Porsche’s Inclusion in the DAX and Stock Performance amid EV Transition

Porsche enters the German Dax after its recent September 2022 IPO. Porsche AG is a German luxury automotive manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany, and is best known for producing high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and sedans.

The DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex) is a stock index representing the performance of the 40 most significant and most liquid German companies listed on the Exchange. It is the most watched and analyzed stock indices in Europe and is a silent barometer of the overall health of the German stock market.

The companies included in the DAX selection rely on market capitalization, liquidity, and other criteria. Despite facing difficult economic circumstances, Porsche’s stock has earned a place on the prestigious DAX list of the top premium stocks on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Oliver Blume, chair of the Board at Porsche, stated that Porsche is thrilled to gain a place in Germany’s prestigious top 40. He further explained that rapid inclusion in the DAX shows stockholders globally believe in Porsche’s appealing business model and the company’s potential growth.

Porsche’s stock is currently hovering around 90 euros per share, a decrease from its November peak per share. Porsche now joins a prestigious group of brands on the DAX, such as Adidas, BMW, Allianz, Mercedes Benz Group, SAP, and Siemens.

Porsche’s Stock Performance and EV Transition

Porsche’s stock has held up relatively well compared to other companies, which may indicate that investors believe the company is a reliable bet as it shifts towards producing EVs.

This confidence may have come from Porsche’s recent developments of a new Electric Vehicle model and the expansion of its Taycan production. Additionally, Porsche’s consistent sales growth relieved investor concerns about market volatility this year.

Notably, Porsche’s stock has not been immune to market fluctuations and has also faced some declines. In addition, other automotive assets have not performed as well, with Tesla being a striking example.

Tesla’s share price has plummeted by over 30% in November-December and 60% in 2021. These declines are due to market conditions, company-specific issues, or a combination. Overall, the stock market can be volatile, and investors must weigh all options and research before deciding.


As the year slips to an end and automakers prepare their quarterly earnings report, investors watch out for the impact of EV sales on stock prices, which have been declining in the industry.

It is uncertain when Porsche’s stock and other prominent automakers will bounce back, particularly with ongoing inflationary concerns and central banks raising interest rates to address the issue. However, some are buying stocks at their current low points and hope for a heroic comeback in 2023.

Stay tuned for upcoming financial updates.

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