My Personal Experience Trading One Touch Binary Options

One Touch binary options trading is slightly different but almost the same than the regular call/put binary options. Here too you have to decide that whether the price of an investment will go up or go down on a certain period of time or not. The one touch binary options are considered a bit riskier than regular call/put binary options.

Here the commodity must reach a certain price in order to earn provider rather than ending at higher or lower than the real price. In this article I would be shedding lights upon my first-hand experience on one touch binary options trading.

What is one touch binary options?

Similar to call/put binary options, the one touch binary options is just another variation of binary trading platform. Just like call/put option, in one touch option you have to decide whether the price of a particular asset will go up or go down for a given period of time or not. But there is a catch in it. Just like we discussed earlier in one touch binary trading assets must actually trade at or touch a certain price. If the price hits your guesses amount then you win the trade and money goes to your account.

Risk factors

The trading world itself is a risky one so one way or another you have to risk your money at any cost. The twist in one touch is that once your asset touches your guesses sticker price you with the money no matter how much time are left on the clock. But if the time runs out before the asset reaches its target price, you lose your investment. But fun fact is that, the riskier it is the better pay-outs it provides. SO in one touch trading your pay-outs can extent to almost 150 to 500% depending on the broker you choose. The returns are the reason why so many people are willing to try this option for better business.

Role of the broker

The role of the binary options broker is crucial in every case. Apart from providing you the right web based options, they will be your eyes and ears during the whole trading process. With only their guidance one can easily guess what the price of the asset might reach. For a novice who doesn’t know much about one touch trading, a reputable broker such as Omega Options or BoPros plays a crucial role to help them learn it.


To trade in one touch you need to have access to particular software. In the software, one touch instrument is written around the software. The money you invest, as well as the returns you will get in case of successful trading will be written on the screen. You just have to decide whether the price will touch the target price or not.

Due to high pay-outs this is one of the best trading options one has if they want to invest in the trading world. But you must learn from experts if you really want to start exploring in this option.

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