New Feature Allows Private Ethereum Transactions

When it comes to mentioning the most elegant blockchain or digital infrastructure regarding cryptocurrency, it is without a doubt that Ethereum blockchain is definitely going to get nominated for that. It is hands down the best crypto blockchain there is, which ensures complete security and efficient transfer of protocols from one network to another in real-time. There has been this new feature introduced by Ethermine, which is the leading Ethereum mining pool that focuses primarily on privacy for transactions.

Now anyone can send Ethereum tokens to one another without any third party knowing about it. The new feature is known as the Ethermine private RPC endpoint. The Ethermine team has come forward in an official capacity to announce this amazing leap where people can now send and receive Ethereum tokens without having to disclose the sleek information of how many tokens were sent, whom these were sent to, and the location of the addresses onto the blockchain.

Anonymity Of Users

This makes this whole thing more accurate and promising because the essence of decentralization which is anonymity is met here. Another thing that is important to mention here is that this way, users are able to send the tokens to any dedicated Ethermine nodes without first putting or exposing these addresses on the public mempool.

This way, all the essential information remains hidden when two nodes connect and communicate with each other. According to a report, the private transactions will be included in the first block, which would be mined by the Ethermine pool. But this first block will leak back into the public mempool and will be known as the uncle block. According to various tests and estimations run by the experts, the leak will not exceed more than 5%.

China, on the other hand, is taking a rather hard stance against the mining operation and is disrupting the whole community, which was so deeply nested within the region that they are now forced into moving their operation elsewhere. The government doesn’t seem to slow down on this whole thing and is making crypto space suffer, but at some point or another in the future, the whole thing will come to a splendid calm.

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