XRP Community Wants Full Media Coverage of the Ripple Labs Lawsuit

The XRP community has been fairly active on social media platforms discussing the latest developments in the case. However, notably since last month, the discussion about the case progress seems to go silent. The issue was felt by many and addressed by Martin Valk. Valk runs a YouTube channel and founder of the website called Bullishswag.com.

He took to Twitter and tagged key personalities of the matter who have been involved at every step of the case to date. The Twitter accounts he tagged contain Jeremy Hogan, an independent lawyer who was interested in the lawsuit. James K. Filan, another attorney and legal consultant tagged by Valk, who shared his opinion on the matter from time to time. The last person tagged by Valk is John Deaton, who was representing the XRP community and founded crypto-law.us later on.

John Deaton presented in the court that the XRP community officially has more than 17,000 investors within the USA. However, all of these investors do not seem to be taken into the loop as the most actively discussed lawsuits in the crypto world suddenly went under shadows. Valk tagged the key person in the lawsuit and voiced the opinion of many that the further proceedings of the lawsuit might take place behind closed doors.

The main point of concern for XRP community members is that media briefing allows the investors to remain updated about their interests. Media involvement also warrants transparency for the stakeholders. The last time, any news from the lawsuit was made into the public domain when the court approved SEC’s request to get an extension of the lawsuit for collecting evidence in lieu of discovery. It should be noted that SEC has been sending MOUs to regulatory agencies in other countries where Ripple Labs had partnerships.

Ripple Labs Executives Hire New Lawyers for the Lawsuit

It can be seen on the Twitter timeline of James K. Filan has pinned a timeline for the lawsuit issued by SEC. The timeline indicates that the deadline for the evidence scrutiny is marked for August and as far as October. On the other hand, there are reports that Ripple Labs executives have both hired new legal talent to represent them in the court of law.

Brad Garlinghouse, as CEO, has hired Nicole Tatz, a solicitor from Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP. Meanwhile, Chris Larson will be consulting Sarah J. Prostko, who hails from Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, & Garrison LLP.

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