Russia Cuts Off EU’s Main Gas Supply Until West Lifts Sanctions

Russia has taken a firm decision to force the West to lift its financial sanctions on the country. The country has turned off the main gas pipeline supplying Europe with gas. The country has sworn to turn it on if only the “collective West” suspends its sanctions against Russia. 

Putin’s Spokesperson Attributes Nord Stream 1 Problem To Western Sanctions

The recent move by the country comes after Russia shut down the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The government state-owned company, Gazprom, stated that the pipeline was under maintenance. 

Gazprom had stated that the pipeline sending gas to Germany had technical difficulties. However, Interfax reported that Moscow would only turn on the pipeline when the Western nations met its demand.

Also, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for Vladimir Putin, argued that the shutdown is as a result of western sanctions. Last week, the energy corporation, Gazprom, announced the indefinite shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline due to “oil leaks.”

The state-owned company complained that the German-made turbines needed fixing. However, Europe is currently witnessing an energy crisis as the issue of inflation persists.

“The issues with the gas pipeline result from the western sanctions against Russia and other firms. There is no other reason why this pumping issue should come up at this time,” Peskov stated.

Following the remark by Peskov, the gas futures markets in Europe have faced significant strain. On Monday, Reuters revealed that gas prices in Europe increased by 30%.

Iran Offers Cheap Gas Deal To Europe Amid Energy Crisis

Furthermore, Reuters stated that European leaders have accused Russia of using energy supply as a “weapon.” It is worthy to say that Russia is a major supplier of gas to Europe. 

Moreover, the western sanctions against the country have affected economic activity and international trade. Russian oligarchs in foreign countries have also suffered losses due to western sanctions.

Meanwhile, the European Union has stated that it can endure the winter season without gas. However, other analysts, including the Ukrainian president, have stated that Europe will have a tough time this winter.

Meanwhile, Iran has offered a deal to Europe. Mehr news agency, a state-owned news media, reported about Iran’s offer to Europe.  

The Iranian government said it is ready to sell cheap gas to Europe in exchange for a nuclear agreement. Also, the Iranian authority wants the EU to lift the current financial sanctions on the country. 

It appears both Russia and Iran have decided to use the ongoing gas crisis to their advantage.Russia’s Nord Stream, which consists of 100,000 pipes, is the biggest gas pipeline sending gas to Europe. 

Also, Iran had the second-largest natural gas reserves in the World. Hence, both countries appear in a good situation to ask for a deal with Europe. 

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