XRP Whale Addresses Amass About 900m XRP Tokens In Three Months

XRP wallet addresses with at least 10m tokens have purchased about 900m XRP tokens (valued at about $710m as of this writing) between last December and this month. It is the second time such massive accumulation has taken place in the last half a decade. Santiment Data Reveals It All Data from the on-chain analytics […]

Crypto Markets Attempt another Upswing – BTC, ETH, and XRP

Bitcoin price takes another jab at weekly supply territory, extending between $45,550 and $51,860. Ethereum price should steady beyond the 50-day Simple Moving Average at $3,070 for stable uptrends. Ripple contemplates a preemptive bullish rally as bears couldn’t take XRP lower. Bitcoin (BTC) price appears prepared for another upswing as the coin recover from the […]

Ripple Labs will not Settle Lawsuit with SEC

Ripple Labs is a crypto-related business and blockchain enterprise. The company has been in a legal tiff with the securities and exchange commission of the United States since last year. Despite the ongoing legal battle from a federal agency, Ripple Labs native token XRP has been doing well. XRP is currently the 6th largest cryptocurrency […]

XRP Community Wants Full Media Coverage of the Ripple Labs Lawsuit

The XRP community has been fairly active on social media platforms discussing the latest developments in the case. However, notably since last month, the discussion about the case progress seems to go silent. The issue was felt by many and addressed by Martin Valk. Valk runs a YouTube channel and founder of the website called […]