Using Currency Pair Technical Analysis for Binary Options Trading

The simpler and flexible variation of forex is binary options. When it comes to trading with binary options then expert traders comprehend to the fact that currency pair has always been the number one asset amongst binary traders. Studies even indicate that the binary currency market holds a major trading volume and this it is not a surprise that even beginners want to make their mark in the world of binary trading using popular currency pairs.

There are 6 popular currency pairs even known as “majors”, which are often traded by binary traders. This is the reason why the technical analysis of these pairs is quite popular amongst experts and brokers. These six pairs are


Specifications of Technical Analysis of Currency Pair for Binary Trading

Trading currency pairs through binary options is extremely easy only when you are aware of a few fundamental and technical analysis. Only because of these two type of analysis traders can find the perfect trading signal and thus predict the movement of a currency pair that they want to trade with. It even helps them in understanding the best time to trade with the right currency pair. Interesting fact here is that there are over 30 different currency pairs available to trade, but despite of that traders only stick with at least 3 to 5 currency pair, which is undoubtedly a wise decision to do.

Going with minimal currency pairs allows traders to track signals in a proficient manner, this means they can have a precise fundamental and technical analysis of each and every currency that they are dealing with.

Majority of the traders tend to prefer technical analysis, because they are quick, flexible and accurate. There are various factors that decide the technical analysis of any currency pair some of these factors include

  • GDP numbers
  • Inflation reports
  • Unemployment Data
  • Central Bank Interest Rate
  • Housing Data
  • Retail Sales
  • Manufacturing Indexes, and
  • Consumer Confidences Reports

Why Technical Analysis of Currency Pair for Binary Options is important?

It is crucial to go with technical analysis instead of just news and currency data because technical analysis gives you an overview of the currency market through graphs indicating up trends and down trends. However, news will never help you in having a clear picture about the currency market and this makes them quite risky.

Methods used by technical analysis to predict the market are empirical, thus are validated every now and then so that binary option traders can have the latest analysis about the market and make their move in the right direction. Probably, this why the use of technical analysis for currency pair is increasing in demand amongst binary traders and therefore many brokers have adapted latest binary technical signals that would help the traders to acknowledge the current scenario of the currency pair, examine how it will work in the future and then decide which trading strategy will go perfect with the pair.

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