EMD Capital Review – Is EMD Capital Scam or Legit?

EMD Capital
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Overall, EMD Capital is a wonderful choice of broker for both upcoming trader and advanced trader looking for a firm to partner with to access the financial market. Continue reading our EMD Capital review to learn more about the broker or sign up in the link below. We recommend using the Bitcoin Storm trading robot with your EMD Capital trading account, in order to minimize losses and maximize gains.

EMD Capital Review

EMD Capital logoThe advent of the internet has come with many possibilities. Many things followed its existence, like trading the financial market and even the new digital assets. One of the basic questions a starter in the world of trading will ask is how will I get started?

Trading the financial market is quite different from the traditional buying and selling market that we have. Of course, many things are relocating to the online ecosystem, which speaks of how many e-commerce platforms that are ousting the legacy market and shops that we know.

Taking it a step further to buying and selling in the financial market, there is a need to find a firm to partner with to have access to the market, they give different terms of operation and in a way affect your activities in the financial market. Such firms are called brokerage firms.

A broker or brokerage firm is a firm that acts as a middle man between securities exchange company and an investor. The need for this is that securities exchange takes orders only from firms and individuals who are part of the exchange. So, an independent trader will need their service to have access to the operations of the securities exchange. The compensations brokers live on can either be fixed fees, commissions or even payment from the securities exchange.

Of course, the activities of the brokers are guided by regulations so that the securities exchanges are not abused while the investors are not exploited unnecessarily.

The same idea of brokerage firm exists in the crypto space as well. Access to the crypto-financial market is granted by such firms or crypto exchanges. Much more than having an internet connection and the needed gadget, it is the exchange platform that defines your access and liberty in the cryptocurrency market.

With this, it is safe to say after the basic requirements of internet and needed gadget that one of the first steps of becoming a trader or investor in the financial market is to find a brokerage firm to sign up with.

The rise in the interest, adoption, and the demand of cryptocurrency and the widespread of the financial market at large means has resulted in the emergence of several brokerage firms that provide people with different options and services when it comes to trading. There might be features in a broker that will not be in another.

Also, there is a possibility that a particular brokerage firm is under the regulations of a particular country’s financial regulators, thereby limiting their services. Having a variety of options gives people the liberty to choose based on the information they could lay hold of during their research.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of broker to work with, accurate research should be carried out, and more information should be gathered before deciding to put money in such an exchange.

One of the brokers that you will come across during your research is EMD Capital. And the essence of this article is to help you provide as much information as you need to decide if it is the right exchange platform for you or not. Essential questions around the security, trading and withdrawal fees, conditions of trading, trading interface and many more will be answered.

EMD Capital website

With no further ado, we will dive into the review.

What is EMD Capital?

EMD Capital has been rated as one of the best brokers in the financial market and trading industry at large in recent time. The kind of securities the broker offers for trading include, Bonds, Forex, Commodities, Stocks, CFDs, and ETFs. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom (UK), and the company is regulated properly by the financial regulatory authorities in the United Kingdom.

The broker is known for its adherence to the financial regulations as applicable to the financial laws in the UK. It also adheres to the international regulatory agencies and laws as applicable to financial trading. EMD Capital gets its profit for the services provided for traders on the platform through a spread on the pricing of the asset class traded.

Trading on EMD Capital is quite simple as the platform is well designed for simple interaction and friendly user interface and experience. The implication of this is that traders with no experience in trading before can also easily navigate the platform and learn the interface of the software hassle-free. Beyond that, the features on the platform are powerful enough to help traders with experience to improve their results in trading.

The Process of Registering an Account on EMD Capital

Registering a new account on EMD Capital for trading is quite simple and fast compared to an average exchange. Being a broker in the financial market, any account registered under the EMD Capital gives you ‘unrestricted’ access to the financial market. The account enables you to trade different types of trading products including, bonds, indices, stocks, cannabis, Forex, and even CFDs. To get an account with EMD Capital is free of any cost.

This article will walk you through the process of opening an account with the broker. All you need to get started is to go to the broker’s website homepage and find the ‘Open an Account’ button on the top right corner of the page. Clicking the button makes a form to pop up on your screen automatically.

The requested information for the form is just basic information, including your first name, last name, and e-mail. However, you will need to create a unique password to keep your account secured and also you will be required to select in a drop-down menu, your country of residence. But sadly, citizens of the United States are not allowed to create an account on the broker’s platform currently.

You will need to accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of using the broker’s service before registering an account and also verify that you are above 18 years of age. After these processes, click the “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” button and follow the prompt and other instructions to ensure that your account is fully activated and verified.

 Trading Terms and Condition of EMD Capital

There are various terms to abide by if you will trade on the EMD Capital. These are the terms that you are made to accept when registering an account with the broker. The trading conditions of the EMD Capital include:

  • The time shown on the broker’s platform is well synchronized with the market time and the time zone is UTC/GMT +0.
  • For most of the securities, the time for the beginning of the trading session is on Sunday at the 2200 GMT and ends on Friday 2200 GMT.
  • Registering an account on the platform is free and likewise executing trades on the platform.
  • The leverage of every account on the broker is up to 200:1
  • There is a price alerts feature available on the website.
  • Accounts on the platform have narrow spread pricing. However, the broker is more liberal, with higher trading accounts with spreads.
  • The accounts have access to a level of bonuses that ranges from 40% to 100%, and it depends on the level of account opened with the broker.
  • There are varieties of assets that can be traded on the platform.
  • To holders of the Gold and the Platinum accounts, there are trade signals available.

Trading Fees and Spreads

As mentioned earlier, most brokers like EMD Capital make their profits from the spread in the pricing of each asset in the asset classes. Most often, this gives traders an impression that brokers will likely widen the spread to get more profits. But it has been established that EMD Capital does not charge any fee for using the broker neither is there any hidden commission that is charged for opening trading positions.

Comparing the spread of the EMD Capital broker with several other brokers shows that it is fair than an average broker. EMD Capital is more generous and liberal with the spread on the pricing of assets tradable on the platform. Moreover, a higher-level account can enjoy a narrower spread which will increase the profit margins of the trader. This particular broadcast still serves as one of the best options out there in increasing profit margins of traders by reducing the trading cost to the minimum level possible.

Method of Deposits and Withdrawals

There are many options of deposits on EMD capital platform. Not many brokers have many such options when it comes to depositing in the account. Below is the comprehensive details of the steps that need to be followed while depositing to your trading account in the EMD capital platform.

  • Ensure that your registered account is verified and activated.
  • Log into your trading account and find the deposit button on the website.
  • Choose from the wide range of methods to deposit in your trading account.
  • Fill the deposit form, enter the amount you want to deposit to your trading account and click the “Apply” button to process the transaction.
  • Send a copy of your debit or credit card with the information on clear and visible including your name, expiration date, the signature at the back of the card and the last four digits of the card number to the customer support team of EMD capital.
  • Deposit methods, including bank wire transfer, may require you to provide the proof of payment.

With all these, the process of depositing to your account should be approved and completed within a few minutes. And the number of funds deposited should reflect in your trading account almost instantly.

·        Debit Card and Credit Cards

The EMD capital platform accepts most of the major debit cards and credit cards are known including MasterCard and Visa, depositing with a debit card or a credit card does not incur any charge. It is one of the most straight forward and fastest methods of depositing to your trading account on EMD capital.

·        Electronic Wallets Transfer

The EMD Capital platform also supports deposit from eWallets. Most of the popular eWallets known are supported, and they include Neteller, BPay EntroPay, virtual card, Skrill and many more. Depositing through an e-wallet does not incur anything just like depositing through debit and credit card.

·        Bank Wire

Many people prefer bank transfer when depositing to their trading account, and not many brokers have such offers, hence, one of the advantages of EMD Capital when it comes to depositing to your trading account.

For this option, there are conditions attached. The minimum deposit through bank transfer is $500 (USD) while the platform charges $25 (USD) as a deposit fee. After the transfer, you will have to mail a copy of the proof of payment to the platform’s customer support. Approval and reflection will take most likely ten business days. In case of any issue, the customer service is always ready to help.

Be reminded that there is a possibility that your banking institution may charge a fee also for the transaction, so you are advised that you check with your bank for you to be duly informed on the full cost associated with using bank wire as a method of depositing to your trading account.

·        Crypto Deposits

This is another method of deposit that most brokerages do not have. The advent of cryptocurrency has caused a shift in the usage of legal tender in the world today, hence, most people prefer using digital currencies, and EMD Capital supports that. Currently, EMD Capital supports the usage of BitSend (BSD) crypto to deposit into your trading account.

Trading Platforms on EMD Capital

There are various trading platforms that a trader on EMD Capital can choose from. Many people detest downloading and installing the software of any type to execute trades. To such people, there is an option of using the web-based platform. This platform can be assessed by any basic internet browser as long as there is access to the internet.  

In contrast, if you prefer to download and install EMD Capital’s trading software on your personal computer, the option is available as well. However, the supported operating system for the software application, for now, is windows.

EMD Capital also has an application for mobile devices. This enables you to trade on the go with much convenience and flexibility. The EMD Capital mobile application is downloadable for android as well as iOS devices.

Types of Account on EMD Capital

There are different types of account on EMD Capital to allow a different level of traders with different backgrounds. The exotic and the advanced features can indeed get a trader who is just starting confused. Hence, it is not too good to have a single type of account to serve all kinds of traders.

EMD Capital offers five diverse types of accounts, and one of the varying features on these types of accounts is the percentage of bonus received for a new account.

The types of new accounts on the EMD Capital platform include:

  • Basic
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The EMD Capital Demo Account

Like most other brokers, EMD Capital offers a demo account filled with virtual funds for traders. This account serves a very great opportunity for traders to try out the features on the platform and also test their trading strategies for mastery.

Though the Demo account comes with virtual funds, all the features on it are still like a real account on the live trading platform. This is a perfect opportunity for traders, most especially, new traders to perfect their trading strategies with the virtual funds available without staking their real money, thereby reducing the risk attached to the live trading.

Trading Resources Available on EMD Capital

One of the hardest hurdles in trading, especially when you are just starting is having access to real resources that can be of help to you. Educational materials for trading are quite scarce and when found are also quite costly. But on EMD Capital, you have access to a vast range of resources on trading. These materials can serve both advanced and new traders.

The platform also organizes training and webinar for traders on their platform to teach them new trading strategies and help them master the risk management techniques and even other things that are quite helpful to make a full-grown trader.

All the traders who own a trading account can access the resources centre to get educational materials like eBooks, and articles on trading the financial market. Videos of market analysis are released on a daily basis to enhance the accuracy of traders on the platform. Much more, users of platinum accounts have access to one-on-one trading anchored by experts in the financial market industry.

The tools for trading on the EMD Capital website are designed and arranged for easier navigation of the online market. On the website, there is also a section for news as well, where traders can be updated on the recent events in the financial industry. Of course, these updates about news and events are very key and significant in determining the price action.

The news and other analysis videos also will be of great help analyzing the market both fundamentally and technically. On the platform too, is live-price charts that allow you to receive an update of the price of any asset in a security class in a split second with a price alert feature that notify you of a set price of a particular asset.

Altogether, there are various resources to enhance trading on the EMD Capital platform. These resources as well make trading very easy.

EMD Capital Security and Regulation

One of the features that matter (or should matter) to traders is how secured the website/platform is. Also, there are regulations released from time to time; adherence to these regulations makes trading safe on these platforms. Of course, traders and investors will want to keep their investments safe from scams and also from hacks and breaches.

Commendably, EMD Capital is a well-regulated trading platform that is proven not to be an internet scam. However, investment on this platform is very safe as the website is ensuring the implementation of updated and state of the art security measures.

The security measures put in place on this website include a strong firewall that fights breaches and a multi-layered SSL Protection which allows you to trade without being afraid that your data will be compromised.

EMD Capital Savings Account

This features in one of the rare features that cannot be found in any other broker platform. The saving account is a great service offered by the EMD Capital that allows you to save your money with a very moderate interest rate per unit time. This feature allows you to keep the liquidity of your unused cash high and access to these funds when kept is hassle-free.

With EMD Capital, you can withdraw and deposit to this saving account very fast.

EMD Capital Risk Management Tool

Of course, trading the financial market comes with so much risk as the price of assets in markets fluctuates a lot. To make a profit or incur losses depends on the current situation of the market. However, there are various ways that the broker helps you cut your losses.

These tools include the diverse asset index, the stop loss feature, stop limit, price alerts, trailing stop and the negative balance protection. These tools ensure that you are not subjected to an irrecoverable loss in the market.


Having analyzed different arms of the broker, it can be numbered among one of the best trading platforms truly. However, before investing on the platform, there might be a need for you to carry out your background research to be fully convinced about the broker while all hopes are set that this article will be more than enough to help you decide.

Overall, EMD Capital is a wonderful choice of broker for both upcoming trader and advanced trader looking for a firm to partner with to access the financial market.

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