Is Pibexa a Leading Forex Trading Platform?

The current internet world is vulnerable due to the rise of many illegal actors, which try different methods to robe money out of people. To steal money via fake or scam trading sites is a common strategy of cyber thieves. So, in order to avoid these illicit actors, one must have to check the reliability and credibility of an online broker.

After reviewing many Forex trading sites, I have found a true brokerage platform for you. Based on my research, Pibexa is a leading Forex broker in security, reliability, credibility, customer care, privacy, and trading. What’s more, traders and investors can find unlimited opportunities for profit-making.


Pibexa has made its name in the Forex market as a leading broker. As the Forex market settles trillions of dollars in daily trading sessions, Pibexa has provided all necessary functionalities and options for traders. As a compliant Forex trading platform, users have positive sentiments and opinions for Pibexa. The professional team of the company is experienced and professional in dealing with traders and investors who are interested to invest in Forex markets. In terms of security and privacy, the company has adopted advanced safety measures that are important for users’ security. It is a leading Forex broker in everything, such as reliability, credibility, traceability, transparency, security, privacy, experienced team, and outstanding customer support.

As a regulated Forex company, it works according to the rules and regulations set by the regulatory body. The operator and parent company of Pibexa is known as Tarvida Industries LP, which is committed to offering quality services.

Account Types

For your ease, the company has rolled out four different account types keeping in mind the needs and requirements of traders and investors. A user can opt for one of these four trading plans that suit him the best. Four accounts include a silver account, gold account, platinum account, and diamond account. I will talk about each one of these in detail. The compliance with the regulatory body makes it more secure and charming for traders and customers.

Silver Account

This is the primary account you will come across on the platform, which gives basic facilities. To open the silver account, you will have to submit funds from 250-999. After funding, you will gain access to account services. For instance, Ebook on trading will help you understand the financial markets. Similarly, with academy access, you can better learn about investment strategies and investment tools. If you are a beginner then the Silver account is best for you as it will give you all the basic services which are needed for trading.

Gold Account

One must have an investment of between 1,000-4,999 to open the Gold account. It means you must have at least 1,000 for using the gold account. Besides Ebook and Academy Access, the company will hire a dedicated account manager for you.  The Gold account comes at a second number after the Silver account in an upward direction and has more service facilities than the previous one. With an Ebook provided by the broker, you can learn about trading strategies and techniques which are helpful in earning a lot of profit.

Platinum Account

The Platinum account is standing at the third spot in a row with more specialties and features for people. With this account type, a senior account manager will help you create a versatile portfolio full of opportunities. With the Platinum category, a bonus of up to 100% is available. What’s more, users will not have to pay a fee on withdrawals of funds. The option of the interest-bearing account is also present at the service of customers. The minimum deposit level for funds stands at 5,000.

Diamond Account

As it is the top account level, you must have at least 35,000 to start with the Diamond account. The top-notch features of the Diamond account include a full education package, premium contract options, senior account manager, expert analyst trading sessions, 100% bonus, Mastercard’s availability for withdrawals, zero withdrawal fees, and the option of interest-bearing account for consolidation of profit. The Diamond account is for institutional investors who invest in millions of dollars, and over the platform, big investors will have cooperated on every matter.

Compliant Nature of Pibexa

The broker has fully complied, and it ensures all kinds of safety measures, which are needed for users’ security. To prevent illicit activities and fraudulent actions, it also ensures Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. Detailed information about withdrawal policy, refund policy, and privacy policy is mentioned over the page labeled as “Compliance.”

Forex Traded Products

Once you land over Pibexa’s site, you will find an unlimited range of traded products, such as forex pairs. Out of hundreds of investment products, one can opt for favorite or pick favorite products out of the extensive list. Pibexa trading site is a famous place for traders and investors across the world due to its top-notch features and characteristics.

Tools and Functionalities

For traders’ ease, the company has also rolled out an extensive list of tools and functionalities. The historical traded data is listed so that people can make new decisions keeping in mind the trends of the past data. With an offering of tools and functionalities, one can earn thousands of dollars after using tools and site strategies. To do technical analysis of a particular market, you will have to utilize the technical indicators and tools. Pibexa has inserted versatile and top-rated indicators and tools for customers. By using these tools and functionalities, traders can earn profit in thousands of dollars.

Competitive Fee Structure

People want to join those platforms which cut low fees or commissions on services. A low fee structure attracts more investors and traders. There are a few numbers of brokers that offer high quality services at low fees. Pibexa is providing an extensive list of trading services at the lowest possible fees, which is a great thing about it. Comparatively, a competitive fee structure is rolled out by the company for users. However, there is no information about the fee or commission. After registration of the account, you will find the information about fees on trading, deposits, and withdrawals.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To deposit money on the platform is easy to follow process, and within two to three steps, you can fund your account. Similarly, you do not need to wait for a long time for funds withdrawal as the professional team of Pibexa makes it very easy for users. For the injection of funds into the wallet, you will require a payment method, and the company has listed all common payment methods. Similarly, for money withdrawal, you will utilize the accepted methods, and it executes the process within hours instead of days.

Professional team

The credit of top-notch features and outstanding characteristics of the platform goes to the professional team of the company. The team is working day and night to provide exceptional services to customers. The team comprises experienced market experts, customer care agents, and professional developers. It is due to the marvelous cooperation of the team that it is the top-rated exchange in the market. From the development of the website to the offering of customer support, everything is perfect which is due to the hardworking team of Pibexa. User reviews about customer care of the brokerage are very praiseworthy and positive. Customer agents are very responsible for listening and solving customers’ queries and problems.

Customer Care

Without good customer care, a good relationship is impossible between the company and its customers. A lot of times, traders raise the issue of bad customer support about trading platforms. But for Pibexa, you will not find any negative comment because the company is offering the fastest and quality customer support. At specific times fixed for customer support, users will find prompt replies to their requests. The customers not only find responses on time, but the customer agents will try their best to solve queries and issues of the people. If you have any queries or questions, you can reach out to Pibexa’s team via the “Contact Us” option. Pibexa’s staff is active 24/7 for users and help traders in solving their issues on time. It is not possible that customer agents do not give a prompt response, which is an exceptional thing about the Forex trading platform.

User Interface

The user interface of the exchange is an interactive and dynamic full of options. A trader can easily reach its destination where he wants to go. For instance, if you want to withdraw your money out of the platform, you can reach the “withdrawal” option after following two to three steps. The user interface is designed using the expectations and needs of both beginners and professional traders. People who are new to the site will find no difficulties at all in using the trading platform. New people on the site will find it the most versatile and dynamic trading place in terms of the user interface.

Security of the Exchange

Security is the most popular thing users can expect from an online trading platform. Without proper security and reliable protections, traders and investors should not open an account. A lot of traders lose their capital when they register over fake or scam sites. But Pibexa has made its name at the top of the list of secure trading companies. The developers behind the platform develop it in such a way that it is protected by various secure layers. It is also complied with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies to prevent illicit activities, which are normally linked with online trading sites.

Developers and designers of Pibexa have encrypted the site with the most advanced technology of the era, which is difficult to hack. In such tight security layers around the trading site, it is very difficult to breach the security of the site. Users will not have to take the tension of their capital as their funds are safe and secure. Contact details and address information are clearly mentioned over the first page of the website.

Privacy of Users

The privacy of users is the foremost thing that should be kept in mind before joining any company. Wise traders always check the privacy policy of a broker before starting their journey with the website. It is of the major priorities of Pibexa to take care of customers’ privacy. It is mentioned in the privacy policy of the company that users’ privacy is a great responsibility, and it is also the major priority of Pibexa. The information taken at the time of registration is only for identification purposes. Even the staff of the company is not allowed to see personal information about the users and their financial information.

Trade from Anywhere

Pibexa is giving you an opportunity to make use of the trading process from anywhere. It is a very useful service that a user can open a website from anywhere he wants to. Users will not have to download or install the website, but instead, they can open the website on any device whether it is a mobile or computer.  The web-version of the Pibexa broker is versatile, integrated, and easy to use. With the mobile application users can enjoy the facility of trading irrespective of place. It lets you trade anywhere after opening it over the given device. You can download the mobile application of the Pibexa broker from Google Play.


Pibexa is a transparent site in terms of fees and policies. Over the site, you will find all policies and information about the services of the site. Transparency means there are no hidden things, such as information about commission and fees. You will be able to pay fees that are mentioned by the site as it does not make users unaware of its policies. If a company is known for its transparency, then there are strong chances that a strong relationship will be formed between the company and its active user base. Pibexa has a very transparent relationship with customers.

How to Start Trading with Pibexa?

There is no more a complex setup process for registration with the brokerage company. After going through some basic steps, you can officially start the trading process. From funding to the time of money withdrawal, the whole process can be followed easily with no difficulty at all. I will guide you by simply telling you about the basic procedure needed for registration.

Registration of Account

If you have decided to start your trading journey with Pibexa, you will first go through the signup process. A button of sign up is clearly mentioned over the landing page of the website. When you press the sign up button, a page of registration will open in front of you. It will ask you basic information such as first name, last name, email, phone number, and country of residence.

Verification of Identity

In the second step, a user will have to provide proof of his identification. The verification of a customer’s identity can be done in various ways. First, it is obligatory to verify the account through email, which is sent by the company. Second, it is necessary to verify the phone number. In the final step, Pibexa can demand from you the required documents, necessary for user identification.

Funding Phase

After you verify your account, you will be then asked to deposit funds. If you select a particular account, you would deposit the funds set for that account type. A wide range of payment methods is available to deposit funds on the platform. Once you fund your account, you will be able to use the brokerage site.

Trading Phase

After completing the necessary steps, you are now ready to start the trading of Forex pairs. For trading, a wide list of investments is available to traders and investors. Traders across the world can make an unlimited profit by exploiting the trading opportunities offered by Pibexa.

Facility of Mobile Application

In this busy world, people usually have mobile phones in their pockets or bags. Pibexa has shifted the whole trading process into a mobile application for mobile phones. On your mobile device, you can get access to all trading opportunities and features which are provided by Pibexa. Moreover, a broker is now incomplete without a mobile application, as it has become an integral part. You can download the mobile app of Pibexa from Google Play. All resource materials and tools are also available in Pibexa’s mobile app.

Financial Resources

In the financial markets, financial resources mean a lot and help investors in making wise decisions related to trading. These financial resources include top trends, popular trends, and financial news. Popular trends let you know the most trending Forex trading pairs in the financial markets. Section of financial news tells about the major development news, which uses to do the fundamental analysis of the markets. The financial news gives detailed coverage of the latest news in the Forex market. It lets you assist in decision making while making trades.


Having recognized by top-notch features and functionalities, Pibexa has the capability to become your favorite trading place for Forex investment products. What’s more, the platform has made its name prominent due to high-level security and outstanding customer care.

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