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In the whole review, we have found that there are some unique things in Genesis11 which are not present in the conventional brokers. As an international brokerage firm, it has served thousands of traders throughout the world. Now, it’s your turn to join the leading trading platform as your financial partner.

Genesis11 Review

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Trading can change your life if you are determined to change your fate. But trading is not a child play as it seems because it demands proper knowledge, time, and comprehensive research on your part. On most of the brokers, you work on all three things to get a handsome amount of profit. But some trading platforms help you step by step in getting enough return on the trading of different instruments. Today, I will make you familiar with Genesis11 that will prove as your financial friend in the future.

Contents of Genesis11 Review

  • What is Genesis11?
  • Markets and Products
  • How to Start with Genesis11?
  • Five Investment Plans
  • Genesis11 Provides Free Education
  • Effective Trading Platform
  • Customer Care
  • Usability
  • Genesis11 Fees
  • User Interface
  • Is Genesis11 Secure or not?
  • Conclusion

What is Genesis11?

As Genesis11 is going to become your favorite broker in the market, you must know about its features and qualities. Genesis11 is a top-notch trading platform for CFDs on stocks, commodities, Forex, cryptocurrency, and indices.

As an international broker, users across the world are able to profit from a wide variety of traded objects using the platform of Genesis11. Profit gaining opportunities are present at the doorstep of both beginners and professional investors. The web experts and financial scientists of the brokerage firm assist customers in making a pile of money.

For your comfort, the company offers different investment plans which can be opted by the users depending on their needs and capabilities. The access to free trading education equips beginners with top tricks and strategies that help in the execution of winning trades.

Genesis11 Markets and Products

Genesis11 Markets and Products

To trade cryptocurrency, there are many leading exchanges in the market. Similarly, for forex trading, there are many prominent Forex brokers. But you find it rare that all instruments are available at one platform. There are many benefits of it as you can handle various traded objects by opening a single account type. Moreover, you can create a strong portfolio while residing in one place. Genesis11 offers the trading of stocks, Forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. It is the best platform to trade CFDs on instruments.

Stocks allow you to bet on the companies which can give high return in the end. Without stocks, the portfolio remains incomplete. On the website, stocks of a lot of prominent companies are listed. And one can opt for one of these stocks after taking advice from the personal account manager.

You don’t need to find a good trusted Forex broker for you as all winning Forex pairs are listed on the website. These pairs can help you to make a pile of money in less time, but it requires a lot of effort on your side due to high liquidity markets.  According to an estimation, the daily traded volume of the Forex market is nearly $5.3 trillion.

A wide range of commodities is also present at the doorstep of the traders. The commodities include metals, livestock, meat, energy, and agricultural products. Either you are a beginner or a professional investor, the presence of commodities in your portfolio can help you a lot in earning.

Indices work similar to CFD products. Indices are further comprised of individual shares and are great instruments for trading. Dow Jones, FTSE 100, and DAX are famous indices in the world markets.

How to Start with Genesis11?

There are three simple steps after which you will be capable of using the trading platform. Even a newcomer on the website can easily register with the brokerage firm by going through the given steps. I will tell you in brief about these steps.


The foremost thing you will do is to register with the brokerage firm. They will demand basic information for identification. Not only basic info, but a newcomer will have to provide data such as phone number, or country of residence. The password creation is obligatory, which is a key to enter into the site after log-in form. Some countries may not be able to use the platform due to some regulatory restrictions imposed by their governments.

Decide your Investment Plan

Genesis11 offers you five different investment plans and the decision is yours for which account you want to opt for. These account types fulfill the needs of the beginner traders to professional traders. In the second step, you will choose the account based on your capabilities and trading needs. For newcomers in the trading world, those investment plans are good that have low deposit limits. And for pro traders, accounts with high deposit limits are good.

Fund your Account

Without feeding your account with a balance, you remain unlock for trading services offered by Genesis11. Depending on your investment money, you can deposit the amount via bank transfer or credit card. As mentioned on the site, there are no fees when you deposit money through credit cards or bank transfers.

After funding your account, you can now trade multiple instruments after seeking the guide from the personal account manager. The financial scientists of Genesis11 aid in investing money on winning products and building your strong portfolio, covering all types of instruments.

Five Investment Plans

As a beginner trader, one will need an account that satisfies his or her needs. Similarly, pro traders require accounts through which they invest in thousands of dollars. To accommodate such a wide range of traders, Genesis11 has established five different account types: silver, gold, platinum, signature, and VIP account.

Silver Account

Those who are at the initial stage in trading can opt for the silver account as its minimum limit stands at 10,000. The deposit limit is low, but the trading features, along with it, are very efficient and effective. There is a wonderful preparation of education for beginners through one to one basic training and basic education center. The minimum lot size is 0.01, while the maximum lot size is 100. Additionally, the account holders are eligible to get two signals per month.

Gold Account

You must have at least 25,000 to open the account. Users will also enjoy the benefits of basic training of trading similar to the silver account. The option of trading signals is open for customers, but it is not unlimited. You will have a personal account manager after you open the gold account. The minimum lot size stands at 0.01, while 500 is the maximum size. Greater than silver, gold account owners will receive ten signals per month.

Platinum Account

The minimum deposit limit for the opening of the platinum account is fixed at 50,000. This account comes up with more trading facilities than the previous one. One of the extraordinary features of this account is its unlimited lots trading size. A personal VIP account manager will accommodate users by helping them in building a strong portfolio. What’s more, there is unlimited access to trading signals.

Signature Account

The features of the Signature account include 24/7 customer support, one to one basic training, access to education center, unlimited 365 trading dashboard, full trading signals, personal VIP account manager, unlimited lots trading size, trading news, daily signals from the VIP desk, credit line for premium trading events, personal sessions with a market analyst, private banking, leverage (1:300), and insured contracts.

VIP Account

The broker deals with VIP customers in a special way. To serve pro investors, they have created a special account called as a VIP account. As the name suggests, the users will get all VIP trading services. As the account is premium, its minimum limit is also high which stands at 500,000. If you want to open this account, you should contact the team of the company where you will receive full detailed information related to the account. This account is dedicated for the VIP customers.

Genesis11 Provides Free Education

The education is a primary part of gaining deep insights to profit from the trading of CFDs as they are very risky, and one mistake on your park can lead to loss of funds. The proper and quality training with the education section of the company can make beginners more professional and experienced in pointing profitable opportunities at the right time.

In the education part, you will get aware of the further educational options, such as forex basics, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management, trading plan, and trading volatility.

Forex Basics will layout the basic definitions and major concepts of trading markets. To get professional skills, people need to build a strong foundation by learning basic things and concepts. To win in every field of life, it is obligatory to deeply analyze rather than judging it on false logic. In trading, the same concept applies, but here there are two terms used for it: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental Analysis lets anyone bet on price value after reaching out to important news and other related factors that signal towards future price value. Various factors are included in technical analysis, such as central banks, economic releases, geopolitical tensions, weather, and seasonality. Technical Analysis, on the other hand, accommodates analysts in drawing a chart or other technical data that help out in making predictions and speculations.

Genesis11 has dedicated a special edition on Risk Management where every basic thing is explained. The primary thing is to have grip on those skills and strategies which are cardinal things to become successful. Moreover, the brokerage firm has also explained about Trading Plan and Trading Volatility.

Effective Trading Platform

To gain a wonderful experience of instruments trading, it is very important to have an efficient trading platform. An effective trading platform assists both professional and beginner traders to profit from a wide list of objects.

A reliable trading platform is necessary to attain the goal of earning profit from trading. Therefore, Genesis11 rolls out an advanced trading platform for users, which is equally efficient for both beginners and professionals. Traders will have access to a wide array of trading tools and indicators. Without these tools and indicators, it is impossible to win in trading. What’s more, there is also the facility of the delivery of important market news, which has the capability to drive the global markets. The previous data of the behavior of markets lead you to do technical analysis, which, in turn, is important to find out the next price value. Also, there is an option for mobile trading, and you can execute successful trades by using a mobile device. The access to trading on the screen of the mobile phone lets anyone earn profit irrespective of the location.

Customer Care

The support section of any trading platform is one of the important parts, and it must be active all the time for the customers. The activeness of the support also tells us about the reliability of the broker, and it guides whether we pick that broker or not. However, the active nature is not just enough as its effectiveness matters, which means that either support agents solve your queries or not. If a support agent is not responding to you well then it may be a scam, and you should avoid that company.

The efficiency of Genesis11’s support is unmatchable as your queries will solve on time, thus giving a mental satisfaction. Experienced and professional support agents of Genesis11 make their full try to respond to users’ questions and problems on time. For detailed information about investment plans, you can ask from the support team. You can submit your queries at According to Genesis11,” you can enjoy full support, Monday – Friday from 8 am to 6 pm GMT, as well as a trading variety of financial instruments which encompass CFDs on Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.”

Genesis11 Fees

Either someone is a beginner or professional in trading, he or she will demand low fees on the making of trades. Similarly, one may definitely want no extra commission on deposits and withdrawals. Genesis11 came into existence to fulfill traders’ needs at the lowest possible fees. This is the main reason why customers choose Genesis11 over other trading platforms. The pressure-free environment due to the lowest fees encourages individuals to execute more trades, thus they avail more profitable opportunities.

However, the company has not dedicated a separate section, which tells about trading fees and commissions. But my personal experience with the site confirms that the fees are the lowest in the market. In the section where the account types are mentioned, it is written that there are no fees at all to set up an account, and there are no hidden fees. It does not charge broker commission rates or fees on the execution of trades. Similarly, users do not have to pay additional taxes on deposits and withdrawals.

User Interface

The user interface of Genesis11 is interactive and integrative, which assists customers in every action on the site with no difficulty or complexity at all. Even beginner traders can easily use the options of the broker. For professionals, it is the best ever interface to make unlimited trades.

We can say that the interface is user friendly, and it builds the confidence of professionalism in the traders when they are using the services. Necessary detail and information are clearly mentioned on the website. However, if you have any queries or facing difficulty due to interface complexity, you can contact the staff of the company. All the options are easy to navigate and are responsive in nature.


The process to enter into site is not limited to just basic information, but it is rather expanded to more than basic information as it is complied with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies. After filling out a few forms, a user will get eligible to fully enjoy the platform services. And all the features will unlock until you open the account with Genesis11.

The trading platform of the brokerage firm is user friendly and satisfy all the needs of the company’s customers. The full access to services of Genesis11 is possible via mobile device, thus making process simple and accessible. Genesis11 added,” We know how to optimize our services to be used the best by experienced and novice traders – both can find a set of tools that fit them the most. By using Genesis11’s services you may benefit from years of expertise in a click of a button.” Operating on an international level, Genesis11 gives you the flexibility and continuous access you may need to trade from anywhere in the world.

Is Genesis11 Secure or not?

Genesis11 has made its name prominent in the leading trusted brokers of the current age. And the security is the primary agenda of the platform. The funds are secured with the top-class latest technology of the age and make every illegal attempt impossible. You should not worry about as your money is in safe hands. Additionally, the web experts of the website have taken all necessary measures to protect the customers’ capital from bad hands.

Genesis11 is a regulated broker from the top regulatory firms which ensure more security and mental satisfaction for the users. One can check out the location and registration number of the company on the website. If you have any questions in your mind related to the security of funds, you can contact the support agents of the trading platform.


In the whole review, we have found that there are some unique things in Genesis11 which are not present in the conventional brokers. As an international brokerage firm, it has served thousands of traders throughout the world. Now, it’s your turn to join the leading trading platform as your financial partner.

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