Personal Trading Experience With Tradologic Binary Options Platform

Tradologic is one of the major binary options platform providers available today. The broker offers user-friendly, innovative and feature-rich binary options site that is easy to navigate. The platform allows traders as well as brokers to modify certain features as pert their individual requirements. Here, find a comprehensive review about Tradologic.

Tradologic Trading Platform

Tradologic offers an easy to use and navigate trading platform to its users. The broker offers a comprehensive range of trading services and solutions for both traders and brokers. The company has an immensely powerful trading platform that allows both brokers and traders to maximize their performance and further improve their profitability. Tradologic has two different models for brokers and they can pick either of them based on their budget and requirements. While, on one hand binary options brokers can avail their White Label Binary Options trading solutions, on the flip side, they have the option of acquiring license from the company to launch their own binary options trading platform.

The White Label Program provides them with innumerable features including risk management and payment processing that are handled by Tradologic and the broker handles marketing as well as business expansion. The licensing trading program provided by Tradologic enables brokers to acquire license for using their binary options software and platform. Furthermore, the entire operation is handled by the brokers themselves.

Tradologic for Traders

The Tradologic platform is ideal for traders who want to earn profits through binary options trading. In fact, Tradologic offers a highly efficient and unrivaled trading platform for traders. Traders can use a wide variety of trading methods and strategies including One Touch Trading, Range Trading as well as Digital Options Trading to maximize their profits. The platform also offers the filter feature, which basically allows traders to customize their trading options as per their individual requirements.

Attractive Features

Tradologic offers some of the most advanced trading features and technology to its users. Traders can use the platform to either extend or close their trades before they expire. Apart from this, traders can open their accounts with a minimal trading amount of ten dollars. The Tradologic binary options trading platform is excellent for advanced as well as novice traders. The broker also has extremely unique and advanced trading features such as ‘Stop Loss’, ‘Double’ and ‘Take Profit’, which aids traders in placing profitable trades. Aside to Range, Digital Options and One Touch trading options, the broker also has other trading options for traders including Turbo and Matrix. However, the platform does not have enough tools for conducting technical analysis, which makes it difficult for traders to take the best trading decision.


To sum up, the Tradologic binary options platform is supported by reputed options brokers such as XP Markets, OptionBIT and OptionXP, which makes it a highly trustworthy and excellent platform for trading binary options. They have some of the most enticing trading features and options for both traders as well as brokers, which make it a highly reliable binary options trading platform in the market.

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