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Read our PrimeHolders review at FStar Capital Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading blog, find the answer to your question “is PrimeHolders scam or legit” and much more! We have checked all the aspects of this broker and we recommend PrimeHolders for online trading. It is NOT a scam. You can sign up with PrimeHolders in the link below, or continue reading the full review.

PrimeHolders Review

PrimeHolders logoIf you are interested in earning online, trading is one of the best-earning professions offering unlimited opportunities. In trading, people find hundreds of assets, and choosing selected instruments is a difficult task. Out of these prime instruments, cryptocurrency is a charming product for thousands of people around the globe. Crypto products have become popular in the ranks of established investors because these offer high returns when compared to traditional markets such as Forex, indices, and commodities. But due to high volatility, chances of losses are also great, and people who have considerable knowledge about the market can make thousands of dollars on crypto trading. Traders cannot trade digital assets on their own as they need brokers and exchanges to perform the task of trading. These exchanges play an important part in building the successful careers of traders and investors. PrimeHolders is also very renowned in the community of traders because it has an unlimited number of features that attract people. You will get comprehensive details in the PrimeHolders review given below.

What is PrimeHolders? 

If you are a crypto trader, then you should know about PrimeHolders because this is the exchange where you will feel proud of being a member. Once you open an account with the exchange, your chances of getting unlimited profit can increase many folds. A wide array of digital assets is waiting for you after you become an official user of the platform. The company does not need an introduction as it has already established its name. If you are thinking about creating an account with an exchange for crypto trading, PrimeHolders is definitely included in the list which is to be considered. The software used in working of the exchange is advanced and multifunctional that helps users in making multiple trades at a time. For beginners, it is a top-notch exchange that offers only those facilities which are easily comprehended by newcomers in the field of trading.

The web-based software lets owners of all types of devices execute trades with certainty and accuracy. Besides web-based facilities, clients of the exchange can also enjoy the facilities on their mobile phones. With high class and effective tools, making a profit with the aid of PrimeHolders has become an easy task. Trading is not an easy job to do, but it has become an easy task due to PrimeHolders. All features are added to this platform keeping in mind the benefits of users. No user has ever witnessed a scam or any other issue with this digital exchange platform. This exchange is web-based and currently has no mobile application. One can access this website via any type of device, thus expanding the reach.

PrimeHolders website

How to Start with PrimeHolders?

People who are interested in PrimeHolders will not have to worry about it as the procedure for registration is easy. After going through three simple steps, one can become an official member of the trading platform community.

In the first step, you have to register yourself with the site. The registration process does not demand much information from users; rather, users will only provide only basic information. The basic data include full name, email address, phone number, and country of residence. In the end, you need to create a strong password with complex letters so that no one can guess the password. Some platforms waste a lot of time in the registration process, while with PrimeHolders, the registration process takes only some minutes. No need to ask someone to help with the registration procedure as everything is simplified.

In the second step, the newly joined users will have to submit funds so that they can start the trading process. Without funds, you cannot initiate the process of trading as the investment is needed to place bets on multiple trading instruments. But this company has provided a golden opportunity to traders as they can start with a minimum investment.

Finally, traders can proceed the trading with a wide range of digital assets provided by the exchange. All of the provided assets are trendy and are known for offering high returns. Bitcoin and Ethereum come at the top of the list as traders and investors have poured billions of dollars into these two assets.

Availability of Wide Array of Digital Assets

PrimeHolders lets their clients access multiple digital assets through a single platform. If you are interested in mainstream digital currencies other than Bitcoin, then you don’t have to worry about it as the exchange has listed all famous digital coins. The majority of people go for the flagship digital currency because it has captured the attention of millions of people around the world. But over the recent few years, several cryptocurrencies have emerged on the main screen, and few have become mainstream assets. Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin are included in these top digital assets, which are adopted by major financial giants. You can easily trade these cryptocurrencies by using the platform of PrimeHolders.

Many hedge fund managers and institutional investors are stunned by the outstanding performance of digital currencies, and they have decided to put a significant amount of money into these digital assets. They have added them onto their balance sheets hoping that they will rise in price values and let them earn a handsome amount of profit in the end. Traders can also monitor the movements of digital currencies, which tell them clearly when to put investment at the right time. The experts and financial scientists hired by the exchange have a duty to help traders and investors make a versatile portfolio comprising top-trending assets of the market. The diverse range of trading products opens the gates of new possibilities and opportunities.

PrimeHolders assets


Powerful Security System 

People always have some reservations whenever they have to share some information with a trading institution as cases of cyberattacks are very common these days. Traders always avoid those sites where they smell the security loopholes so that they would not engage in any kind of security mishandling or scam-related issues. Moreover, users should take security issues seriously; otherwise, they could lose their hard-earned money due to the website’s weak security systems. There are many stories of investors who became victims of weak security systems and lost many millions as a result.

PrimeHolders, on the other hand, makes things secure and does not let any loophole in the security walls of the site. The integrated multilayer security walls around the website make it secure from any kind of external cyber attack. No one has encountered a security attack while using the website of PrimeHolders for trading. Moreover, they are satisfied with its security standards, which are incorporated by the responsible team of the company. The company does not compromise on the financial as well as personal information of users and makes every possible effort to protect it. The broker’s funds are isolated from the respective wallets of the users, so it will become impossible to take out money from these wallets. The money deposited by the users will go to the cold storage wallets of the firm. Both digital currencies and fiat currencies are safe and sound on the platform of PrimeHolders as it has adopted updated and modern security measures to prevent funds from any kind of cyber attack.

The data in the form of personal information is encrypted automatically, which makes the platform more secure and attractive. The backups are also saved by the professional team so that they can help out customers if their data is lost in any case. In advanced security measures and protocols, IDS, DDOS protection, and web application firewalls are included.

Availability of Copy Trading

Copy trading is not a new phenomenon but an old one as it has benefitted thousands of beginner traders in establishing their careers in the trading field. Professional traders have spent many years trading hundreds of assets and commodities. Their way of trading has become so professional that their trades become winning and result in profit. They know when to invest funds on assets and when there is a right time to draw money out of a market.

Platforms, such as PrimeHolders, have decided to share the trading methods and strategies of professional traders with beginners who do not know how to make a lot of money through trading of assets, and this phenomenon is known as copy trading. With the help of a copy trading mechanism, newcomers can learn the tricks and strategies that professional traders use. Moreover, people can get high returns by simply copying the traders. So, copy trading is a good thing if you are a beginner and want to learn how to execute winning trades. Copy trading is accessible to both newcomers as well as professional gurus.

Fast Trading

There is a lot of difference between fast trading and slow trading. With slow trading, you can lose your money in the crypto market as price values of digital currencies change abruptly. Due to its high volatile nature, slow trading is not a good idea. If you want to earn high by trading cryptocurrencies, then you need a fast trading platform where trades take minimum time for execution. PrimeHolders is providing the facility of fast trading, and your trades will execute in less time than other exchanges. So, you should first think about the trading speed before joining an exchange for crypto trading. Moreover, you can place orders as many as you want because there is no limit on trading. Professional traders also want that trading firm whose trading speed is good, so PrimeHolders is the best place for them. Beginners can equally enjoy the high-frequency trading service. The market data provided by the company is updated so that traders can place orders in real-time, thus increasing the chances of success. Cost on trading is also minimum, minimizing the worry of some traders who are always worried about the trading costs.

Transparency is a Priority

There should be a transparent relationship between an exchange and its clients, and PrimeHolders is following this policy with sincerity. They have stated everything in a clear manner so that users will not get confused. The policies of the company are written clearly on the website of PrimeHolders, and you should read that before making it as your trading partner. The commissions or charges on services are also clearly delivered to those who join this site for the first time. Still, if a user has any doubt, he can connect with the support section for further queries. The answer to any query will be given to clients in less than 24-hours.

PrimeHolders Policies

The policies adopted by the company are client-oriented, and no policy exists which goes against the benefits of customers. These policies also include anti-money laundering and know your customer. In order to comply with these policies, the firm will demand some information that will not be open to even staff of the exchange. Your provided data will remain safe on the platform. The AML and KYC policies ensure that no entity can perform money laundering via this platform. Over the recent few years, crypto-related hacking or stealing attacks have increased in number, and compliance with KYC and AML is the only solution to these attacks. It is impossible for an unknown entity to enter into the site as the company secures the platform by implementing effective policies. One can join this exchange as it is safe from criminals and scammers, and no hacking attack has ever happened with this company. The policies are presented with transparency, and there is no hidden policy. All users are verified after collecting the needed information from them so that no loophole in the security system will be left behind.

Several Types of Orders 

PrimeHolders offers different types of orders to its clients. The diverse range of orders serve a wide range of customers as the need of one customer is different from the demand of another customer. A limit order is a type of order that does not let customers engage in risky trade. A limit order is executed when a trader wants to buy or sell a specific asset at a specific price point. With an institutional account, users can enjoy two types of stop-loss orders. In the future, users of the exchange can also enjoy the benefits of iceberg orders, but it is recommended that only those traders go for these orders who have extensive knowledge about these order types.

Traders who are using PrimeHolders can also increase their bank balance by making trades on investments provided by the exchange. In this way, they can trade on funds of the platform. Leveraged trading is recommended only for professional traders because there is a need for market knowledge in order to perform this type of trading.

Functional Customer Support

Customer support is an important factor to be considered before joining an online financial organization. For online trading companies, the customer support section holds the utmost importance. One should not join a trading firm if it does not provide good customer support because this is the only way of connecting the company and a trader. If a trader is facing some issues with the platform and the customer support team of the firm is not responding, then it would create serious problems for the trader who can lose his hard-earned money.

On the website of PrimeHolders, you can see both support email address and WhatsApp number. The customer staff of the exchange remains ready 24/6 in order to respond to users’ queries and issues that they face while trading cryptocurrencies. The reviews given by existing users of PrimeHoldings are stunning as it shows traders and investors are fully satisfied with the customer support services of the exchange. The facility of online chat support is also available where you can get immediate replies to your queries. Additionally, the section featuring frequently asked questions is also there for clients’ assistance and help. Answers to the most common questions are given in the FAQ section of the exchange.

Deposits and Withdrawal Options  

The procedure for deposits and withdrawals is easy and simple as transactions are done through fast payment means. The option of bank transfers is also at the service of users, which can take some days. If you want transactions to be done in hours, not in days, then debit, or credit card options are also available. Some digital exchanges support only digital currencies as deposits rather than fiat currencies. On the other hand, PrimeHolders also supports deposits in fiat currencies.


After reviewing each and every part of the exchange, I believe that you will get a comprehensive idea about PrimeHolders and its services. The services mentioned above tell us clearly that the trading firm is capable of making you a rich person with crypto trading. This exchange offers very competitive commission rates and provides an efficient environment for crypto trading. With all top-notch features, this exchange can become one of your favorite exchanges in the crypto trading sphere.

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