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Established in 2015, the Omega Options binary options trading platform is run by United Kingdom based Alpine Capital Ltd. The platform offers excellent options for trading binary options, allowing traders to earn a good deal of money through forex, stock, currency and commodity trading. Here, find out more about my personal trading experience with the Omega Options broker.

The Platform

The Omega Options trading platform operates on the Panda trading systems and offers around two hundred assets for trading. Traders who choose to trade via the platform can choose from four different types of trading platforms including One Touch, High/Low, Range and Hyper. The Hyper is one of its most sough-after trading options as it has an expiry time of thirty seconds to ten minutes and offers returns in the range of 60-85 percent.

Omega Options Website

The Omega Options site looks exceptionally good and in order to initiate trading on their site, a trader first needs to fill out a registration form and become its member. Traders also need to deposit a minimum trading amount, which essentially depends on the type of account they select. Thus, the Omega Options trading platform is easy to navigate and use and offers lots of options for trading.

Types of Accounts

The Omega Options trading platform offers different types of trading accounts including Micro, Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum account, Diamond, Mini-corporate and Managed account. The minimum deposits of these accounts starts from two hundred and fifty dollars and goes up to $150,000.


The binary options broker offers attractive bonuses to traders. Depending upon their trades, traders can earn bonuses on the range of twenty five to hundred and fifty percent. However, in order to withdraw these bonuses from their accounts, traders must perform certain number of trades. Traders, essentially have two payment options before them including wire transfer or credit card. Besides, in order to withdraw money traders must fill a withdrawal forma and their money is sent into their accounts. The broker takes around five to seven days of time for processing withdrawals.

Training Tools

With Omega Options, both professional and novice traders have the option of using training tools. The broker offers a unique educational center, which consists of tools as well as educational materials related to binary options trading. Besides, the broker also offers an app for enjoying binary options trading via mobile. The platform also offers as many as twenty seven videos that offer training on various subjects including how binary options trading works, its advantages, investing, saving etc. Apart from this, the Omega Options platform also features an E-Book and a number of tutorials, webinars, and lessons that explains binary options strategies extremely well.

What Can You Expect As A Trader From Omega Options

When you realize your money is resting in the account and doing nothing, you feel the need to invest it in some lucrative business. One of the easiest ways to increase your money is by investing it in such a way that all the control of your investments is in your hands. This can be done through trading and there is no trading easier than binary options. Binary options trading is a straightforward way of trading and also one of the most popular in the recent times. Your trades can even be finalized within 30 seconds.

Pros of Using Omega Options Broker for Trading Binaries

To be a binary options trader you need to sign up with an online broker and there are thousands of them. Not all of them are alike and so you have to pick the best one. One of the highly recommended online binary options broker is Omega Options. Omega Options might be a new name in the binary options trading world but they have definitely done some great progress in the recent times. Launched their operations only in 2015, Omega Options is known for helping new and old traders with great care.

The first thing you notice when you sign up with Omega Options is that you get to trade using the Panda Trading Systems. This is the most popular and commonly used trading system in the online binary options trading. This means you will be relying on a reliable software for your trades when you sign up with Omega Options. Once you are on this software you literally have access to nearly 200 assets. You can trade in assets that you are most comfortable with. You can choose from indices, currency pairs, stocks, and commodities. They also let you trade binary options in many different ways.

How to Learn to Trade With Omega Options

You will have to learn about different ways of trading binary options and that material is also available on their website. The trading options you have currently available with Omega Options include high/low, Range, Hyper and One Touch. With the hyper option you can choose expiration times as small as 30 seconds only. For now, you are not being offered any demo account where you can practice before you start trading in the real world. However, they say the demo will be coming soon. Their application on iOS platform is also in “coming soon” status but their Android application has arrived now.

More About Bonuses

There are great bonuses not only for new traders but also for those who refer their friends to Omega Options. However, you are highly recommended to read the fine print as to when and how you can receive your winning money since there are terms associated with that. The smallest trade you can make from their platform can be as small as $5. This is a huge benefit for new traders. The minimum deposit you need in your account in order to be able to trade with Omega Options is $250. Lastly, you have a number of payment options to choose from.


The Omega Options platform is an ideal binary options trading platform for traders who are looking to make money from the comfort of their homes. The platform offers a number of features and functionalities for efficient and profitable trading.

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Omega Options Review

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