Reviewing Blackstone500 – Can You Start Trading Without Worries Now?

Reviewing Blackstone500

Is there any online broker that makes trading easy for new traders? Experienced traders never really have problems in choosing the brokers they want to trade with. On the other hand, a new trader has to spend many weeks before he/she can come to a conclusion about the broker. If you are looking for a broker to start your trading account, you want to make the entire journey worry-free. But can you really do that? Is there any broker on the internet today that can make trading worry-free for you, especially when you are starting trading for the first time in life?

So, you now have a broker on the internet, namely Blackstone500. This broker seems to have done a lot of great stuff that has made new traders love it. Traders from around the world are now looking to sign up with Blackstone500. Is there really something special that this broker is offering and others are not? Is the broker making trading easy for new traders? Will you trade without worries of losing your money and with the expectations of making profits on your trades when you sign up with this broker? Well, you can find that out when you read this entire Blackstone500 review.

Blackstone500 Review So You Can Decide Your First Broker

·         Basic Blackstone500 Introduction

Before anything else, you need a basic introduction of the broker and what it offers you so you can pick it accordingly. So, before you sign up with the broker, you will have to familiarize yourself with the idea of CFD trading. In CFD trading, you are going to be trading the assets just like any other traders trade them, but you won’t own these assets. How will you trade them when you don’t own them? Well, it’s like have the documents of the land you own in your hands. When you trade CFDs, you will trade contract of the underlying assets.

What it means is that the value of your contract will change as the value of the asset will change. However, you will not have the asset in your ownership. In this form of trading, you get to enjoy a lot of benefits that you don’t enjoy with conventional trading. For example, people have always wanted to take advantage of leverages in their trades. When they have leverage, they can make huge investments and make a lot of money on those investments. Think about real estate in which you just have to contribute a small amount of the price of the house and the rest comes from the bank.

In a similar way, you get to enjoy some great leverages when you trade CFDs. And that’s what you are going to love when you sign up with this broker. It will allow you to trade your favorite assets without you owning them and there will be some huge leverages on your trades. In the end, you will be trading a lot more money than you own in your trading account with the broker.

You will also be glad to know that Blackstone500 is a registered company. When you search online brokers, you will find a lot of scams as well. These scams design their websites so that they look like the websites of the real brokers. However, when you look into the details, you find out that the broker (scammer in this case) is not even a registered company. Of course, even you can start a website on the internet without owning any company. What do you think bloggers are doing? So, they start their websites without any company ownership and then scam people out of their money.

On the other hand, you have a broker here that has proper registration and the registration number of the company mentioned on the website. Last but not least, you will be surprised to know that this broker has won multiple awards despite being this new. You can find the information about the awards that the broker has won on the website as well.

·         The Active8 Trading Platform

You will hardly find online brokers that have their own unique trading platforms. In most cases, you will see that most of the online brokers are offering you to sign up and trade on MetaTrader 4 trading platform. There is no doubt about the fact that MetaTrader 4 is the most famous trading platform in the online trading world. However, it has also become the most used trading platform. It is now pretty outdated and some new trading platforms offer much more than what you will get on MT4. There are not many brokers that are willing to offer you an opportunity to sign up on any other trading platform than MT4.

On the other hand, you have Blackstone500, a broker that is providing you with access to the Active8 trading platform. This is a very unique trading platform that brings all the trading instruments, charts, graphs, and much more in the same place. The best thing is that you will be able to trade all your favorite assets in the same place when you are on this trading platform. Whether you want to trade forex currency pairs or indices, you will not have to go on any other platform than Active8 to trade those assets.  

There are some features that make this trading platform better than most other trading platforms out there that claim to be the best. For example, there is a feature on this trading platform of copy trading. Copy trading is when you can copy the trades of other traders on the same platform as you are. How can copying the trades of other traders help you? Well, you are not going to copy the trades of just any traders. Instead, you will follow in the footsteps of the best traders on the market. You can see their profiles to know their performance in the market and then copy their trades so you can earn profits on most occasions.

All the information that you need before entering trades is there on the trading platform. You will not have to sign up with any third party services to get help with your trading. When you are on this trading platform, you have everything in your access already. If you are looking for technical analysis with the help of technical indicators, you will find them all on your trading platform. In addition to that, you will find a variety of charts to keep an eye on the movements of the prices of your favorite assets. Different charts mean you can look at the market from different angles to be well-informed before taking your trading decision.

Now, let’s talk about the most important thing that matters to modern traders. Is the trading platform available on any other platform than a desktop computer? Well, what do you expect from a broker like Blackstone500? This broker has provided its traders with the most sophisticated features to keep trading and making money. So, yes, there is a trading platform version for your desktop computer. However, if you are interested in trading on the go, you have the trading platform in the form of mobile application as well. Once again, the broker has taken care of all the different types of traders.

If you have an Android phone, you will be able to use the trading platform with ease on your Android phone. If you own an iPhone, you will have no compatibility issues on your iPhone while using the trading platform. So, in the end, you can trade with confidence without ever worrying about the type of device you own.

·         Trade the Assets You Love

Is there anything more important than being able to trade your favorite assets from the same trading platform? When you are a new trader, you are actually just exploring the financial markets to know the best trading combinations. You want to find the assets that make the most sense to you and allow you to make a lot of money. While you have the access to all the financial markets, you can’t trade them all. You have to create a set of assets that you think will benefit you the most. And then, you can keep trading them to make profits in the long run. However, if you ever want to include a new asset in your portfolio, you can do that with ease with Blackstone500.

The broker has provided you with a variety of asset classes to choose your favorite asset from. Are you looking to trade currency pairs? Well, you are going to feel lucky when you trade with Blackstone500. You will find not only the most stable currency pairs with this broker, but also the exotic ones. The exotic ones are rare currency pairs that you want to own for a long time to make money. You also have some minor currency pairs. While these currency pairs might not be the most liquid and stable ones, they can help you make a lot of money with their volatile nature.

In simple words, you don’t have any shortage of options even if you are trading only the currency pairs with this broker. In addition to that, you also have commodities that you can trade with the broker. If you like trading silver and gold, you will trade them on this trading platform. If you like to trade other commodities, you will find them too on the same trading platform. The best thing is that you can trade indices as well. In indices, you can trade many stocks at once. When you trade a particular index, it is like owning shares in many companies all at once. .

Last but not least, you have Blackstone500 providing you with a great opportunity to make your fortune in trading cryptocurrencies. This is the newest financial market but also the best one. It is quite volatile right now, but it is definitely one of the best places where you would want to trade if you are looking to make a lot of money. When you sign up with other online brokers, you are usually given access to only one or two of the major cryptocurrencies on the market. Right now, the most famous cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Almost every other broker is offering you to trade these two cryptocurrencies.

However, you will not feel limited with your choice when you sign up with Blackstone500. Blackstone500 gives you access to a variety of other cryptocurrencies that you can trade on the same trading platform with some great leverages. If you are curious about the currencies you can trade with this broker, then you will be glad to know that you will have Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and the other two major currencies in your access when you sign up with this broker. So, you can already figure out the opportunities of making money you have with this broker. You can trade in any market of your choice and pick any asset you wish to pick.

·         Trading Accounts for All

Will you be able to trade with ease with this broker? You can tell that as soon as you look at the requirements from the broker for traders to open an account. Some brokers seem to be on a mission of not letting traders start their trading careers. Their account opening requirements are so strict and ridiculous that you, as a trader, feel like never trading. The first thing they do is that they make the entry impossible for you. For example, you won’t believe that there are online brokers that require $10,000 from you to open your account. No, you cannot open your trading account unless you deposit that amount.

How can you deposit such a huge amount when you are trying to trade for the first time? Perhaps, you are just a student who wants to trade. You might not have even $1000 in your account. What if you are someone who is only trying to test the waters before putting in all the money in to trading? Should you be pushed to deposit all your hard-earned cash into the trading account when you are trading for the first time? Well, that’s the case with brokers that are only interested in your money. On the other hand, you have a broker like Blackstone500 that provides you with the easiest entry into the world of trading.

If you look at the account types from this broker, you will discover three different types. Each account type has been designed with a different type of trader in mind. If you are someone trading for the first time and don’t have a lot money to spare for trading, you can go with the standard account. This is the most basic account you can have with this broker. Do you know how much money you need to open this account? Well, only $250. That’s what you call a trader-friendly account. You can see from the initial deposit requirement that even a student can start this account with ease.

You also have a bold account that you can start with a deposit of only $3000. Regardless of the account type you choose, you will get access to Active8 trading platform, which is a special platform from the broker. There are lots of features in these account types that you are going to love no matter what type of trader you are. For example, if you are an experienced trader, you are going to love the VIP account and the VIP features that come with it. You are going to like the fact that the assets you will access with each account will be the same. Just because you sign up with a basic account does not mean you should be limited with the type of assets you can trade.

·         The Trading Conditions

This is where a broker can make the trading experience for a new trader or completely break it. So, when you choose to sign up with a broker, you have to find out how good or bad the trading conditions will be. Why is it important for you to look at the trading conditions with a broker? Well, you have to find out whether you will be enjoying and making money on your trades or just suffocating yourself a trader with the broker. What does it mean to be suffocated as a trader? Here’s the thing: when you sign up with a broker, a huge part of whether you will make money or not depends on the flexibility from the broker.

In some cases, the broker is not willing to let you make money, and just because of that, you can’t make money. How does that happen? Well, the broker has some loose spreads and unnecessary hidden charges on your trades. In addition to the spreads that take away a chunk of the profits you make on your trades, you will also have to pay commission to the broker. That’s something you are not going to experience when you sign up with Blackstone500. First of all, with the basic account, you will get spreads of around 1.3 pips on your trades. This is a very competitive spread, which you usually get with advanced accounts when you sign up with other broker.

However, when you sign up with this broker, you have this amazing spread with the basic account. As for the special treatment for VIP account holders, you will enjoy spreads of just 0.1 pips. That’s something you are going to love with this broker, but that’s not it. You have some other amazing flexibilities and advantages that you are going to love as a new trader.

When you sign up, you will also have some leverage that you can enjoy on your trades. With Blackstone500, the maximum leverage you can get on your trade is 1:30. What is means it that the broker will bring in $30 for every $1 that you invest in a trade. That’s a huge contribution when you look at things closely. Imagine you are contributing $200 to a trade. You can see how big your final trade will be with 1:30 leverage. So, when it comes to trading conditions, you have to admire the system that has been created by this broker.

Last but not least, the broker has made sure that everyone from every faith is able to trade on its trading platform. For this reason, you will see that the Islamic account feature is available with just about every account from the broker. With this account, you can trade with the broker without worrying about rollover or swap charges. You don’t find many brokers that offer you such flexibilities with your basic trading accounts.

·         Deposits and Withdrawals a Breeze

Money deposits and withdrawals are a breeze with this broker. When it comes to depositing money, most online brokers provide you with the option of bank wire transfers and credit cards. But what if you want to sign up and trade with your own money? What if you are not interested in taking money from your bank to enter trades? You will have to pay interest back to the bank and that will bite out of your profit, won’t it? Blackstone500 is one of the very rare online brokers that allow you to deposit funds in your account through your debit card as well.

You can use your Skrill account to deposit funds through your debit card. With this broker, you will not be forced to take a loan from the bank for your trades.

Final Thoughts

Blackstone500 is doing a great job with all the features that it has in place for its traders. The trading accounts show a great variety and the assets that you can trade with the broker are aplenty. You get huge leverages on your trades and the spreads get tighter as you upgrade your trading account. You contact the broker through phone or email to get any questions answered. Now that you know about the broker a lot, it should be easy for you to make a well-informed decision for your trading career.

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