Various Forex Automated Trading Systems and Their Benefits

In the next few sections we will look at some of the common automated forex trading techniques used nowadays. These auto forex trading systems include EA Shark 6.0, ProFx 2.0, EA Sigma 4.0, FX Pulse 1.0 and similar other automatic forex trading systems. You can use these types of systems with your account at a recommended forex brokerage such as Trade LTD trading website.

EA Shark 6.0

If you are looking for highly rewarding as well as low risk forex trading then EA Shark 6.0 should be one of your choices. This automated system uses strategies and analyze forex market conditions to provide you the best results. Different methods such as pivot points, indicators, inter market data and fibonacci are used to choose profitable trading options and work accordingly.

Benefits of EA Shark 6.0

1. Totally hands free operations
2. Utilization of artificial intelligence for better adaptation to market conditions
3. All day monitoring of market conditions to trace best opportunities
4. Fixed stop loss technique to reduce risk of loss
5. In built money management technique to increase profits
6. Operations tested on historical data
7. Sixty day money back guarantee with no risks

ProFx 2.0

It is one of the semi automated systems which you can use in different trading markets and the system sends you email as well as sms notifications and alerts using built in features.

Features of ProFx 2.0

1. Provides simple exit as well as entry signals for everyone to follow
2. The notification system alerts you if there are different trading signals available
3. Best for intraday, position & swing trading
4. You can use it at different times of the day as well as with different currency pairs
5. Works totally on rule based system
6. It can return 850 pips and has a 1/2 ratio of risk and reward

EA Sigma 4.0

This is a system which works on trades which give high returns with low amount of risk. Using correlations and data from inter market trading it selects the best trade to enter into.

Specialties of EA Sigma 4.0

1. Provides stable gains in different market conditions
2. Completely automated trading technique
3. Created especially for providing high rewards and low risks
4. Money back guarantee for as long as sixty days after you start using the system

FX Pulse 1.0

FX Pulse is one kind of analytic plug used in MT4. It displays data from different markets on trading chart as well as details regarding trading movements, margins, levels of swap and latest news from the market.

Some of the other benefits of using FX Pulse are:

1. It analyzes market conditions to provide information about trends and directions in trading
2. Swap rate as well as margin level data is easily accessible
3. Statistics and news about what is happening in the market is displayed instantly

A Final Note

We can conclude here by saying that use of such automated trading techniques help to reduce a lot of risk that is part of forex trading and assists forex traders in increasing their profit margins. There are numerous other trading systems available and which you use depends upon your needs & requirements.

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