OrbitGTM Review – Is OrbitGTM Scam or Legit?

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OrbitGTM is indeed better than most brokers out there. In addition to the impeccable services and features that this trading firm offers, it also offers a trading environment that allows you to trade peacefully.

OrbitGTM Review

OrbitGTM ReviewChoosing a broker from among the plethora that is available online is no easy feat. The internet has made it possible for traders to participate in different markets from anywhere in the world. As a consequence of that, a lot of trading firms exist as online entities. In addition, it has also led to a rampage of online scams disguised as brokers. So, as you can see, there are many obstacles that you need to overcome when picking a brokerage firm.

I have taken it upon myself to introduce a great brokerage firm, OrbitGTM, to traders who are looking for a company that they can trust with their investments. OrbitGTM was launched in 2016, and since then it has created a good repertoire among traders. It offers various services to traders that make your experience as an investor comfortable and enjoyable. I recommend this trading firm to you based on my experience. So, you should know that I will not make any empty claims regarding the services that it offers. What I offer to you is my honest and unbiased opinion on this online brokerage firm. However, I say that this read will be worthwhile because you will surely be tempted to check out the OrbitGTM’s website yourself after seeing what it offers. I will be comparing the features of OrbitGTM with other brokers to show you how it is different from them and why this difference is important.  

OrbitGTM trading platform

Comparing The Best Features Of OrbitGTM With Other Brokers

·         Trading Platform Is Advanced

You need to pay special attention to the trading platform that the brokerage firm that you select offers. The quality of the broker can be determined by the kind of trading platform it offers. If the trading platform of the firm that you select is not of good quality, then the quality of your trade will also suffer. Therefore, you need to pay a lot of attention to the trading platform. Every interaction that you will have with the broker will be through the trading platform so it is important that it is a good one.

OrbitGTM offers you a propriety trading platform which means that the firm designed it especially for itself. Brokers have the choice to develop their own trading platform or use the already existing software that is available. Both options have their own benefits. However, the benefit of a propriety trading platform is that the firm can design it according to the requirements of its features and services. Whereas with the already developed software, the broker has to design features according to what the software allows.

One thing that is common with propriety platforms is that they often have a lot of errors. So, I was skeptical about using OrbitGTM because of it. However, using it showed me that the broker put a lot of effort and time into developing this software as all actions and commands were executed seamlessly. Furthermore, the under-friendly interface of the platform made it very easy to access all the features and tools that the broker has to offer. The platform was developed by using the most advanced technology which you can tell by its performance. Developed with cutting-edge technology, OrbitGTM’s trading platform is packed with advanced trade tools. You can use these tools to execute well-planned trade decisions. New tools are continuously added to the platform to further improve your trade decisions.

The trading platform is a web-based trader which is one of my personal favorites. Some of you may disagree with this statement. But, I think that a web-based trader is the most practical choice of platform because of the flexibility and mobility it offers. The benefit of using web-based traders is that you do not have to update your device or download an additional software to access it. All that you have to do is visit the broker’s website and log in to your account. This also makes it easier to trade from different locations since the most you need to have is a device with a stable internet connection. You can simply log into your account by visiting the website from any location or device. If the platform requires you to download specific software, then you are bound to the device that you downloaded it on since you need it to access your account.

On the other hand, if you are someone who prefers to use apps for trading on-the-go, OrbitGTM also offers apps for various devices. You can download the application for Android and iOS devices from the Play Store and Apple Store respectively. These apps are regularly updated and free from errors and bugs which is rare for propriety trading platforms.

·         Impressive Features For All Account Types

OrbitGTM accountsNo two traders are the same and therefore, all have different things that they need from the broker. To accommodate different kinds of traders, brokerage firms offer multiple account types that you can choose depending on the type of trader that you are. Most of these account types include the option of a basic account, some medium account types of a higher level, and professional accounts. Some well-developed trading firms also offer VIP account options. Users of these accounts types have access to different features that the firm offers. So, a basic account holder will not be able to use all the services that an account owner of a higher level can.

OrbitGTM offers you six different account types, all of which provide you with impressive features that are suitable for your level. These accounts are namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP. Let me tell you about some distinct features of these account types. Rest assured that you will be able to trade seamlessly with all of these accounts. So whether you are a new trader looking to start out small, or a professional and experienced trader, you can pick the account that best suits your situation.

1.     Bronze Account

This is the most basic account option that OrbitGTM offers, so if you are new to the field, you should definitely start out by opening this account. This account requires you to make an initial deposit of just $500. Along with the basic features, this account gifts you with a personal account manager and weekly trading sessions. While these features may seem minimal, they cover the basic features that you need to start trading effectively.

2.     Silver Account

This account is for slightly experienced traders and it requires an initial deposit of $5,000. This is an upgrade from the bronze account so it offers more features and facilities to traders. Some of the increased facilities that these account owners can enjoy include access to all educational materials in addition to the previous options.

3.     Gold Account

The gold account lives up to its name and offers you golden features if you chose it. With an initial deposit of $10,000, this account offers you the services of a senior account analyst, and four private education sessions in addition to the previous combined services. This account is best suited for settled traders who can afford to invest the minimum deposit amount.

4.     Platinum Account

With a platinum deposit requirement of $25,000, this account is one for professional and well-established traders. The services of this account upgrade to add the services of a senior account chief analyst, full education package, and ten private education sessions. This account provides you with great trading characteristics that are not common among other brokers.

5.     Diamond Account

You can access all features of the previous accounts in addition to the upgraded services with the diamond account. The additional services that you can use with this account include a savings account, diamond trading program, amongst other features. You can contact the personal manager for more details on what features are available to you. The initial deposit requirement of this account is quite high at a whopping $50,000 but it is also targeted to well-established and professional traders. No new trader will be willing to invest such a large sum as the deposit amount. But experienced traders will see the potential of this account and consider it worth the investment.

6.     VIP Account

The VIP account offers you premium services and the VIP trading program which is packed with useful features and services. You can access all the features and services that the broker has to offer with this account. The VIP account requires you to deposit $200,000 to register. If you want a VIP trading experience, then you should definitely choose this account as the services are worth every penny of investment.   

·         Payment Processes Are Easy

OrbitGTM paymentsIn the trading business, money comes in and goes constantly. You have to deposit money into your account to make investments and withdraw the money that you make from profits. So, as a trader, you constantly have to deposit funds and withdraw them from the broker. The problem with this is that a lot of the trading firms do not take any steps to make this process easy for the traders. As a result, you have to go through lengthy and time-consuming processes for any transaction that you have to make from and to your account. This may be a discouraging feature that may make the traders doubt if they want to continue trading. The internet has made it so that we are losing our patience so if a task takes longer than a few minutes to execute, we want to give up on this.

To avoid this from happening to its customers, OrbitGTM has developed easy and quick processing payment methods. This allows the traders to deposit and withdraw amounts without having to go through the lengthy processes. This is one of the major reasons why I want you to try out this brokerage firm. You don’t find this feature with every other broker. So, if you want to keep yourself safe from the frustration of doing long tasks for every deposit and withdrawal that you make, consider joining OrbitGTM.

This online brokerage firm supports various methods of payment including debit/credit cards, bank wire transfers, direct use of cryptocurrency, and various e-wallets. All of these methods are designed such that you only need to spend a few minutes to complete your order. The funds will be available in your account as soon as you finish all the transaction requirements. The longest that you will have to wait to receive your funds will be a few days if you use the feature of bank wire transfers.

You will need to provide proof of identity before your withdrawal order is completed to comply with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies. Many brokerage firms use the deposit and withdrawal options to make money and charge a percentage on the amount on every transaction. The best part about the payment features of this broker is that it does not charge any fees on transactions.

·         Offers Multilingual Support

The beauty of online trading is that you can become a part of the financial market no matter where you are in the world. A majority of the online brokerage firms allow you to trade from any country in the world. However, there are some that are restricted in certain countries due to regulatory restrictions. When you register an account with a brokerage firm as a trader, you will have many questions that the FAQ sections will not be able to answer for you. For this reason, trading firms need to create a reliable customer support department. You need to trust that the broker that you signed up with is willing to provide the support that you will need to settle down.

OrbitGTM has designed a great client support system that is made up of a team of specially trained staff with strong financial backgrounds. The carefully recruited team is able to provide you answers that clearly answer your queries. Furthermore, they also provide you technical support if you need it. The team is available for contact via various means including emails, phone calls, direct messages, and live chat. You can also visit the offices of this brokerage firm at the given addresses on the website.

The most impressive feature of the customer support services is that it offers multilingual support for the traders. This feature shows that OrbitGTM really cares for its customers because this feature allows the traders to comfortably convey their problems to the broker in the language that they prefer. The languages that this brokerage firm supports include English, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Deutsch. Rest assured that if you want assistance from this broker, you will get it. The working hours of the client support department are 24 hours and are available from Monday to Saturday.

·         List of Tradeable Assets Is Impressive

OrbitGTM assets

The number of tradeable assets that a broker supports plays a huge role in attracting customers. Professional traders want to maintain their trade portfolio by investing in different assets while new traders need to experience trading with various assets. A brokerage firm that does not support a variety of assets limits the investment opportunities for traders. OrbitGTM deserves credit for the efforts it has put in to provide a large variety of tradeable assets to its users. I was surprised to see that some of the instruments that it supports because not even the leading trading firms support them. In addition to the mainstream assets, you will also be able to trade with some rare assets with OrbitGTM.

To give you an idea of what you are in store for, this broker supports the trade of Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Shares, Metals, Oils, and Bonds. If you look into each individual asset you will find that there is a number of sub-categories that it offers. With this broker, you can trade 180 official currencies which include several major currency pairs, minor currency pairs, and exotic currency pairs. Some of the major pairs include USD/EUR, USD/BGP, USD/CAD, minor pairs include EUR/GBP, EUR/ JPY, and exotic currency pairs such as USD/NOK where NOK is Norwegian Krone. Furthermore, it supports over 1,500 different cryptocurrencies all of which undergo a background check to test their authenticity.

The broker also provides you the option of using CFDs with all assets. And I was stoked to see this feature because CFD trading is one of the best things a broker can offer you. You can use CFDs with all of the assets that this trading firm supports which enables you to reach your financial goals at a faster pace.

The numerous assets that OrbitGTM supports make it a suitable choice for different kinds of traders. It is great for new traders as it will give them the chance to try out trading with different types of assets and give them exposure to different markets. Similarly, it is also useful for more seasoned traders as they can maintain their trade portfolios and even expand them with the broker. 

·         Fully Secure and Regulated Broker

OrbitGTM securitySecurity should be your number one priority when you are looking for a brokerage firm to sign up with. Your trading account is like a bank account so you should keep in mind the security features you look for in a bank when you sign up with a broker. Cyberspace is vulnerable to crimes and scams so you need to be very careful in your selection. You should pay attention to the security features that the broker offers before you sign up with it. The security system of the broker should focus on protecting your data and information from the hands of hackers. There are many cases of people being facing identity-theft cases because the firms that they signed up with did not provide sufficient security.

OrbitGTM is a fully secure and regulated broker that implements the most advanced security measures to protect the customer. The broker has made full use of the SSL encryption software which enables it to encrypt all data upon entry. This keeps your information safe from hackers even if they find access to it. Furthermore, the trading firm has set up strong firewalls to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the system.

You can also trust this broker and trade with a peaceful mind because it is also fully regulated. When a broker is regulated, it means that a third-party constantly monitors all of its activities. So, if the broker does anything suspicious or is involved in illegal acts, the regulatory agencies instantly seize all of its authority. The regulations also require your funds to be kept in segregated accounts. This prevents the broker from accessing your funds for its own use. So, for instance, if the broker goes bankrupt, it will not be able to access your funds to recover. In such a case, all your money is deposited into your bank account immodestly. The regulatory agencies also require the broker to comply with the KYC and AML policies, which are Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering respectively. These policies are implemented to protect the trader and require submission of identity proofs before any major actions can be processed.

OrbitGTM provides you with a secure trading environment that allows you to trade without the unnecessary fear of losing your information or money to the internet. Since it is a fully regulated broker, you also do not have to worry about it vanishing with all your money. I think that considering the security aspect of this broker along with its other impeccable features, OrbitGTM provides an ideal trading environment.   

Final Thoughts  

I think that after reading this article, you will be convinced that OrbitGTM is indeed better than most brokers out there. In addition to the impeccable services and features that this trading firm offers, it also offers a trading environment that allows you to trade peacefully. The interface of the propriety trading platform is also easy to use and navigate and is packed with advanced trade tools. OrbitGTM has put in a lot of effort in delivering the best services to its customers.

You cannot go wrong by choosing OrbitGTM as the brokerage firm to trade with. You should definitely consider signing up with this broker if you are looking for a trading environment that guarantees a great trading experience.

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