UK based Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager is Putting his Best Bets in the Crypto Sector

Alan Howard is a UK-based businessman, billionaire, and hedge fund manager. He is the co-founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP. He was also listed in the Forbes 2013 addition among the 40 most successful hedge fund managers in the world. He was also featured as the 43rd personality on the UK Sunday Times richest businesspersons. Brevan Howard is reported to operate about $10 billion AUM as soon as 2020. 

Recently, Howard has become the voice of the crypto community in the United Kingdom. There has been news from the region that there is a possibility of a ban from the private and government sectors. It has been claimed that about 90% of hedge fund managers in the UK have no interest in cryptocurrencies. However, Alan Howard is going against the current and is making arrangements to offer digital asset services to different commercial entities with Elwood.

The United Kingdom Conglomerate Elwood is Making Splashes in the Financial Sector and Keeping the Crypto Stream Running

It has been reported that Elwood that is founded by Alan Howard, has invested more than 1.5% of its investment capital into the crypto market. This unique take on digital assets has helped increase the popularity and followership of Howard in the local crypto community. The general impression of cryptocurrencies is not very favorable among the traditional hedge fund managers in the region. Last week the billionaire investor hosted a funding round for Copper co.

Copper Corporation is a crypto custody enterprise that managed to raise about $25 million in a Series B investment promotion for Elwood. Before the Copper investment plans were made, Howard went to invest about $4 million in Kikitrade. It is a cryptocurrency trading application for smartphone users in Asia. He is also busy raising stakes in services like Coinshares and Ledn. Ledn is a crypto-based lending service based in Canada.

Elwood’s spokesperson has told the media that the platform would be working in tandem with more than 30 unique crypto exchange markets and dealing in thousands of crypto variants. Via Elwood, Alan Howard plans to offer crypto-based services for enterprises like digital banks, fintech enterprises, stockbrokers, and other types of payment facilitators. 

The businesses that want to form a partnership with Elwood would have to work with the single API market access. The projects would be powered by an end-to-end trading option, as mentioned by the official website of Elwood. In the beginning, Howard has envisioned expanding into the asset management sectors only. However, he has now made some major changes and added cloud servers and sophisticated software to support his digital asset derivatives business model.

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