RBOptions Binary Options Broker Review

RBOptions is a rising binary options broker recently established in 2013 and owned by Zulutoys Ltd. They also have offices in the Marshall Islands. Since their inception, RBOptions has won numerous broker awards, including awards for “Best Customer Service” and “Best Binary Options Education Program.”

Even though they are currently not licensed, RBOptions is one of the most transparent brokers in the industry. They provide a complete list of their trading team members, including their full names, job titles, and email addresses. Their senior-level members even have bios. Most brokers can’t even give you their real location, much less a complete list of their staff members.


RBOptions offers four different account types. They are the Silver, Gold, Broker, and VIP accounts. The Silver plan requires a minimum deposit of at least $250, but doesn’t come with any additional features. The Gold plan requires a $5,000 deposit and comes with free trading signals during major market events.

The Broker account seems to be their most popular plan. It requires a $25,000 initial deposit and comes with event trading signals, 24 hour withdrawals, a personal account manager, NFP signals, and a free money management service.

Each new accounts comes with a welcome bonus of 25%, 50%, 100%, and even 150%, respectively. They also have a rewards plan where investors can earn free Apple electronics.

RBOptions Platform

RBOptions utilizes the SpotOption platform, which includes over 100 trading assets and 7 ways to trade them. Their standard High/Low options come with expiry times in 20-minute increments, while their 60-second options have various expiries under 5 minutes. We like the fact that RBOption offers candlestick charting so that trading can take place without the need for outside software, and we also like the fact they have risk control features like Double Up and Sell Early.

Additionally, they offer returns on trades ending out of the money – so RBOptions would be an excellent broker to use with Hedging and Straddle strategies. Apart from High/Low and 60 seconds, they also offer Pairs, Long Term, One Touch, standard Forex/CFD trading, and Spot Follow – an in-house social trading service.


The ability to freely deposit and withdraw funds from a trading account is a critical component of any trustworthy binary options brokers. RBOptions deposit and withdrawal methods include credit or debit cards, Skrill, Moneybookers, or bank wire. Withdrawal requests of at least $100 are approved within 3 business days so it can take up to 7 business days to see the funds in your bank account.

We looked around to see if any other investors had any problems moving funds in and out of RBOptions, but were unable to find any major complaints or issues. With this said, we highly recommend checking out RBOptions as your next binary options broker.

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