Hello Markets Enters Second Bitcoin PSP Partnership by Partnering with Coinify

Just one week after announcing their partnership with PolyCoin Hello Markets have announced a partnership with the Bitcoin Payment Service Provider (PSP) Coinify.

Coinify is one of Europe’s largest bitcoin PSPs. Based in Denmark; Conify now aims to make it easier for brokers and clients to send bitcoin payments to one another.

Integrating Coinify into the brokerage platform will allow traders to make deposits of bitcoin and have their current bitcoins exchanged for other currencies including Euros and dollars. As a bitcoin exchange Coinify will also enable traders to buy and sell bitcoins and fund their trading accounts with the virtual currency.

Each of the brands Hello Markets binary options platform runs will be able to add Coinify to their deposit and withdrawal methods. Introducing this method also means that brokers are less likely to be victims of fraud.

The CEO of Hello Markets, Jeremy Dahan, issued a statement about the partnership. He said that he expects the integration of Coinify will be met with great enthusiasm in the Asian markets, in particular China where bitcoin is becoming more popular every day. It’s estimated that around 80% of all bitcoin purchases and selling transactions are done against the Chinese Yuan, putting it above even the USD, Euro and Yen. He said that partnering with Coinify was done to streamline the bitcoin purchasing and selling process for clients and expand their customer base.

The Sales Manager at Coinify, Morten Bebe, added to the statement. Morten added at Hello Markets are making innovative strides by introducing Coinify bitcoin payments. Morten believes that the fast and secure payment network of bitcoin will fit perfectly with Hello Markets. Lastly Morten said that they were happy to provide Hello Markets with this solution and they believe that other companies will also embrace bitcoin in a similar manner in the future.

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