam or legit” and much more! We have checked all the aspects of this broker and we recommend EZDSK for online trading. It is NOT a scam. You can sign up with EZDSK in the link below, or continue reading the full review.

EZDSK Review

EZDSK logoBack in the old days, a person aspiring to become a successful trader had to leave the comfort of his house to indulge in lots of paperwork. And after hustling to find an authentic and reliable broker, he/she would have to learn the tricks and trends of the market to survive and thrive, bearing the title of a trader. But the modern world has brought a lot of luxuries and comforts. Online trading is one of the precious gifts of advanced technology and the modern world. Now you do not have to stress on paperwork and documents. Online trading has almost everything prepared for you already. Even with these premeditated tools, you still have to find the perfect platform which offers the best broker and facilities for online trading. EZDSK is a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform that can be the best choice for many potential traders. I look forward to giving you a detailed EZDSK review that will cover all the online trading site features.

Online trading has created a lot of opportunities for people to explore the financial markets and have a big share in trading. Cryptocurrency has opened the world to new fields and brought innovations in the trading department. The ease of trading online has made a lot of hesitant people enter the market and start grinding. Many have made fortunes in this field, and still, trading has plenty to offer to newcomers.

The rationale behind the masses trying their luck in trading and investing online is because people no longer require to go through traditional procedures and paperwork, but there is another major reason. Cryptocurrency’s entry into the financial market has been a major attraction for investors and corporations. Though, the start for the first-ever and presently leading cryptocurrency in the financial world was not very impressive. Businessmen and investors always doubted the crypto assets and never considered them reliable for trading. The problem of Bitcoin was its stumbling nature. This is because the crypto industry is volatile as price values go up and down in a very short time.

Bitcoin, which originated in 2009, is now considered to be a valuable asset. Analysts and crypto experts even have called it “digital gold” and have estimated that Bitcoin might replace gold, in the long run, to become the most valuable asset in the world. When the world started seeing the potential of Bitcoin, suddenly, there was no longer a single cryptocurrency in the world. Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many others came to the market, and the world witnessed a sea of opportunities with a growth in the crypto industry. Since then, investors and traders have made millions and billions of dollars in the crypto market.

2017 is considered to be the year of cryptocurrencies, and since then, dozens of people have entered into this field. Online cryptocurrency trading with its high rewards and benefits is still pretty risky. A person alien to the crypto market’s risks and challenges cannot survive easily and hence might require a broker to help him/her get familiar with the market shifts and trends. But once a person learns the highs and lows of the crypto market, smart investments and strategies can be profitable.

There are many brokers out there that are willing to offer good platforms and tools to get you started in digital trading currencies. But you should be vigilant in the process of finding a perfect broker. There is always a danger of fake brokers out there, so you should be aware of these scams. Many companies offer impressive platforms and features, but you should do your complete research. Reviews can be pretty helpful in situations like these, and this EZDSK review will surely assist you in finding the best crypto trading site.


EZDSK provides CFDs to customers, which are pretty useful in online trading. CFDs (Contract for difference) are mere contracts that can be displayed in trading. This saves the client from the hassle of purchasing and managing the crypto tokens. EZDSK is available in many regions and countries, providing their online trading services to many people despite different users’ backgrounds. There are many other good features of this brokerage firm as well, which will influence you to select this broker.

EZDSK website

Security of Data

Data and information leaking are very common on internet platforms. With countless brokers available online, EZDSK has fierce competition. But EZDSK successfully provides a very secure platform to its clients. So, traders working in this facility should not worry about the safety of their data. The client’s information can be pretty useful to hackers. Many intruders use the data to perform illegal activities resulting in the abomination of the career of many hard-working and innocent people. So, a corporation of any category should have the most secure procedures and platforms so that people can work free of stress.

Whenever you register with an online trading website, you have to share personal data and submit precious details of your identity. This information, if stolen, can be pretty harmful as it can lead to identity theft and blackmailing. To avoid all these problems, EZSDK provides their customers with the best possible security solution, which is SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This is an extreme form of encryption that makes sure that any data on the platform is encrypted. Even if hackers and unwelcome intruders break into the trading website, they cannot comprehend the sensitive and valuable data of clients. In this way, EZDSK offers the most secure platform for its customers to execute a trade.

Protection of Hard-Earned Money

Apart from your data, your money and savings also require protection. The safety of your account and money should also be on your list when selecting a broker. There are many accounts of money being stolen from websites by hackers. To start trading, a person needs to make deposits as trading cannot be executed without any money. So, a brokerage firm needs to offer safety of funds to their clients and customers.

EZSDK understands the probability of these unfortunate events and has offered separate accounts to their traders. These segregations of accounts make sure your funds or money is not mixed with broker’s accounts. This saves your money from being used by hackers and scammers and takes away the possibility of brokers owing the money illegally. Account segregation ensures that your deposits are saved even if the whole organization goes bankrupt. That’s a big plus for the clients as their hard-earned money is essential and precious for them.

EZDSK further stores your money and investments in financial institutions, which ensures that your money is not going anywhere. The only way you are going to lose money by trading with EZSDK is by investing in the wrong assets or following an incorrect strategy compared to market trends. This extraordinary feature of EZDSK makes the traders work with peace of mind as they will know that their investments are in safe hands.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Since 2009, Bitcoin has been accompanied by many cryptocurrencies, some of which have also attained respectable status in the crypto market. Masses entering the crypto market have been rewarded handsomely in return for their smart and generous investments. Almost 7,000 cryptocurrencies exist presently, which creates loads of opportunities for newcomers. Major investments by corporations and traders are aimed at Bitcoin, which is currently the leading cryptocurrency in the world. But there are organizations and firms which accept other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin as reliable and valuable assets. You can also make a fortune by investing in cryptocurrencies by choosing the right brokerage firm.

Bitcoin is a very expensive and not a reliable asset to invest in, especially if you are aiming to pour all your savings into the prime coin. Crypto traders always aim to expand their investments by buying tokens of different cryptocurrencies. This strategy limits the risk of losing money and ensures certain profits. But many trading platforms offer only the top cryptocurrencies to their traders. In a way, this takes the freedom of trading from clients, which leads to frustration and loss of opportunities. But when you are trading under the facility of EZDSK, you do not have to worry about this problem. EZDSK provides its traders with an unlimited number of cryptocurrency options to trade and invests in. This makes the trader achieve its financial goals and attain valuable experience in the crypto field. So, crypto trading with EZDSK gives you a lot more opportunity to expand your sources of income as compared to other trading platforms.

Apart from these elite cryptocurrencies, which prove quite profitable for the traders, EZDSK provides small-level crypto assets as well. The likes of Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, DASH, Tether, NEO, Stellar, and Monero are the minimal projects of crypto which can generate a lot of cash for traders who are just starting. EZDSK is trying to add new cryptocurrencies to their available assets so that traders can keep up with the changing and innovating world of cryptocurrencies.

EZDSK cryptocurrency trading

Variety of Trading Platforms

One of the main features of an online trading website which matters the most is their platform. The software platform of a trading company displays the quick trends and shifts of the market, which are of extreme importance to the traders. A slight delay in seconds can turn out disastrous for the investors. So, the platform provided by the trading firm should be up to date. Apart from software, the tools should be available to the clients. These tools, which are analyses and graphs recommending and estimating the future market trends, can guide the traders and investors to the right path and assets. Also, the layout of the website offering trading services should be easy to understand. A complex and complicated display can be hard for a person to understand, and it can lead to a lot of work for the trader to execute the trade in a short amount of time.

A brokerage firm offering all these facilities is not readily available, and it can be a hard task to find such a website. EZDSK is one such organization that aims to offer the best possible tools to its clients, which can change the outcomes of their investments and trades. EZDSK further provides its customers with a different platform to execute their trade. One such platform is the mobile application of EZDSK. This platform is pretty handy as you can carry it anywhere and trade whenever you want. The EZDSK mobile application is available on both Android and iOS, which caters to every customer and trader. Mobile is easy to carry and use; hence the application of EZDSK makes trading quite easier to execute. So, traders are no longer bound and limited to a desktop and computers.

The availability of a desktop platform is helpful for experienced traders as EZDSK also provides training for executing trade online. There is also a feature of web trading that makes trading flexible for clients. With this feature, trading can be done on any platform as only the website has to be incorporated on a specific device. The advanced technology and adaption of innovation by EZDSK make the site user-friendly and accessible to everyone. Trading on EZSDK is only one click away once you register with the trading website. These features enable instant trading, which proves the feasibility of trading with EZDSK.

EZDSK also provides advanced tools for traders which can guide traders to rewarding deals and investments. These tools improve the trading experience of traders and can make the right decisions for them in the future. Live charts and researched analyses of the market trends turn out quite useful for new traders as they easily get the idea of future shifts the market will endure. The price alerts and warnings can avoid damage from making wrong decisions in the stumbling market. The latest news regarding the market and assets is available on the website, which is helpful when you are trading in an environment full of challenges. EZDSK also provides its customers with expert guidance and learning, which can clear away many confusions the new traders have. This trading learning can also be helpful for professional traders as it can generate many innovative ideas and strategies for them.

Customer Care

Customer support is very important in an environment where time is of the essence. As a trader, you might require the best staff to answer your queries and solve your problems as soon as possible. The customer support of EZDSK is just what you require. EZDSK understands that in the crypto market, time is money and has allotted each client a robust staff to keep the trade inflow. You do not want to be stuck when the market is at its peak only because the customer care staff of your brokerage firm was not prepared to provide solutions to your problems. Getting in touch with the staff is very simple as you have to email them on the email id mentioned on the website. Other than this, there is also an option of calling them on the smartphone. You can also reach them by going into the “Contact Us” section and submitting your query.

Registration Process

The registration process of many brokerage firms is complicated. Signing up with trading platforms usually takes a lot of time and demands several documents, which can be frustrating and irritating for most potential traders. Keeping these problems in mind, the founders of EZDSK decided to make the registration process of their trading website concise and short. The whole process itself takes no more than five minutes, after which the person can jump into the market straight away.

The registration process of EZDSK does not require a lot of information. Straightforward data like name and phone number is needed, which leads to the selection of accounts and currency by the trader.

Account Options

Many trading firms offer the new trader two or three account options to choose from before entering the market. But EZDSK provides its customers with six different account options. The first one is the Basic account option which is usually opted for by newcomers. This account requires a deposit of 1,000 pounds. This package offers 24-hour customer support with market reviews daily. If you are new and alien to market trends, you should opt for the Basic account.

The account option which comes after Basic is a Bronze account. This option which requires a deposit of 10,000 pounds, is suitable for traders with some experience of the market. There is a Silver account after Bronze, for which a deposit of 25,000 pounds is mandatory. This account option provides the client with account managers for three months. Gold account is for advanced and experienced traders. A sum of 50,000 pounds is required if you want to start trading with the Gold account.

The platinum account is recommended for expert traders with previous vast experience in trading. The account takes 250,000 pounds as its first deposit and offers unlimited trading signals. There is also a Black account which is a step up from the Platinum account. This specific account option is for VIP traders only.


EZDSK intends to provide the best possible experience of trading to its customers by offering the best tools and features. Their six account options and intense security of data and funds coupled with the quick responsive customer staff is the perfect option for any trader seeking to learn and do online trading. I would strongly recommend the EZDSK trading platform after my deep research of this online trading website.

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