Goldman Sachs to Release Medium-Term Financial Goals: Investors Await ROTE Update

Goldman Sachs to Release Medium-Term Financial Goals On Tuesday, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, one of the world’s leading investment banks, announced that it would release its medium-term financial goals to investors. In addition, the company’s top executives are gearing up for the second investor day in 154 years, where they will provide an update on […]

German Stocks Rise on Positive Economic Indicators & Strong Earnings: DAX Up 1.13%

German stocks had a positive close on Monday, with the DAX rising by 1.13%. Gains in the food and beverages, telecoms, and industrials sectors largely drove this. As a result, the MDAX saw a rise of 0.95%, while the Tedax gained 1.03%. This positive performance was likely due to several factors, including positive economic indicators […]

Amplify Your Forex Trading Game: Understanding Leading & Lagging Indicators

In forex trading, leading and lagging indicators analyze the market and make informed decisions about when to enter or exit a trade. In addition, leading indicators are often used to identify potential trend reversals or momentum shifts in the market. On the other hand, lagging indicators are used to confirm a trend or market direction […]

G20 Members Support India’s Decision on Virtual Assets

India’s finance minister announced that members promote India’s decision that the innovation behind virtual digital assets could be important for several reasons. Nirmala Sitharaman, India’s Finance minister and the reserve bank of India, addressed a press conference at the end of the G20 finance ministers’ and Central Bank governors’ gathering outside of Bengaluru. The nation’s […]

USD/CAD Under Heavy Selling Pressure as Recovery in Crude Oil Strengthens CAD

USD/CAD Under Heavy Selling Pressure On Thursday, the USD/CAD currency pair experienced heavy selling pressure and showed no signs of improvement until the end of the North American session. Currently, the pair is trading at 1.3530, which represents a decline of 0.20% from Wednesday’s close. Despite this decline, the pair still holds its head above […]

Gold Volatility & Market Sentiment Amid Uncertain Economic Recovery: Market Outlook

Gold Volatility and Market Sentiment Amid Uncertain Economic Recovery The XAU/USD (gold/US dollar) pair has attempted to break and consolidate above the $1838 level. Still, traders are currently nervous as they await the release of the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) minutes on Wednesday. This uncertainty has led to some volatility contraction, with traders hesitant […]

European Shares Mixed on Telecom Italia Decline & Chinese Demand Recovery

Overview European shares started the week with mixed results on Monday, with gains in the mining sector driving the market higher but declines in industrials and Telecom Italia weighing it down. The mining sector showed strong performance as investors placed their bets on a potential recovery in demand for minerals and resources in China. As […]

Should Authorized Platform Providers Be Allowed to Serve Retail Customers?

Regulators in Hong Kong is looking for opinions, especially on whether to enable authorized exchange service provider to serve retail customers and, if so, the regulations to be executed despite the proposed range of tough customer security regulation, which comprises ascertaining suitability in registering customers and asset onboarding. The Securities and Futures Commission, the financial […]

Crypto Launchpad: What Is It and How Can It Be Utilized?

Crypto Launchpads enable new digital asset initiatives to raise money while offering investors and traders first entrée to tokens. In the digital asset universe, combining initiatives may be beneficial. For instance, investors and traders who bought BTC more than ten years ago are now profiting from the rewards of their capitalization. This action is because […]

Interactive Brokers Rolled Out Ethereum and Bitcoin Exchange in Hong Kong

In a press release, an automated worldwide electronic broker, Interactive Brokers, rolled out a virtual crypto assets exchange in Hong Kong earlier this week; expert investors mentioned that the interactive Brokers platform could exchange ETH and BTC. According to the Hong Kong capital market regulations, investors with at least HKD eight million and organizations with […]

Investing in Airtel Africa: A Growing FTSE 100 Stock in the African Telecom Market

Airtel Africa is an FTSE 100 stock that has been performing well in the past three years, competing against some of the top players in Africa, including East Africa’s Safaricom and Vodafone. Moreover, the company’s recent Q4 results show promise for the future, making it a potential investment opportunity for those looking to tap into […]

Multichain DEXs On the Increase with New Networks Acceptance

Decentralized exchanges are becoming rampant and very common as years go by because of their capability to issue customers a high degree of power over their virtual digital assets and a safer trading space than centralized exchanges. Although, one major restriction of the DEXs is their inability to assist cross-chain and margin exchange. A multi-decentralized […]

Waterman Bates Review – Is Scam or Legit?

Waterman Bates Review Waterman Bates is one of the most popular brokers in the market. However, it can be a challenge for investors to conclude if this trading brokerage is trustworthy or not. This Waterman Bates review will help the readers understand why they should trust Waterman Bates. Account Types The first thing an investor […]

Natural Gas Market Update: Bears Target Last Line of Defense at $2

The price of natural gas has hit a new low as bears target the last support level at $2. The downward trend began at $6 and gradually declined over two months to reach its current $2.40. This number represents the final line of defense for the asset, and the market is closely watching to see […]

USD/JPY Gains Momentum, Awaits BoJ Governor Announcement – Market Outlook

The USD/JPY pair gained momentum in the Wednesday Tokyo session, edging above critical resistance levels. The currency pair has attracted investors with its significant movement toward key support levels, leading to heightened anticipation among market participants. The release of the candidates for the new governor of the Bank of Japan has also generated anxiety as […]