O-Systems Starts –O-Freemium to Present Free Binary Options Trading

Using automation, a developing characteristic in the trading sector, O-Systems, a binary option supplier, starts O-Systems to expand the characteristic.

Automation has become one of the major terms used in online forex and the industry of binary options. Using services for computerizing compliance needs for enrolling new clients, to check risk, to connect traders with notices of trading prospects and to energetically regulate promotion campaigns, automation is lowering the requirement for human involvement in the world of brokerage.

By adhering to that characteristic, O-SYSTEMS which is a supplier of binary options, has formed O-FREEMIUM, which is another product to advance the automation more. The product is founded on freemium model of offering services for free, to clients with premium features released to paying clients.

When the landing page of a broker is reached, clients are instructed to open ‘genuine’ accounts with $35 being offered to them at no charge. The genuine $35 is the same but diverse to demo accounts and is intended to motivate new clients to open an account and start trading fast.

Advancing towards the platform’s freemium section, O-FREEMIUM sends prompts to clients, for extra features they can release by making a deposit; for instance, $100.

Additionally, apart from utilizing popup notices to motive binary options clients to deposit, the alert also provides mechanized notices to customers, to connect them with continuous trading. Illustrations are notices regarding major shifts in the market as well as alerts on the trading performance of traders.

In general, using the latest system, the objective of O-Systems is to aim for broker clients who can utilize O-FREEMIUM to just focus on marketing and propel new clients to the platform. Meanwhile, onboarding, continuous retention and closing new accounts is strengthened by automated features of the product.

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