Mexico is also Coming Forward with a Renewed and Friendlier Crypto Initiative

Mexico, the Latino neighbor of the United States, has recently introduced a renewed enthusiasm towards DeFi and cryptocurrency markets. Eduardo Murat Hinojosa is a representative in the federal legislative machinery. Hinojosa has recently told media that he is working on crypto favoring legal precedent for clearing obstacles in the way of crypto adoption by corporations in the region. 

The legislative framework is under construction at the Chamber of Deputies, which is equivalent to the lower house in the Mexican congressional system. To show his support for Bitcoin’s popularity and mainstream adoption, Hinojosa has also changed his Twitter profile picture with a Bitcoin laser eyes avatar. After the big announcement by El Salvador President for crypto adoption, more Latin American countries seem to take an interest in cryptocurrencies. 

Latin American Countries to Transform their Economy with Crypto Promotion

El Salvador and Mexico are not the only Latin American nations that have woken up to the crypto promotion economic boom idea. More tropical nations are making a beeline for taking their part in the ongoing crypto FOMO in the region. The highly incentivized invitations by the El Salvador president, Nayib Bukule, might have broken lose a crypto epidemic in the Latin American territory.

Smaller nations with a promising crypto outlook like Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, and Colombia can be added to the list of such countries. By making legal sanctions, the lawmakers and government of these regions are trying to boost their economy and giving their residents a chance to get out of the rat race created by the central bank policies. A sizeable number of citizens in these regions are blue-collar workers who are part of the informal economy. 

Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) has posted a vacancy online, searching for a new head of department. The candidate is required to have extensive experience with the DeFi applications and possess blockchain technology expertise. The candidates would be responsible for cultivating the blockchain section for Amazon Web Service or AWS. 

It should be noted that AWS is considered to be one of the largest fintech enterprises in the world, next in value to tech giants like Google. A few months ago, AMB started allowing EVM-based applications to go live on their cloud platform. It is also synced with the Ethereum blockchain network through public nodes. Amazon may want to launch new products in the DeFi space shortly.

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