Spanish Crypto Exchange Bit2me To Assist 2gether Customers

Spanish crypto exchange 2gether took its customers by surprise when it decided to block their access to its platform. Now, another crypto exchange in Spain has decided to step in to rescue the customers of the other platform. 2gether had demanded that its clients pay a fee of €20 to continue using its platform and Bit2me announced that it would be willing to pay this fee on behalf of the customers. These clients can transfer their assets on Bit2me’s platform and continue their trading activities.

Bit2me offers a good deal

Last week, 2gether blocked its clients from accessing their accounts on its platform and kept the condition of a €20 fee to be able to get access. This spurred Bit2me into action, as the crypto exchange wants to absorb the customers of its competitor. Therefore, it announced a deal that would have 2gether’s clients transfer their funds onto the Bit2me platform and continue their trading activities on it.

The €20 fee would be reimbursed by Bit2me and the goal of doing so is to ensure these clients can continue trading cryptocurrencies and to expand its user base as well. The chief executive and co-founder of the Bit2me exchange, Leif Ferreira said that they could incorporate the crypto sector into society via innovation, knowledge, and training.

He said that the crypto exchange was committed to doing so and they considered the world of crypto and blockchain tech as their present as well as their future. Therefore, they want to ensure that 2gether customers remain linked to the crypto ecosystem.

2gether’s issues

Earlier this month, 2gether had blocked access to its trading platform and had also erased its presence from social media. This disclosed that the Spanish crypto exchange was dealing with problems and 100,000 customers had to suffer because of its drastic action. The exchange disclosed that it could no longer offer free accounts because of the severe downturn in the crypto market.

At the same time, it went ahead and imposed a fee of €20 on its clients to be able to continue using the crypto exchange’s services. This is a one-time fee. It also warned that clients with funds below that amount would see their accounts liquidated.

Bit2me operating normally

While Bit2me and 2gether are operating in the same country, the former has managed to continue its operations normally, while the latter is facing problems. As a matter of fact, Bit2me has actually expanded its services to the Latin American region during this time.

Back in May, the crypto exchange announced that it was setting up a new office in Brazil. This is because it wanted to tap into the Brazilian market which has about 20 million crypto customers and is aimed at ensuring full security and compliance. Moreover, it should also be noted that Bit2me became the first company to have received authorization to operate as a virtual asset service provider (VASP) in Spain in February by the Central Bank of Spain.

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