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Read our Group500 review at FStar Capital Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading blog, find the answer to your question “is Group500 scam or legit” and much more! We have checked all the aspects of this broker and we recommend Group500 for online trading. It is NOT a scam. You can sign up with Group500 in the link below, or continue reading the full review.

Group 500 Review

Group500 logoOne of the biggest trends that has emerged in the last couple of decades is online trading. The financial markets have always been known for their lucrative opportunities, but accessing them was not as easy as it has become now. The internet and technology has brought everything right at our fingertips, allowing just about anyone to access these markets. But, why do you need to go through a Group 500 review? Well, if you have done your research, then you should know that to be able to trade online, you require the services of a broker.

Even before trading went digital, brokers had played a major role in the financial markets. People had to physically visit these brokers previously and make their trades, but technological progress has simplified the process. Today, you can access brokers online and not have to go anywhere to do so. Initially, there were only a handful of companies to be found in the market, but as online trading has become a global phenomenon, the number of trading platforms has also increased tenfold. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that quantity is certainly not a guarantee of quality.

No matter how many brokers exist in the market, it doesn’t mean that all of them are equal and will offer you the same level and quality of services. Like every other industry, this one also has its share of good and shady platforms and it is your job to do your due diligence and find the one that’s the ideal option for you. Sure, it can feel overwhelming, especially when you see the sheer number of options you have to go through in order to pick one. Lots of people end up just choosing a random platform, only to learn a lesson the hard way.

The online world is a risky one and frauds and scams have happened before and can happen again. There are platforms that have been created by cybercriminals to exploit people and you need to learn to avoid these in order to avoid losses. The key to doing that is to not just make random choices when you are looking for a broker and to verify the claims that are being made by a company. Of course, every platform will only highlight its flaws and never share its shortcomings. It is your job to dig in and find out everything relevant that can have an impact on your trading experience.

Amongst the many names that will pop up in your search, Group 500 will stand out because it is catering to traders in different corners of the globe and from all walks of life. They have not targeted their services towards a particular category of traders and neither are they limited to a single area. A company known as GAIR LOCH ENTERPRISES LTD established this forex broker in Geneva, Switzerland, where they have their offices and they are a properly registered firm. If you check their website, you will notice that they are offering everything that traders require, but should you just accept their claims?

Group500 website

This is where Group 500 review becomes important because you need to know exactly why you should choose them over the rest of the options in the market. After all, there are plenty of choices and there have to be some good reasons for you to pick one. Ready to know what they are? Read on to find out:

Broker Group 500
Trading Accounts Five Account Options; Silver, Gold, Platinum, Signature and VIP Accounts
Minimum Deposit $10,000
Assets Coverage Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Futures
Trading Tools Trading Indicators and Calendar, Calculator, Signals, Live Charts, Technical Analysis Tools, Price Alerts, Trade Glossary and Risk Management Tools
Education and Training Yes; , e-books, online video courses, webinars, tutorials, latest market news, guides and spread and trading hours
Customer Support 24/5 support via email address, phone number and online contact form.
Security Policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)

The Excellent Security

If there is one reason that you should choose one platform over the rest, it should be their security features. As mentioned earlier, the online world is not without its risks. Cyberattacks have become rampant over the years because there is no central authority that controls and governs the internet. There have been countless incidents where people have had their money stolen, or their sensitive information compromised and then misused. This is a risk you have to deal with when you are doing anything online, but it is even more heightened when it comes to online trading.

First off, there are already risks inherent in online trading, but those cannot be avoided. But, when you are signing up on online platforms, you are exposed because you have to share your personal information and have to deposit your hard-earned money as well. This increases your risk because if the broker doesn’t use proper security, you could end up being a victim of a cyberattack. Therefore, it is best to assess the security of a platform before you decide to use their services. You will not be disappointed with Group 500 in this regard because they have a strong Privacy Policy and also have excellent security.

Their Privacy Policy indicates exactly what information they accumulate, how it is used and with whom it is shared. You can rest assured that Group 500 will not disclose any of your confidential and private information with any third-party without your consent. As far as security is concerned, they have used advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on their website for keeping all data under wraps. All information as well as website traffic is encrypted right away to prevent outsiders from gaining access to it without authorization.

To protect your funds, segregated account procedures have been implemented by Group 500 that keep all client funds in separate accounts. Company accounts are maintained separately, thereby ensuring that there can be no misappropriation and that traders’ funds are only used for trading activities. Most importantly, the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) security policies have also been implemented by Group 500 for enhancing the security of their platform.

In accordance with these policies, traders are required to provide proof of identity and proof of residence to the brokerage. For the former, a national ID card, an international passport or your driver’s license is good enough. As for the latter, you have to submit a utility bill, like water, gas or electricity, a bank statement, or a credit card bill that shows your name and address. Compliance with these policies can help Group 500 in reducing the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, financial fraud and identity theft.

The Variety in Instruments

It is a given that you cannot simply opt for a brokerage based on one feature alone. You have to consider a number of them before you decide to use their services and this is also applicable here. Just because you are impressed with Group 500’s security doesn’t mean that it will be a good choice for you. It is also necessary to take a look at the financial instruments they offer to you because you want to be able to meet your financial goals. Not every platform will offer you the same assets, so it is important to know exactly what you will be getting.

After all, the financial instruments you trade will determine how much risks you will take and the profits you will be able to make. Some people already have specific instruments in mind that they want to trade, while others may be willing to try their luck in any market. You will be able to trade more than 100 assets when you sign up on Group 500 and these belong to some of the top financial markets in the world. This is undoubtedly an advantage because it ensures that you will be able to earn maximum profits. But, what about the risks?

The good news is that when you have access to such variety, you can diversify your investment on Group 500 and this will help you in mitigating your trading risks. Check out the markets you can access here:

  • Stocks

When you think about trading, the first thing that pops up in your mind is the stock market, where people invest in stocks of different companies. You can trade stocks of some of the most renowned companies in the world on Group 500 and these include Amazon, IBM, Apple, Google, PayPal, Coca Cola, AT&T and BMW.

  • Indices

While the stock market allows you to trade individual stocks, the indices market gives you the opportunity to trade baskets of stocks together. Some of the biggest indices can be found on Group 500 including FTSE 100, NASDAQ 100, DAX 30 and S&P 500.

  • Commodities

Traders who are looking for instruments that have low volatility will find the commodities market to be an excellent choice. There are a horde of commodities that can be traded, both hard and soft. Hard commodities comprise of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Soft commodities usually include agricultural items like wheat, sugar, rice and cocoa. There are also energy commodities like Brent crude oil that can be traded.

  • Forex

If you enjoy volatility, the forex currency market is one of the top options that you can explore. There are numerous currency pairs that can be traded and Group 500 has ensured that its clients can enjoy the most profitable ones. Some of the options to explore include EUR/USD, AUD/NZD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and EUR/GBP.

  • Cryptocurrencies

One of the newest yet most volatile financial markets is that of cryptocurrencies. The good news is that Group 500 has kept up and added some of the leading digital currencies to their asset offerings. You will be able to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, amongst others.

Group500 trading instruments

The Multiple Account Options

It doesn’t matter what online service you are using, these days you are expected to open an account everywhere. The same is true in the case of online trading, where you have to open an account with a broker in order to begin. The process can vary for every platform because every company has different requirements. Likewise, it is the norm for these companies to offer account options as well, particularly if they are targeting traders of all backgrounds. Therefore, they come up with different accounts, designed according to the needs of the traders.

You will find the same on Group 500 and they have created five account options that you can consider and then choose as per your risk tolerance, capital and skill level. The procedure for opening an account is pretty straightforward, as you only need to fill out a form on their website. They only ask for basic details and you can complete the process within a couple of minutes. However, you need to check out the account options thoroughly to choose the most suitable one. The five choices are:

  • Silver

Created for newcomers in the trading world, the Silver account on Group 500 needs a minimum deposit of $10,000. As it is for those with no experience, it provides them with 24/5 customer support, access to basic education center, unlimited 365 trading dashboard, 1 on 1 basic training, 2 signals from the VIP desk and trading news. The minimum trading size is 0.01 lots, while the maximum trading size is 100 lots.

  • Gold

The second account option added by Group 500 is called Gold and traders are asked to deposit a minimum of $25,000 to open it. The features of Silver account are available here, but traders now get 10 signals a month, along with limited trading signals. They can also use the services of a personal account manager.

  • Platinum

To facilitate intermediate traders on the Group 500 platform, the Platinum account has been created and it needs a minimum deposit of $50,000. In this account, traders are given complete access to the education center, get full trading signals, receive daily signals, have a VIP account manager and enjoy unlimited lots. They can also use a trading algorithm, are not charged any withdrawal fee, get a credit line for trading events and have to pay reasonable trading fees and swap commission.

  • Signature

Developed primarily for advanced traders, the Signature account at Group 500 needs a minimum deposit of $250,000. Traders using this account can enjoy personal sessions with a market analyst, take advantage of 1:300 leverage, prioritize hedging strategies, get insured contracts of up to 70%, benefit from private banking and become members of a traders group club.

  • VIP

The final account option that you will come across on Group 500 is called VIP and it is evident as to who is the target audience of this account. You have to be a VIP and professional trader to be eligible for it, but it should be noted that you cannot directly sign up for it. This account is only available upon invitation and you can get in touch with your account manager to get more information about it. But, you do need to have a minimum capital of $1,000,000 to open it.

The Easy-to-Use Trading Platform

The most vital feature offered by any broker is their trading platform and it is the primary reason why you need their services in the first place. This platform is the software that opens the door to the financial markets and allows you to execute your trades. If it is too slow, you will not be able to open and close positions on time and this will result in losses for you. In case the platform doesn’t have the right tools, you may not be able to make smart decisions. The platform breaking down, or lagging, can also result in similar issues.

Hence, it needs to be top-notch and be able to do its job in the best possible way. The problem is that the kind of platform you get is at the discretion of a broker. They can offer you one of the existing trading platforms in the market, or come up with their own version. Thus, you need to determine what kind of solution you are being offered before you make your decision because you certainly don’t want to make any compromises in this regard.

Rather than offering an existing trading platform to their clients, a web trading solution has been developed by Group 500 that has been especially designed to deliver an optimal trading experience. The biggest appeal of this kind of platform is that it doesn’t have to be downloaded anywhere, or installed. You don’t have to worry about having any technical know-how for running it because it is accessible through the web browser. Moreover, the beauty of this platform is that you can use it on any device that has a browser and an internet connection.

This makes it mobile-friendly as well, so you will be able to trade on the move and take advantage of any trading opportunities that pop up. Powerful trading technology has been used by Group 500 to provide traders with the feature of one-click trade execution and they are executed at superior speed, so you can benefit from the tiniest market movements as well. The platform is easy to use and has a highly intuitive interface, which ensures that both beginner and skilled traders can navigate the platform without any hassles.

Advanced trading tools have also been integrated by Group 500 to enhance the functionality of the trading platform. You can get trading signals, price alerts, use advanced charts and graphs, custom indicators and also keep up with the latest market news. There is also an economic calendar that you can find on the platform, which alerts you about the latest happenings in the market. You will be able to trade multiple assets via a single dashboard, allowing you to have a smooth and easy trading experience.

The Extensive Education and Support

There is no denying that the trading platform of a broker plays a big role in your trading experience, but it is certainly not the only feature that does. There are others that can also make the process enjoyable for you and you shouldn’t ignore them when making a decision. The educational resources and support provided by the company are some of these features. The financial markets are constantly evolving, so you need to keep up with the latest trends and enhance your knowledge. Likewise, you may also encounter problems during online trading and support will be needed to help you resolve them.

You need to opt for a company that can satisfy you in both these areas and you will find Group 500 a good choice in this regard. They have created an education center on their website, where their clients are provided with extensive resources that can help them in learning the basics, as well as mastering the art of trading. Skilled traders will also find knowledgeable resources that can enable them to polish their strategies and avoid mistakes. You can remain updated about any changes or new trends in the financial markets.

As far as customer support is concerned, different channels are provided by Group 500 to their clients and they can use them for resolving any complaints they may have. They have provided multiple phone numbers on their website that you can use for getting in touch, or you can also send them an email. There is also the option of filling out a contact form on the website to schedule a callback as per your ease. An FAQ section has also been added to their website, where answers to common questions are given and you can check them out to see if your problem is addressed there.

Bottom Line

These are clearly solid reasons for any trader to opt for Group 500 when they are contemplating trading in the financial markets because it provides them with everything they need in one place.

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