Ripple Lab’s Executive Brass is Thrilled by the Prospect of Making it to the CNBC Top Business List

CNBC keeps updating its 50 Disruptive lists every year. The list aims to hunt for the top 50 fastest growing business enterprises that show a promise of further appreciation. Ripple Labs was added to the list following for the 2021 edition on May 25. The news breaks as a good omen for the entire XRP community that has been going through troubles for getting entangled in the SEC lawsuit.

After the listing, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was summoned for an interview on the CNBC show called Squawk Box. The top 50 disruptive list also includes companies that have the potential for becoming a public listed enterprise shortly. SBI holdings, the Japanese partner of Ripple Labs, has hinted many times filing for a public listing as soon as the lawsuit is over.

CNBC Hosts Ask Ripple CEO if Cryptocurrencies should be Banned due to the Money Laundering Allegations

The CNBC hosts at Squawk Box asked Brad Garlinghouse about his stance on the crypto ban movement in the country. This movement is being powered by the notion that cryptocurrencies can be accessories to criminal activities like acquiring anonymous ransoms or being involved in money laundering scams. However, Garlinghouse replied that it is a matter of perspective. 

He also added that fiat currencies are used all the time in all types of criminal activities. Therefore, such an association can be easily pushed aside as a misunderstanding. He further added the blockchain projects are a new technology that can be utilized to promote economic development, job creation, and aid further in assisting the community at large.

SEC depends on Foreign Discovery Evidence to Keep the Ripple Labs Case Alive

After the CNBC listing, XRP is up 2.19%, trading currently at $1.02, as noted by crypto analytics aggregator TradingView. It should be noted that the XRP Ledger’s native crypto has seen this impressive price appreciation in a matter of an hour. In the top 50 list, Ripple Labs has been strategically placed at the 38th rank.  

The regulatory agency would have to produce surmountable evidence from its foreign correspondences to keep the lawsuit alive. The SEC has been mailing MOUs to the regulatory agencies in other countries where Ripple Labs has partnership agreements. Another aim of the SEC is to prove that XRP is not a digital asset but rather unregistered security.

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