Finexro: Top-Rated Trading Broker 2020

Finexro is a top-rated trading broker offering premium services of trading for cryptocurrency, stocks, forex, commodity, and saving accounts. According to the company, it is the number one trading place for Bitcoin trading. Besides regular trading, it also gives an opportunity for demo trading for traders and investors.

It is an award-winning trading firm that has specialties in providing trading facilities from low capital holders to large scale investors. It has another extraordinary feature which enables it to ultra-fast execution of orders. The staff members of the trading firm are professional and well experienced.

Account Types

To deal with customers having different investment amounts, Finexro has provided five different account plans, including the Bronze account, Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, and VIP program. Each one of the five account types has different deposit limits and trading facilities. The primary account, such as the Bronze account, has limited things, but you will find marvelous trading services for the VIP program. But there are common things which are provided to all account holders. These services include access to an online education center, access to all trading platforms, online support chat, webinars, maximum leverage (1:30), demo account, seminars, professional account leverage (1:200), segregated bank account, variable speed (0.1pip), 50% stop out level, and STP Dealing Desk.

After sign up with the site, one must have to deposit at least 200 in order to unlock basic services. But to choose an investment plan, a trader will have to add at least 1,000. I will talk about each of the five accounts with a basic introduction. Hope, you will like the detail.

Bronze Account

After opening the Bronze account, a relationship manager will build the trust of users over the trading platform. The account satisfies all needs of traders who have low money to invest in traded objects. Beginners can start their trading voyage with the Bronze account. The game does not stop here as it has more surprises for users. The trading commission standard is unlocked for it along with other things. On a trial period, a holder of the Bronze account will have access to trading central premium signals, and trading central daily newsletter. What’s more, one session of private one to one trading academy is also allowed to customers. If you are ready to join the investment, then add 5,000 into the segregated account of the platform.

Silver Account

If you have an investment above 10,000, then you should go for the Silver account. After getting ownership of the Silver account, you would be welcomed by a relationship manager. In addition to it, few other services are also waiting for you, such as access to the trading central daily newsletter and trading central premium signals. Three trading sessions of private one to the trading academy are also present for Silver account holders. Finexro has an edge over other trading companies due to its offering of cryptenix investments and trading commission standards.

Gold Account

In terms of investment, it is an intermediate kind of investment plan that demands at least 50,000 for account opening. Like Bronze and Silver accounts, you will get free access to relationship manager on a permanent basis. Gold account holders will be able to avail of up to 10% discount as a trading commission. People can receive notifications about happenings in the trading world via SMS.  With a Gold account, people can attend one event per month after getting eligible for the event room and will receive trading central premium signals and the trading central daily newsletter. Similar to the Silver account, the Gold account also makes you aware of cryptenix investments. Owners of the Gold account will be allowed to participate in private trading sessions (two sessions per month).

Platinum Account

To get access to the Platinum account, one must have to add at least 100,000 to the website account. The trading commission is expanded up to a 25% discount as it is more premium and special account as compared to previous ones. Users of the Platinum account can get access to relationship manager, trading central daily newsletter, trading central premium signals, event room, cryptenix investments, and SMS trading notifications. People having the Platinum account can enjoy four private trading sessions and eight private one to one trading academy.

Premium Account

The Premium account can be opened after you deposit 250,000 in the wallet. The trading services of the Premium account include access to relationship manager, trading central daily newsletter, trading central premium signals, private one to one trading academy (16 sessions), private trading sessions (8 sessions per month), access to event room (4 events per month), SMS trading notifications, cryptenix investments, trading commission (50% discount), and VIP services on a trial period.

VIP Program

Finexro has also offered a VIP program for those who want to invest in millions of dollars. In the VIP program, all trading services are VIP, which satisfies the needs of institutional investors. Institutional investors are those who are ready to play big to earn profit in thousands of dollars. To enjoy the services of the VIP program, you should have millions of dollars. But the limit for it has not been mentioned over the site and one can know in detail about it after contacting the support team of the trading firm.

Versatile Trading Products

Over the page of Finexro, you fill find multiple assets, including cryptocurrency, commodity, forex, stocks, indices, and saving accounts. Traders want a variety at the time when they are deciding about investment. According to financial scientists and experts, the portfolio of a trader should have a variety from cryptocurrency to commodity. The account managers of the site assist people in making decisions about trading at the time of the portfolio’s design.

In cryptocurrency, it is offering top-rated digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Cryptocurrency is known for high volatility but it can result in a high profit on the part of traders and investors. The crypto derivatives products are also listed over the site such as leverage trading and futures positions. According to the trading broker, it offers leverage up to 100x which is an exceptional thing as compared to alternatives in the market. There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges in the world that offer hundreds of digital currencies. But over the page of Finexro, you will find charming crypto opportunities along with other traditional investment products.

In commodities, a user can get exposure to hundreds of trending commodities such as gold and silver. Besides gold and silver, you will find other profitable commodities for trading.

If you are looking for a place where you can trade the best currency pairs then Finexro is the best one as it has won many awards for offering exceptional Forex services. For instance, currency pairs of all prominent fiats are available, which is a good thing about it. You can become rich in days after getting a true exposure to the forex market as the total daily trading volume reaches above $4 trillion. It is true that the Forex market is volatile to some extent but it also helps in getting profit in large amounts. Live price charts of currencies can make your path easy in the industry.

Stock trading is one of the most popular and oldest methods of trading. In it, investors buy shares of the companies and can get returns in case of shares’ price increase. A wise and professional trader knows on which stocks he has to put money. For people who do not have enough knowledge about it, the managers hired by the company can service them.

Trading of indices is another popular method for earning money. Similarly, you will also encounter the facility of a savings account that is a very passive way of income but it is risk-free.

Trading Platforms

After entry over a broker site, the traders need a trading platform that must be reliable and trusted. The trading platform offered by Finexro is advanced and equipped with modern-day robust technology. Once you deposit the minimum amount in the site wallet, you will get access to the trading platform. For your kind information, the brokerage firm has designed separate trading platforms for both the web-based version and mobile devices.

The Web Trader is accessible on every browser and a trader can bet over objects from anywhere. You do not have to download it but use it without even installing it. For mobile phones, Finexro has also rolled a trading platform which is known as Mobile Trader. With it, you can trade on investment objects anywhere and anytime.

Award Winner Broker

There are a great number of features and characteristics of it but it has become a top-rated broker for multi-assets trading as it has won a lot of awards as compared to competitors in the financial markets. Last year was fantastic for Finexro as it won six awards as the best forex trading site. The awards include best execution broker, global, 2019, best FX execution, global, 2019, best FX provider, 2019, best MT% broker, 2019, best FX broker, 2019, and Best Forex provider 2019. In awards, there is no competitor of it in the markets which shows it has also won the trust of traders and investors across the world.

The Functionality of Demo Account

The Demo account is a great facility that helps both beginner and professional traders as it serves both in a different manner. For instance, it assists newcomers on the site to learn about the whole trading service overall while knowing about the trading. They can also study the process of profit-making and risk-taking strategies and techniques about the Finexro.

On the other hand, Professionals traders and investors can use open a demo account only to know about features and services. It is the best way of user introduction with the multi-assets brokerage firm. With a demo account, you can execute hundreds of trades without losing anything or gaining profit. It is just a way to check its properties, qualities, strengths, and weaknesses of the trading brokerage firm.

Customer Care

In an online business, the owners pay a lot of concentration towards the customer section. As it is the only way of connection between the company and its companies due to short of physical interrelationship. The customer care of a company must be run by a professional and experienced team as it is good and beneficial for both the company and users. The customer support of Finexro is marvelous and extraordinary which satisfies both newcomers and professional investors.

There are various ways to contact the staff members of the broker. First, you can make a connection with a given mobile phone number and you can make a live call with the support agents. Second, you can send your queries via a given email. Third, You can submit your queries and questions via the “Contact Us” option.  The customer support center of Finexro is highly appreciated and welcomed by the users of the trading brokerage firm. The users are very satisfied as their feedback about the Finexro is positive.

Professional Team of Finexro

The trading platform has won six awards in trading thanks to the dedicated team of the firm. They have only hired professional and experienced members in order to serve the traders and investors have different needs. The developers who design the website are having years of experience and are known for modern-day technology.

They have employed intelligence systems with robust technology on the website. Similarly, it is created by a team of people who are experienced traders in the financial markets. So, the company is monitored and controlled by guru investors. Behind the customer support, there is a dedicated team of members who are serving the customers 24/7 on every matter. The success of the trading company is due to the hardworking and dedicated staff of Finexro. Once you join the website, it will take the responsibilities of the customers.

Security of Finexro

In security, the firm has dedicated its tension a lot and it is the major goal of Finexro to provide full security in terms of users’ funds and users’ information. Once you become an official member of Finexro, it takes responsibility for your funds and personal information. As mentioned over the site, the funds are stored in the segregated account offered by the company for security and protection purposes. Similarly, it has employed multiple security standards in order to resist any kind of possible cyberattack. The developers of Finexro have made it so well that there is no chance of a theft attack or stealing attack. In terms of security, it is counted in the leading trading sites of the world. Its competitors have become the victim of a security breach in one way or the other but it is the record of the Finexro that it never became the victim of any security attack.

In order to fight money laundering and other kinds of illicit activities, it is fully complied with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. What’s more, Finexro is also a registered entity and is fully complied with the concerned regulatory authorities.

Not only funds but it also ensures the safety and security of the customers’ sensitive information. The user data is the major tool in the modern-day world to manipulate and earn money as a result. The tech giants exploit data after taking data from third parties. And various companies are sealed so far because they have shared personal information with third parties. But this is not the case with Finexro as it has put the users’ data under many security layers.  It is the major responsibility of the platform to secure the customers’ data. The data taken at the time of the sign-up process is only for identification purposes as it has no other motive behind it. Once you join the site, you become the first priority of Finexro’s team.

Why join Finexro for Trading?

You will get the answer to this question if have known Finexro in detail. It is the best trading site from all perspectives. First, it is a multi-assets supported platform where you can trade all kinds of traded products, including cryptocurrency, commodity, stocks, forex, indices, and saving accounts. The availability of a wide range of products makes it a charming and popular trading broker in the market. According to the firm, it has implemented ultra-fast order execution (more than 7.12 ms on average). What’s more, has deployed a powerful infrastructure that is powered by Amazon AWS. Since its launch in 2018, it has made its name in 150 countries among traders and investors.


As a complied and registered trading broker, it is a multi-asset trading platform where you find a wide number of trading instruments for trading. If you want to become rich in a matter of days then Finexro is made for you.

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