Effective Trading of TechFinancials in 2016

The previous year, the creator of the trading software had a challenge due to the regulations being stricter. However, its chairman anticipates that the outcomes for the initial half of 2016 have ‘made a recovery’ and cater to anticipations.

TechFinancials offers easy online trading solutions for investors and brokers.

Shares in TechFinancials Inc (LON:TECH) which is a supplier of financial trading solutions increased by 13% following the firm’s declaration that it is capable of meeting the market’s anticipations in its initial half outcomes for 2016.

The company has been able to enroll five new customers in the year’s first six months. Meanwhile, the firm has also improved its money status from US $0.5 million to almost US $3.85 million.

The powerful trading and money status which is getting better will improve the business as it works to develop, stated the firm today. ‘I am happy to state that the performance of our B2B as well as B2C divisions has been great, from the beginning of the current financial year. The trading is according to the anticipations of the market,’ remarked Christopher Bell, the chairman.

‘We have signed five contracts for software licensing in the past six months and we notice an overall rise in requests for our trading solutions. According to Bell, he is especially motivated by the output of B2C division in 2016 already, even though he is certain that B2C arm ‘has recovered’ following the establishment of numerous new schemes.

TechFinancials, whose listing on AIM was done in March the previous year also said it will persist in strengthening its activities in Asia following the recent opening of a Hong Kong office.
Shares increased from 1.4p (13%) to 12.4p.

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