Daily ETH Burn Sets New Peak Record

Until the implementation of EIP-1559 during the London hard fork of august 2021, ETH users couldn’t pay fees using burned Ether. Implementing EIP-1559 But since the implementation of the EIP-1559, burning ETH has been a custom among ETH users. It has to be noted that ‘burning ETH’ is an act of reducing ETH supply permanently. […]

SCRT Surges as Secret Network Completes Duplex Finance Pilot

Secret Network’s native coin SCRT surged over 19% within 24 hours. However, the altcoin still hovers beneath its ATH of $10. Secrete Network confirmed its concluded Duplex Finance pilot, considering a smooth path ahead. Secrete Network Collaborated with Key Tango to Complete Duplex Finance Pilot. Secrete Network team declared concluding its Duplex Finance project’s pilot […]

EUR/USD Dips Towards The 1.1321 Levels

The bears are seemingly in control of the Euro. Thus, pushing it towards the daily low levels on January 10. Weakening EUR/USD Amidst Renewed Buying Interest In USD Renewed bullishness on the USD has caused a weakening of the EUR/USD trading pair. The positive investor mood caused the renewed bullishness in the USD following unemployment […]

Thai Crypto Traders Will Now Pay 16% Gains Tax

As a way of enforcing more oversight functions on the crypto market, Thai’s financial regulator has slammed its crypto traders with a 16% capital gains tax from their crypto profits. A local media report stated that the finance ministry would be highly watchful of tax filings henceforth, especially those involved in digital currencies. But the […]

CHAINLINK Price Action For January 7, 2022

LINK currently trades over a crucial horizontal range. However, its trend direction in the long-term will depend on whether it turns bearish or remains bullish from hereon. Early last month, LINK turned bullish after hitting the $14 lows. This bullishness was important because it had established a higher low than its price six months earlier. […]

Crypto Payment Support, Our Users’ Most Requested Feature – Airbnb Co-Founder

On the second day of the new year, Brian Chesky (Airbnb co-founder) polled his Twitter audience in a quest to know the improvements and additions they would like from the home rental platform for this year. Over 4.5K Responses To Chesky’s Poll 4.5K responses later, Chesky revealed that his followers’ most requested feature was for […]