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Solid Marketz

Solid MarketzA common question that most new traders ask me is why they need a broker. Most traders that are new to the financial market do not understand how important a broker is when trading. Brokers act as middle men between you and your potential investments. Think of them as bridges that connect you to the world of trading.

But since there are so many brokers to choose from, which one is right for you. One way to find the right one is by understanding your needs as a trader, and finding a broker to match. Or you can go for a jack of all trades broker who can offer a little bit of everything to you. One such broker is Solid Marketz.

Simple Registration

Starting out with a new broker can always be daunting, namely because of the registration process. Even traders that have been trading for some time complain about the long wait times during registration. It is easy to understand why brokers can take so long to respond.

Brokers often have to perform various background checks before accepting traders. This can save you from dangerous situations of hackers getting access to your information. However, that is not to say that some brokers take too long to respond to their traders.

Various people tell me about their nightmare experiences with certain brokers that took multiple weeks to respond. Taking that much time can be detrimental to a new trader’s enthusiasm. Therefore, the most time that a broker should take is between one and two days to respond to traders.

Luckily, when signing up with Solid Marketz you will not have to wait for long to get a response. The latest that I have seen them respond is three days. But them responding within three days is very rare.

An Account Type for Every Trader

When you are registering to any brokerage, you will have to choose from a list of account types. While all of these account types depend on your minimum deposit, they can have very vague titles and descriptions. This is one of the most important decisions that you will make when registering to a broker. And vague account descriptions are not much help.

The perks and features that come with the every account type can greatly alter your trading experience. So you will have to make the right choice from the get go. But making that choice can be hard when the descriptions are not clear.

Fortunately, a lot of brokers have moved away from vague account titles and descriptions. Instead, they are opting for simpler and more descriptive titles. Ergo, by reading these titles, traders will be able to understand who this account is for and what it might offer.

Solid Marketz is one such broker that has opted for simpler account titles that give you a better idea of what they offer. Their different accounts include:


As the name implies, this is the type of account that is great for traders that are just starting out. The minimum deposit is just €250, after which you can invest in your desired asset. Now one thing that may be a little disappointing for traders is the lack of trading tools. Trading tools offer a major advantage when trading, and can make the process much easier.

However, whatever they offer in the beginner account is enough for you to get understand trading and the software. They also offer webinars and various education materials that can help you improve.


After the beginner account, the second tier is the intermediate account. The minimum deposit for an advanced account is significantly higher at €5,000. It is the account best suited for people that have considerable experience trading, and know their way around the market.

You can access all of the tools present in the beginner account as well as new features and perks. Traders with this account will receive one to one live sessions with professionals in the market. They will also have access to an online academy and an expert advisor for three months.


Finally, the expert account is the last account type that you can use through Solid Marketz. This account type requires a massive initial deposit of €20,000. After depositing the amount, you receive all of the features lower accounts along with various new ones.

As a member of this account, you receive unlimited one to one live sessions with a professional. Moreover, you will also have unlimited access to an expert advisor. All these perks alone are enough for you to reach your full potential when trading. However, this account is only for people who know exactly what they are doing. These traders must have at least a few years of proper experience in the market before registering for the account.

Solid Marketz trading platforms

Different Trading Platforms

Similarly to most brokers, Solid Marketz offers a wide range of trading platforms to its traders. These include web and mobile traders, along with an application to provide ample convenience to traders.

The diversity in their trading platforms accompanies various traders and their life styles. If you are the type of trader who wants to dedicate a set time to trade on their computer, you can use the web trader. Conversely, if you like trading on the go, the Meta Trader 4 app might just be the best thing for you. 

Take You First Step into Trading Today

Trading has always been difficult but it becomes a lot easier with practice. The more time and effort that you put into trading, the better you will be at it. There are no tricks, techniques, or shortcuts to getting better at trading. Instead you will have to put in the time and effort to become better.

Therefore, try not to rush yourself through the learning process. Take your time learning how everything works, as well as how the market shifts. All this knowledge will come in handy as you slowly become a better trader.

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