Personal Trading Experience With SpotOption Binary Options Platform

SpotOption began constructing its binary options trading platform in the year 2008. At the time of creating its platform, the broker used market figure feeds via reputed market experts like Reuters.

The company eventually acquired its license in the month of May in 2012 through CySEC. After obtaining the license, the company started following the norms and regulations laid down by the Cyprus SEC. Read on to discover more about the SpotOption binary options trading platform.

The Platform

The SpotOption binary options platform is highly attractive and easy to use. It allows traders to take quick and profitable trade decisions by implementing intra-day trading strategies. In fact, this option allows novice traders to place profitable trades. The platform also allows traders to manage their risks easily. The company also released an improved as well as innovative version of the SpotOption known as the Spot2 platform.

The new platform has usual high-quality trading features and functionality. It also features the all new and exciting visual dimension that imparts it with an extremely pleasing look and feel. Given that the company is constantly looking at ways to enhance its portal, SpotOption has introduced a host of features to make it convenient for traders to place their trades comfortably. For instance, SpotOption has come up with the Ladder trading feature that enables traders to earn more profits when the prices are favorable. Traders can also use the Spot Ladder option to increase their chances of earning higher profits.


As far as the trade speed and reaction is concerned, SpotOption is definitely a great platform for traders. Traders can either keep a track of the signals for entering or exiting trades or you’re the short-term trading methods for monopolizing on specific movements in the market. On the other hand, the SpotOption charts are extremely reactive with prices being constantly updated.


The SpotOption binary options trading platform offers two different kinds of graphs to traders. Traders can either use the small and simple line graph or a large graph such as the Meta or pro or open platform graph. Thus, traders can use both the types of graph to determine and place desired trades comfortably.


The platform offers a wide variety of features and tools, which allows the traders to operate and place their trades conveniently. For example, traders can use the Option builder platform that allows them to make their selection from a wide variety of options in addition to choosing the OTM/ITM payouts.

Apart from this, traders can also utilize other trading options like One Touch, Doubleup, Rollover, High Risk, Early sale etc. Additionally, traders can also monitor or keep a track of the closed or open positions by accessing the status bar visible on the screen. Traders are also provided mail alerts after the conclusion of every trade, which basically informs them about the final outcome/result of their trades.

In a nutshell, the SpotOption platform is ideal for traders who are on the lookout for a user-friendly and hundred percent web based platform. It has some of the best trading options and tools for its users and an excellent customer support team that provide live and instant support to the traders.

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