AlphaSoftAI Review, – Is Alpha Soft AI Scam or Legitimate? Review When looking for a good trading platform that you can possibly use to your advantage, you likely have a lot of factors that you want to consider. Not only do you want a trading platform that can offer you a good selection of trading assets, but you also want it to offer you […]

GainfulMarkets Review – Why Is It on the List of Recommended Brokers?

GainfulMarkets Review When I used to be a beginner in the trading field, I would look for platforms that offered huge bonuses. I realized only later that other things mattered more than bonuses and perks. Overall, what you should be looking for as a trader is trading experience. You should aim for an experience that […]

GlobalTrades Review, – Is Global Trades Scam or a Good Broker?

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FinuTrade Review Are you in search of some new sources of income? What if I tell you that I have an amazing money-making opportunity for you? Well, just continue reading this FinuTrade review, and you will discover what I am referring to. If you like being in the home and prefer working on your own […]

Shares in Asia-Pacific were Mixed, with South Korea down by 2%

On Monday, shares in Asia-Pacific remained mixed, as investors were keeping an eye on the reaction of the market to the announcement of the latest benchmark rates in China. Losses in the Markets The losses in the major markets of the region were led by the Kospi index in South Korea that shed 2.04% and […]

Dollar Eases Ahead of Fed Decision

On Wednesday, the US dollar slumped against a basket of major currencies, but was close to the high of two decades that it had reached in the previous session. Meanwhile, traders are waiting for a decision about the interest rate hike from the US Federal Reserve that will be announced later in the session. An […]

Mainland Chinese Stocks Bounce even As Asian Markets Slide

On Tuesday, Asia-Pacific markets saw shares tumble for the most part, after the S&P 500 had fallen overnight and entered bear market territory. However, Mainland China stocks were able to buck the regional trend, as they made a recovery from the losses in previous sessions. Chinese Indexes Rises, Others Fall Both the Shanghai Composite and […]