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Read our ViewDFuture review at FStar Capital Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading blog, find the answer to your question “is ViewDFuture scam or legit” and much more! We have checked all the aspects of this broker and we recommend ViewDFuture for online trading. It is NOT a scam. You can sign up with ViewDFuture in the link below, or continue reading the full review.

ViewDFuture Review

ViewDFuture logoWith the advancements in technology and the internet becoming the new norm, crypto trading has been forged into a realistic experience just like forex or stock trading, and the number of enthusiasts is also increasing day by day. Among all these people who are interested in pouring their investment into cryptocurrencies are indeed skeptical; why? Obviously, because of the volatility of the crypto market and the threats that it poses but these can easily be overcome if the broker or trading platform that you are using is trustworthy and has got your back. Today we will be talking about the same trading platform that is one of a kind, has an incredible UI, allows you to open multiple account types, and helps you along with your trading whenever needed; it is none other than a ViewDFuture trading platform. The ViewDFuture review will highlight major features about this broker.

This is a perfectly legit platform because it offers security to the customers in the form of KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) policies, instated to ensure that your investment is secure and that the platform is legit without you having thinking otherwise.

Available Products for Trading

The next thing that you need to consider is the number of instruments that are supported currently by the trading platform you are going to sign up with. The most prestigious of the crypto tokens are Ether, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and many others. That is why it is best to consider the primary cryptocurrency that you are going to trade in and ensuring that the platform you are going to choose is going to have the support for it.

Binance is an accredited and world-renowned crypto platform, and it does support Bitcoin and almost every other altcoin there is, but there are platforms that only support four major cryptocurrencies and so. But with ViewDFuture, you get support for crypto tokens as extensive as the Binance platform for cost-effective rates and the transactions taking place almost at the same velocity as the Binance or any other competitive trading platform.

The metrics, however, the platform is going to help you monitor should include market capitalization, 24-hour volume range, and the hourly update on the candles as these develop and progress towards a certain zone. ViewDFuture also allows you to have access to the most advanced tools that are not made available to the common traders unless they go premium, but with VieweDFuture, this isn’t like that. If you sign up with the platform and have your identity verified, then you get access to all the latest and greatest tools to refine your trading.

Cryptocurrency refers to a subjective class of finance that is not fiat, doesn’t have any physical existence, and is decentralized, which means that it can’t be controlled via a single settlement or government body. All cryptocurrencies have a blockchain system, the very heart and soul of the crypto world. Blockchain has all the information regarding the transactions that are taking place for a specific cryptocurrency.

It secures data of the senders and receivers in real-time, which is prudently unavailable for the common eye to witness; however, bits and traces could still be found, but there is no way that this data in whole can be collected to mean something. Such as the original location of the sender or receiver, how much money was transferred, and such, which is called anonymous finance, and the very reason why cryptocurrency enjoys such intensive popularity.

The first cryptocurrency to air or minted was Bitcoin, and the pseudonymous name that tethers with it Satoshi Nakamoto is of some significance to the subject. But no one ever knows the real identity of this man or how he came around with the idea of decentralized finance and thus the development of a new cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin.

At first, the trading for Bitcoin was not as prestigious and common as it now is and you will be shocked to know that people have refused to buy a single Bitcoin for as low as $1, only if they knew, right? But as the years passed and the adoption of Bitcoin came out strongly, other developers sought the opportunity well and developed their own cryptocurrencies. The only Bitcoin has the status of a pioneer crypto unit, and any other cryptocurrency there exists besides Bitcoin goes by the name altcoin. So, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and any other cryptocurrency there is except Bitcoin are known as altcoins. When the initiation and the distribution of the altcoins did complete, the idea of intensive crypto trading was put into action.

ViewDFuture website

Why Do You Need ViewDFuture for Trading?

Well, it can be broken down for you in a simple iteration. If you want to trade just for fun or to taste the feeling that it imparts in your chest, then no, you don’t need a broker, and good to go yourself. But before doing that, think of how far it will lead you? You can do maybe 2 or 3 such transactions, and that is it because no one in their sane mind would want to pour all of their money into such unearthing shenanigans. While on the other hand, if you want to engage with crypto trading as a way of making money, learning the art yourself indefinitely, and wanting to grow your portfolio, then yes, you do require the services of a reputable broker in this regard. If you walk down this road on your own, then there are horrors waiting for you down there that will simply leave you perplexed and thinking why you started crypto trading in the first place?

But if you have a broker or a crypto trading platform backing your play, then it is not that burdening or cumbersome anymore. And this is exactly what ViewDFuture will be able to provide you in the essence of a trustworthy, very compatible and extraordinarily caring, and customizable crypto trading platform for you. Following are some of the strong points of this trading platform that you do have to consider in their entirety before making up your mind.

Interactive And Friendly User Interface

At first glance, ViewDFuture takes you on an incredible ride of awe and surprise. If you have ever used a crypto trading platform in the past, then you will definitely note that ViewDFuture is different by laying your eyes on its incredible UI for the first time. UI (user interface) depicts how elaborative and precise a platform is going to be, and with ViewDFuture, it is all about the customizability of the tools and trading practices that you can mix together.

It has a multi-tier interface setting depending on the type of user that is engaged with the platform. If you are a beginner, then you can choose the simplest syntax of the platform, and every setting and clause of the platform will be laid in front of you as basically as possible.

This will help you to get on with multiple trading switches and types the way you please. In the same context, the customizable settings could be adapted for both the mild and expert traders, and things can become relatively more extreme or lenient depending on the UI setting that you have currently activated. The platform is designed to accommodate all traders and make them feel at home, something other platforms are not thinking about as deeply as they should.

ViewDFuture interface

Multiple Payment Methods

Being a crypto broker, the trading platform that you choose must give you a clear-cut and refined idea of how you can buy a dedicated cryptocurrency, what are the factors that you need to consider around it. Does it support the bank to bank transfer, credit, and debit card support or not? Well, your questions will not go unanswered here as ViewDFuture allows you to purchase cryptocurrency the way you want to and according to your own feasibility.

Wire transfer with the banks is the most common option and a practical one for the majority of the crypto community, and heeding its popularity, the ViewDFuture has included it in their payment structure. But it will take about 3-5 days for the funds to be deposited and reflected in your ViewDFuture account.

Debit and credit cards are another option that you can heed, and it is a lot quicker than the bank transfer one. So, if you want your funds to be transacted and to reach quickly at a dedicated destination, then you should go with these. Most people would love nothing else but to use PayPal and other payment services they can get their hands on for the sake of buying and trading in cryptocurrency.

But due to the secrecy of the information and not allowing any third-party apps to meddle with your account, ViewDFuture doesn’t allow these third-party integrations on the platform. Thus, the only way you can transact is by wire transfer or using your debit or credit card.

AML and KYC Policies

Before finishing up choosing a dedicated crypto platform to take your trading onto the next level, you must know that you are safe in terms of the platform securing your login data, your personal and financial assets linked to the platform are being encrypted in real-time to have them away from the hands of the hackers and other people that mean harm. ViewDFuture has thought of this thing in grave detail and thus has made arrangements to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

All of your personal data, log-in information, along the money that you have are being encrypted with the best of the encryption technology there is. Firewall encryption is the thing of the past; ViewDFuture has deployed the use of cloud encryption to take the idea of user security to the next possible level. The protective layers of cloud encryption have made it rather impossible to penetrate your assets which means that no one except you will be able to access the financial or the personal information that you have stored with the platform.

As a cherry on top, ViewDFuture has also employed AML and KYC policies to ensure that the platform is free from any negative aspects of money laundering or consumers having no identity proof. This is done intentionally to stop the scammers from becoming a part of the platform and throwing your tactics off base. Only the legit traders who have completed their sign-up process and have verified their identity are allowed to be a part of the ViewDFuture.

Most brokers don’t consider AML and KYC policies at all, so they will not ask you for your personal documents or verification of any kind. If you find such a platform that gives you the green light from the get-go without asking for their personal verification or data of any kind, then it is a sign that this trading platform is not secure, and neither is it accredited with a dedicated regulatory body or a proper trading license of any kind. You might enjoy your stay for a short time there, but in the long term, it is not going to work out for you as the platform will stop working, or all of your money will be seized without any notice.

That is why it is best to choose platforms that promote the KYC and AML policies and their strong integration into the platform. ViewDFuture asks for your paperwork from the get-go and will not take you to the trading screen unless you are proven eligible, and a complete background check has been made to ensure that you are the person who is posing to work on the platform.

Types of Accounts

The type of account that you want to go with while working at ViewDFuture is purely up to you and the type of trader you are. Some are new and energetic and are practically going to stick with a platform to learn the art of trading or how they can perfect theirs. Some have already learned this and had a fair share of practice themselves, thus want an account that can match their level of trading experience.

And then come to the elite traders, who know the risks and beneficiaries of the crypto market, are gentle and ruthless at the same time and want to have almost no limit on their account when they are minding their business and going at different trade options related to crypto.

The most common denominator for all these types of traders is that they all want a personalized experience that is catered to their individual expertise and experience level. Most crypto platforms can’t match with such intricate detail and thus only have a single type of account for the users to engage with, but ViewDFuture understands the complexity at hand and how the idea of having more than one type of account might exactly be what people require. That is why you get to choose from the following options listed as the account types.

  • Basic account

As clear from the name, this type of account is for people who have only joined the market recently and don’t have much experience in it. They want to watch, and they want to learn how a perfect trade can be executed, and they need a playground for that; the basic account can be that playground where all the crazy ideas could be motioned into a trade and then their open-end action calculated at the end. With the basic account, you will get a 10% sign-up bonus too.

  • Silver account

With the silver package, you get to have a lot more of the features offered by ViewDFuture to source their essence into your trading. You should go for this account type if you consider yourself an intermediate trader, someone who has definitely come a long way but still needs to learn stuff in order to improve. Here you can claim as much as 50% of the welcome bonus.

  • Gold account

This is for people who are experts, know what they are doing, and have been making large enough crypto trades in the past. Here you can have about 75% of the welcome bonus, access to all sorts of features, and help from professionals to refine your trading skills.

  • Platinum account

It is way over the top and should only be made or signed up for if you want to do bulk trading and want the best of the best professionals, people at the top of the crypto trading game to back your play. You get specialized account managers, timely signals to refine your strategy, and access to the special trading events taking place.

  • Diamond account

This is for professionals and is laced with all sorts of trading features, expert advice, and many more elements. If you truly want to excel in the world of trading and make it an ongoing endeavor, then consider the diamond account offered by ViewDFuture.


ViewDFuture is a leading trading platform that specializes in crypto trading. The state-of-the-art integrated software of the broker makes it more popular among the crypto masses. After adopting it as a trading partner, you will be amazed to know about its top-notch functions.

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