Trading Is Not Such a Big Deal When You Are Trading With STR Capital – Here Is Why

Is STR Capital a Scam or a Legitimate Forex and Cryptocurrency Broker?

STR Capital is not a scam! It is a legitimate licensed and regulated broker.

STR Capital Review

Trading has proven to be one of the most popular ways for people around the world to make money in the recent times. Somehow, trading meets all the requirements that people in the modern times have when they are looking for a new stream of income in addition to whatever other job or business they are doing. When you are in the trading world, you have to pick the right broker to make the most of your career. It so happens that the new traders are often scared of how trading is difficult and how some brokers make it difficult for traders to make money.

There is no doubt about the fact that some brokers make it difficult for you to earn profits on your trades. However, if you want a relief from any such challenges, you can go with STR Capital crypto and FX trading platform. This broker has proven to be a heaven for new traders. It provides them everything they need to start a successful trading career without hesitation and fears. Let’s find out what makes STR Capital such a perfect online broker for traders looking to start trading for the first time.

No Learning Curve to be on the Trading Platform

One of the biggest problems for many new traders is the trading platform. When you start trading, the first thing you have to make yourself familiar with is the trading platform. This is the place where you have access to the many financial markets and assets for trading. In addition to that, you have access to the many tools such as charts and trading signals to enter successful trades. How your trading platform looks and performs has a direct impact on how successfully you trade. If your platform is slow, you are probably looking at the “live” data that’s not live at all.

Furthermore, there can be a learning curve when you are on a new software. However, you don’t want to spend months only on learning how the trading platform works and how you can enter a trade on it. When you sign up with STR Capital, you are going to get access to an online trading platform. First of all, you don’t have to download the software and busy yourself in setting anything up. You just go on the website from any platform or device and you will be able to use the trading platform for trading. In addition to that, the trading platform is available in the mobile application format as well.

Right on your first use of the trading platform, you will feel as though you have been using it for many years. There is no learning curve to be on the trading platform provided by this broker. In simple words, you can join the platform and start trading in the next half an hour if you already know how to enter trades and make profits from them.

Easy to Open and Maintain an Account

Some brokers can be quite annoying for the new traders. As a new trader, you will notice that some brokers don’t even want you to sign up on their trading platforms. They make the signup process so difficult that most of the traders are not even able to step into the trading world. Think about it: can you join a trading platform if you are a new worker at a company and the broker asks you to deposit 20,000 EUR in your online account? Where will you bring all this money from. However, you don’t have to worry about this problem when you sign up with STR Capital.

You have six different account types with varying requirements for sign up. You can always pick the account that you think will be most suitable for you. For example, if you are on a budget, you can go with the basic account. When you open this account, you will have to deposit only 500 EUR in your account to activate it. Within the next moment, you will be in the trading world trading financial assets and making profits.

Once you have opened your account, it is easy to maintain this account because of the flexible trading conditions that you get with STR Capital. This broker understands the needs of its traders and has thus designed a system in which you as a trader have full chance to become a professional trader as well. For example, you will be given to the trading alerts even if you sign up with this basic account. At the same time, you will have some access to the trading signals as well. Trading signals are generated by expert traders in the market who are keeping a watch on the various charts and graphs to come up with conclusions as to whether you should go long or short on a trade.

In addition to that, you have the loyalty bonus available to you as well. You will get a 10% loyalty bonus if you trade actively with this broker. This is a great way to make some extra money while being with this broker so you can trade bigger.

Safety Is a Priority

With many other online brokers, you will feel as though the safety of your information and money is an optional factor for the broker. Of course, as a trader, security is the most important thing for you. When you sign up with STR Capital you will have the peace of mind that all the information you provide on the website is getting encrypted instantly. Through encryption, the broker makes your information inaccessible to any snoopers on the internet. In addition, you have the broker paying full attention to protecting your money according to the security standards of the financial industry.

When you open an online trading account with the broker, you have to deposit funds in your account. Where do you think these funds go? It can be a huge problem if the broker is putting your money in its personal account. What you want your broker to do is to put the money in separate accounts. That’s what you are going to get when you are with STR Capital. With this broker, your money that you deposit in your online trading account will be sent to a segregated account according to the standards of the industry.

Education Is Available

So, if you don’t want to lose in all your trades, you would want to learn the art. How do you learn the art? You have the broker taking care of you in that area as well. When you sign up with this broker, you will get access to education on training. If you notice, you will find a lot of basic information on the website of the broker as well. This is not a trend on the online broker websites. You usually get access to the trading education only after paying some money to the broker by opening an account. With this broker, a lot of the information is available right on the website.

Now, if you sign up with the most basic STR Capital account, you will still get access to the educational material on trading. Yes, the access will be partial but that’s all you need as a new trader. The partial access will cover all the basic concepts in the art of trading that you have to know to make profitable trades.

Variety of Assets for Trading

You have to know at this point that when you sign up with this broker, you will be trading CFDs. Through CFDs, you will have access to just about any asset that you can think of. From commodities to your favorite currency pairs, you can trade anything you want from the same user-friendly trading platform from the broker. You have quite a few options available for trading when you are with STR Capital. First, you can trade currency pairs that include not only the major ones but minor currency pairs as well. In addition to that, you have access to commodities wherein you can trade fuels, soft commodities, and precious metals.

With leveraged trading, you can enter some big trades and take home some huge profits. Since you have the free trading signals available from the broker, you can make sure to use your personal analysis and the trading signals to enter successful trades. This way, you can make as much money as you want with STR Capital and achieve the financial targets you have set for yourself.


You have to agree that this broker has given traders exactly what they had always wanted. You have some of the best trading conditions on one of the most amazing trading platforms available from the online brokers. You can always trade with confidence when you are with STR Capital because you have some great customer support available at your disposal too. When in need, you just need to land on the website to find the a live chat support agent ready to help you with your concerns. So, go ahead and pick your favorite asset from the huge asset index, trade, and gather some loyalty points so you can enter some bigger trades with time.

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